Divine Purpose

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Chapter 3

I couldn’t shake off that stupid feeling. Since yesterday with that interesting eyecandy daydream and the tragic end of Mrs. Lawrence I was constantly looking over my shoulder. It was kind of like that horrible feeling of someone creeping on you.

My life was anything but normal but that strange chain of events was not usually my typical day. Maybe I was over thinking it.

Evil was everywhere and in almost everyone. No one person is without sin; therefore, evil was a part of us all. It was up to us to determine how much of it we were willing to let control us and consume our lives. We fight it.

Christians like us fight our temptations because we mediate and pray for guidance and help. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” Its just a matter of how great your faith is.

I guess a good distraction for my ridiculous paranoia was doing wedding errands with my future sister in law. Paige, Gabe’s fiance, was a small town girl that surprisingly didn’t run when she found out about our family’s special occupation.

Paige was intrigued from the start and understood and encouraged Gabe with each round about fight fest. I figured most girls would run the other way once they knew we were some sort of ghostbusters of the demonic field. She got our cause and knew this was our mission from God. I guess both Gabe and Pierce were lucky to have found understanding and fearless spouses.

Paige held up my bridesmaid dress and frowned. “It’s supposed to be purple.”

I tilted my head and squinted my eyes. Nope, still not purple. “Blue is the new purple...somewhere in the world.”

That’s what we get for ordering Chinese manufactured dresses online. It wasn’t the quality because it was a gorgeous dress but the color was all off. Their color wheel was very misleading.

“Is that part of the world half color blind?” She was obviously still upset.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Sure let’s go with that.”

Paige dramatically threw her arms up in the air. “Oh why is this happening to me?” There was literally days before the wedding.

“It might be karma. Have you stolen, cheated, or pissed anyone off lately?”

She shook her head. “Not that I recall.”

“Are you sure? Checking out guys other than my brother is technically a sin for you now. You’re engaged.” Me, on the other hand can wonder on and admire every blessed male God created.

Paige threw the dress at me, probably too wake me up from my random lapse into fantasy land. Honestly that picture of the perfect angel guy that stabbed me at the coffee shop flashed in my head.

“Noooooo. I haven’t.” She exaggerated.

She was acting like it was the end of the world. Man was I glad I wasn’t a girly girl. I just wanted a simple wedding whenever my special time came.

I patted her shoulder. “There’s no need to lie. God didn’t make us perfect.” Wait, scratch that. “Well except for Henry Cavill. Every inch of him is perfection.”

Paige rolled her eyes. Ok yeah, I was definitely getting off subject.

“How about we just change the color theme? Let’s go to the tux place and get the guys’ suits to match this color.” I raised the blue dress in my hands.

She nodded pitifully. I felt bad for her. It was supposed to be her dream wedding and it wasn’t exactly turning out like she planned. I was used to compromise. My life literally revolved around it.

We were in the car driving when she decided to break out of her depressed mood.

“How is Gabe?”

I raised my brow. “Ummm you see him more than I do. You tell me.”

“I know but you’re his sister. Is he ok with the wedding stuff? Do you think he’s ready to marry me?”

She was feeling insecure now. Really? “He wouldn’t of asked you otherwise. Gabe isn’t one to just throw out ideas. Trust me, he thought about marrying you long and hard.”

She seemed to relax a bit after that.

“I actually thought you’d be the one to get cold feet.” I confessed.

Paige smiled. “I know what you guys do is dangerous but I love him. You guys see things and fight dark creatures that the rest of the world can’t even fathom. I can tell Gabe thinks I’ll just run away any second but I can’t. I want to be a part of your family Laken. I want to eventually be by my husband’s side and help you guys fight the battle of good.”

This was a huge concern for my family. When my other siblings got married their spouses were not inclined to join our cause, our destiny.

My sister broke free of the obligation all together. She and her family live as much a normal life as any. Of course we discussed it with the family but it was a tough decision that needed to be made. Pierce’s wife did not stop him from continuing but refused to join. We did not blame her. This was not a life I would recommend for any. I’ve seen far more than I desired to see in a lifetime.

“It may not work.”

After their union she would have to be blessed by the whole church. If God wishes for her to be one of us she would then receive the gift of seeing evil. And if she wasn’t strong enough to withstand the unknown world then there was a high chance she might loose herself, mentally.

“I’m ready to take that chance. There is so much evil on this earth.”

Paige’s father was murdered in cold blood. They never found the killer and I believed she kind of blamed herself. She had gone through very rough patches in her life.

“I know that this is my calling. I feel it Laken.”

I hope she was right. Evil was grewing quickly. I feel like there are no more morals nowadays. We justify our wrong actions with things that don’t even make sense. This generation believes that there can be no wrong. Nothing is off limits and anything can be twisted into a good reason.

The tux place was oddly not that crowded. The guy at the front desk was more than gracious and willing to help us.

I slumped on the couch playing with my phone while Paige ranted about her new colors. From the corner of my eye I watched as a really handsome guy came out of the dressing room in a sleek black tux. Man did he look good enough to eat. But then again I had a thing for guys in suits.

He glanced my way almost as if he knew I was staring. I quickly averted my eyes. There was no way I was getting caught this time. Cute guys were always trouble in my case.

A few minutes later I peeked and he was appraising himself in the mirror. He was a chick magnet for sure and no doubt a player. His sharp prominent jawbone and slight scruff beard were weaknesses for any type of girl.

Just then he stepped off the platform and started walking my direction.

I dropped my gaze to my phone. No, no, no. What was he doing? Calm, breath, breath Laken. What am I talking about? I need to prepare myself. The last guy that approached me jabbed a sword through my chest, for not apparent reason.

“Were you enjoying the view?” His satin like voice was music to my ears.

I lazily raised my gaze pretending to be put off by his comment. “Hmm oh yes. You had a booger,” I pointed under my nose. “Right there. It was very entertaining.”

There was no way I was going to boost his confidence. I was more than sure he had his fair share of girls throwing themselves at him.

He chuckled and it revealed his dimples. Mmmm dimples. Why were they so attractive?

“No I didn’t.” He crossed his buff arms over his chest and grinned.

“So you’re calling me a liar?” As a woman it was my right to play offended.

The guy just stared me up and down for a few seconds. Usually I would be a little self conscience but I was dressed really cute today.


I shrugged. “I was.” I tried not to sin as much as possible. Lying was definitely a sin. It was also the cause for my blunt remarks.

The guy’s hazel eyes sparked a bit. They legitly sparked at me. I thought that only happened in movies.

He bent down a little to get closer to me. “I was enjoying my view too.”

Oh dang. He was talking about me.

“Laken, we’re ready to go.” Paige’s voice chimed in.

I got up without breaking eye contact. There was literally a few inches separating our bodies when I was standing. Then I turned and headed towards Paige without even giving him another glance. Let that settle in buddy. I was actually giving him another view of me that I figured he was probably enjoying.

I didn’t even make it to the exit. Someone grabbed my arm from behind and I turned to find Mr. Handsome staring down at me.

“Go out with me.” It sorta sounded like a command. I bet he was used to having things his way.

“Are you going to make me sit and roll over too?” I was not a dog so why was he giving me commands? Ask me like a proper man should.

He exhaled. “Are you always this stubborn?”

“Let’s just say I’m more than you can handle.” I wasn’t even sure I had time to go out. I tried stepping back but he wouldn’t let me go.

“Just one date. I promise to make it the night of your life.” Was he actually pleading? Well heck, he was persistent.

“I’ve had promises like that spoken to me before.” And it never ended well.

He leaned in and kissed my cheek. “But not by me. I’m Jensen,” the beautiful stranger whispered into my ear.

Why was I being suckered into this? A part of me wanted to go but the other was warning me to watch out. My life was always in high alert. Looking over my shoulder and being extra careful was imprinted in my nature.

“Go for it Laken. He’s cute.” Paige butted in. This was really not the time.

“You should listen to your friend,” he chuckled.

I bit my lip. Was this a good idea? He was really hot and I wasn’t trying to act better than him but things like dating never work out for me. Man what was wrong with me? I’m young and why not have a little fun? What’s the worst that could happen? Heck and I’d get a free meal.

“Alright. Give me your phone.” I typed in my number and handed it back to him. “Tomorrow, 7 o’ clock, and don’t be cheap.”

Again he laughed. Awww he thought I was joking. I’ve had plenty of dates were the guy had actually expected me to pay. Oh no, it was not going to happen this time. I wasn’t spoiled or braty but the guy did promise me the night of my life. He was just going to have to open up that Armani wallet and spend some.

Jensen raised my hand and kissed it. Was he trying to impress me?

“I can’t wait.”

My stomach couldn’t either. I took a few steps back. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Paige and I walked out and casually headed back to the car.

“Wooo hooo! Someone’s got a date.” Paige teased me.

“Yeah it’s kind of hard to believe.” He was way too persistent. Most guys stop at the first rejection. Was I really that much of a catch?

“And why’s that? You’re gorgeous.” She was going to be my future sister in law. She had to be nice to me.

“Yeah I guess.”

That night my whole family came together to discuss my brother’s wedding and new addition to our family. Everyone accepted Paige but not everyone agreed to have her take up the spiritual responsibilities we were dealt with. We were born and trained for this life. She would come into this new world not knowing how to deal with it. It wasn’t an easy decision. My mother was against throwing Paige into our hectic lifestyle.

“She does not know what she is asking for,” my mother ranted. “The things we see are only seen by us for a reason. We are strong and built to fight almost every form of evil.”

Gabe stood up. “Yes I know mother but she wants this. She is passionate and her faith is overwhelming.”

My mother frowned. “Exactly. Are you really ready to risk it? What if she is not capable enough?”

My mother has seen her fair share of incapable people. She had witnessed many who had risked their lives and had lost a part of themselves to the evil and corruption. She was just worried. I knew that. She would never wish this kind of responsibility to anyone who was not specially called for it. Having innocence was more precious to us now knowing the truth of the world.

Gabe sighed. It was a struggle for him. He wanted Paige by his side but her sanity and faith was on the line. “It’s her decision.”

My mother disagreed. “It’s yours as well.”

The rest of us were quiet. My father, sister, and two other brothers were just watching the scene unfold in front of us. What could we say?

My father took the initiative and spoke his piece. “Whatever you decide we will support you.”

Pierce took up his big brother role. “We got your back and will help you guys with everything we can.”

Gabe nodded and I knew it was a weight off his shoulder. He turned to Miriam, my older and only sister. Gabe had always valued her opinion and I was certain he wanted her approval.

Miriam tried to smile but it wasn’t genuine. “I have lived it and breathed it; this life of unforeseen endeavors. Even with our faith and strong Christian values it was so hard. It scares me. The things I see and know. Gabe this life is not a life I would choose for myself. I have even stepped down.” Miriam was no longer a demon fighter like we were. Once she married she put that part of her in the past and she never looked back. “I don’t believe this is the right path for her but I will always support you no matter what.”

I understood Miriam’s reasons for leaving. She wanted a family and one that did not revolve around such gruesome scenes. And as she hugged her pregnant belly, I knew secretly she prayed that her future children were not blessed with our gifts of seeing the dark untold.

“I know Paige is strong and there is no denying her fellowship in Christ. We are few as it is and the devil’s army grows quicker than we can count. I say let God decide. If she gets fully blessed then there is nothing we won’t do to equip her with was she needs.” It wasn’t in our hands. God was always the one in control.

Gabe smiled at me. I was more than happy to have another member in the family. I was positive Paige was a survivor.

Rob didn’t have much to say. He didn’t go out with us often to fight but we understood why. He was our little brother. We wanted him to have the normal life we couldn’t. Most of the slack was put on me, Gabe, and Pierce. We never complained. It was an honor to us and a privilege to serve in such a way. We were helping save lives and rid the world of dark evil energies. They lurk in every corner, in every person.

“Then it’s settled. Only God can decided such a fate.” My father stood in the middle of the living room. “Let us pray and thank the Lord for our blessings.”

We all huddled together, all seven of us and prayed. We prayed for strength, we prayed for wisdom, and we prayed for each other. I believed that was why we were so strong. We were united and tried never to go against each other. We loved and cared for each other and it was a bond that could not be broken by anything or anyone.


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