Divine Purpose

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Chapter 4

Pierce held the punching bag in place as I attacked it with my iron fists. We often trained together. It was a time where we could bond and release some of our stress physically and emotionally.

“Did you eat today? You’re punching worse than a gym teacher.” Pierce mocked.

My next punch sent him back a foot and he laughed. We were a bit stronger than an average human. Our hearing, our smell, and even our thought process were more defined. We were made to hunt and defeat our enemies. So technically it was physically impossible for me to punch like a pathetic gym teacher. No offense to all you gym teachers out there.

“I want to see a gym teacher do half the things I can. Threw him off a ten story building and see if he lands on his feet.” It wasn’t the most sane or comfortable action but running after evil spirits who have no limits kind of forced me to master insane leaps.

“Our purpose is to save people not kill them,” Pierce went on.

“Oh yes I’m quite aware of that.” I slowed my pace till I finally stopped.

Pierce and I walked to the bench in the corner of our home gym. I was exhausted but it was a good sore feeling that I grew to love. He handed me a towel and I wiped all the sweat from my forehead.

“It’s been just the three of us for awhile.” Pierce was talking about us and Gabe. “It will be strange having another to rely on.”

I nodded. “It’s going to be extremely hard for Paige at first. It’s like a baby waking up with new eyes. Sometimes I feel like we live in a horror movie.”

“A horror movie that only we can see. This world is masked, flawed, and not easy to live in.”

I signed. I often wondered what my life would be like if I didn’t see the true nature of things.

“Do you ever wish to be normal?”

Pierce’s hazel eyes glazed over for a moment like he was honestly considering it. “It would all be a lie. Some people with their fake smiles and pretend attitudes. I feel like eventually I would turn into something like that too. We transform to our surroundings to fit in and blend in. God never wanted that for us. We need to see the pain and evil and fight it. Christians aren’t meant to submit to the world. We are meant to be lights.”

This is why I loved talking to my older brother. He was wise and his faith in God was always his ultimate factor in his everyday decisions. He knew exactly what to say and how to say it.

He was like my father in that way. My father was like a rock of spiritual enlightenment. He wasn’t a pastor or anything like that but he was a follower in Christ through in through. My father is a man of his word and defender of Christ. He spent most his life going after and killing off the demons of sin.

I was quiet and I guess Pierce grew curious. “Do you sometimes wish to be normal?” He asked me the same question.

“I love what we do and the reason why we do it. We stand up for those who can’t fight it off. I know when I’m feeling weak I have you to help me and they...they have us. But I can’t help but wonder how blissful ignorance can be.”

Pierce patted my leg. “Ignorance is just an excuse to avoid the truth.”

He was right. Of course, he was right. I got up because I desperately needed to shower.

“Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?”

I shook my head. “Cant; I have a date.”

That threw him off. Pierce went into big brother rode immediately.

“Who? Do I know this guy?”

“Nope.” He hated not knowing all the facts.

I couldn’t count all the guys Pierce and Gabe had scared off during my lifetime. It was sad and pathetic on my part.

“What’s his name? How old is he?” Pierce grew antsy.

I shook my head with a devilish grin. “Oh no. You guys are not having any part in this.” Pierce was about to blow. “Look if this guy breaks my heart don’t you think I’m capable of breaking his leg, neck, and other sensitive parts on my own?”

I was totally right. I have destroyed and even tortured things bigger than this Jensen guy. Pierce abruptly nodded but I could tell he was still a little skeptical. He just wanted the best for me and it was hard for us to trust people.

“Where is he taking you?”

“I’m not sure yet.” Honestly I wasn’t. I went for the door because I only had an hour to get ready. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I easily took a quick shower and dried my hair. It was a skill I mastered with three impatient brothers. Black skinny jeans and a leather jacket over a simple band t shirt felt presentable enough. I doubted he’d take me to a fancy restaurant and I probably would have refused if he did. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with high society.

When he pulled up in a motorcycle I knew I made the right decision with my outfit.

He got off the bike and smirked at me before helping me put on the helmet. I always wanted a sports motorcycle but I couldn’t exactly afford one at the time. I took the classes and knew how to drive one so every time I saw someone ride one I would just boil with jealousy. It was just something I had to have, soon.

He got on and I followed behind him, wrapping my arms around him. Ok this felt nice. We road through downtown and I was really starting to like how this date was going.

Then we stopped at an old drive in theater that I swore was shut down. I looked around and it was empty. Now I was confused. Jensen took off his helmet and fixed his hair.

“What are we doing here?” I had to asked.

“My friend owns this place.” He took my hand and led me towards the tree in the center of the field. “I convinced him to open up business for just this one time.”

So he had connections. Most guys like to show off. This was just his way to impress me. The place was abandoned and it felt a little creepy and scaring but good thing I was used to that stuff. The tree was right in front of the huge screen; prefect view. It was also decked out with comfortable looking pillows and random baskets of goodies and snacks.

“What if I get thirsty?” I joked.

Jensen bent down and uncovered a cooler from under a blanket. Inside there was a variety of beverages I could choose from. Alright, he was good.

“This is really thought out, huh? How many girls have you invited here, to get this all right?”

Jensen laughed. “Not one but you. I had to actually think about what a girl I couldn’t handle really needed.” He winked at me and turned to sit on the pillows. His back was on the tree and I started to wonder if he was telling me the truth.

Jensen patted the space next to him and I gave in. I was being paranoid again. It was getting really cozy sitting next to him and leaning on the tree.

“What are we watching?”

“You’re Next.” His low voice slithered.

A horror movie in the dead of night and in the middle of an abandoned theater where no one would hear us. Well wasn’t that just a prefect set up? My mind was made to warn me of danger. It was just beyond my luck for such bazaar occurrences to always follow me.

“Well that’s appropriate.” I rolled my eyes.

Jensen stared at me with his big hazel eyes that I could dimly see due to the few light posts around us.

“Do you scare easily of horror movies?”

Puhhh. “My life is a horror movie.”

He looked at me, intrigued. “Really? How so?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” There was no way he would believe me.

Jensen raised his arm dropping the subject. “You should hold onto me. You know just in case you feel the need to hide and protect yourself behind someone strong.”

I hugged my legs. “I already am.”

He sighed. Wounding his ego was a lot funnier than I bet watching the movie was. I hated cocky guys. Why was I even here? Oh yeah because he’s cute. Why did cocky guys have to be cute?

“Then how about a cuddle buddy?” He raised a seductive brow.

Man was he persistent. Whatever. What’s so harmful with cuddling up with a stranger? Besides I’m sure I’m more lethal than him and anything else out in these woods. I wrapped my arms around his torso and rested my head against his chest. Mmm he smelt good too. This wasn’t a bad idea after all.

“Comfy?” He asked encircling his arms around me.

I nodded and he started the movie. And that’s when all my morals hit me. This was a bad idea. I knew nothing about him yet here I was with my hands all over him. I knew better than this. I was raised better than this. I was putting myself in temptation and giving him the wrong message.

As a Christian I shouldn’t be so physically close to him. It was the little things that escalate so quickly. My generation was so used to close intimate encounters with people they hardly know. Yet it wasn’t so long ago when a simple kiss before engagement was frowned upon. The standards had evolved to accepting random hookup as a normal thing. It wasn’t normal. Why couldn’t we just keep ourselves from that kind of temptation?

I couldn’t even concentrate on the movie. I slightly pulled away. Jensen turned to see what was bugging me.

“Are you a Christian?” I suddenly really had the urge to know. I usually never dated anyone who wasn’t but weirdly I didn’t find out with him before I accepted this date.

Jensen pressed his thumb against my cheek. This simple move made me cringe. I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or bad.

“What if I wasn’t?”

I didn’t hesitate. “Then I’d ask you to take me home.”

His thumb began to trace my jaw. “What makes us Christian, going to church each Sunday?” He leaned closer; his gestured face was implying he knew more than the art of seduction. “Does singing in choir than whispering behind people’s back make me a Christian?”

I swallowed. He was getting way too close and the heat from his body was suddenly making me claustrophobic. “No, that makes you hypocritical.”

His devious eyes grew darker like he wanted me to squirm away. “But isn’t that how the world is today? People claim to be followers of Christ but don’t show it as they should.” His hand dug into my hair. “The Christian name is tainted and meaningless.”

I shook my head, not letting his words get to me. This was definitely a bad idea. I tried pushing myself back but Jensen just seemed to be getting closer and closer into my bubble. His breath eventually began to tinkle my face as he spoke again.

“Why would God implant these feelings and hormones into us but not expect us to react? Why deprive us of what he lays out in front of us?” Jensen lips pressed to the corner of my mouth like the sweet sinful temptation he was.

“To test us and our loyalty. Those hormones and feelings are meant to be shared with our future spouse.” I jerked him back and he barely budged.

He was grinning down at me but the sly expression was hidden with evil intent.

“Should I propose then?”

I shoved his shoulder. “Don’t bother. We’re done. I want to go home.”

“I don’t think so.” Jensen lifted a sharp dagger to the base of my throat. The cold metal pressed to my skin made me slightly shiver. “The fun is just beginning.”

I watched in anger as dark circles appeared under his eyes as well as poisonous veins that could only confirm his demon disguise. He was a demon. I felt so stupid. How could I not see it before? I fell for his trap like a dumb schoolgirl. How could I let a cute face distract me from the big picture? I knew better than this.

“Oh really, for who?” I clinched my teeth. “Will you serenade me with some guitar playing or shall I give you your happy ending through a strip tease?”

His menacing laugh only built up my rage.

“Oh how I’d love to have one of the gifted seers and renowned demon killers press her fine ass against me but unfortunately time is running out for your treacherous existence.” I felt his sharp canine teeth puncture my flesh. “Your expiration date has been set and whoever sees it through gets a reward.”

What the heck? Was he for real? I guess I should have seen that one coming. “I have a bounty on my head?”

Jensen nodded. “You and your family are a liability to our kind.”

“Yes I’ve been told. Is the big boss trembling in his boots, getting his horns in a twist?”

Jensen leisurely started to carve into my throat and I managed to keep still. I wasn’t ready to kick his butt just yet but I was going to make him cry in pain for that.

“Lucifer is gradually growing impatient.”

I’m sure he is but my God was greater than him. I believed that with my whole heart. There was a reason Satan sent his minions after us and wouldn’t do it himself. My theory was he was afraid of God. We were protected under God. There was no way Satan could touch us. If we were strong then we left Satan no chance of entrance.

“Yeah so am I,” I whispered before kicking him in the private area.

He loosed his hold slightly and I took the advantage. I rocket punched him in the face with all the anger I had. He rocked back and I instantly got to my feet before kicking him in the stomach. I was on a emotional rampage. It was personal this time.

“This was supposed to be a date.” I kicked him again sending his body flying a foot or two away. If he was human I would have ruptured half his organs by now. “I got all dressed up for this!”

How was a girl like me supposed to find a decent date but if all of them wanted to kill me? I sort of envied my siblings that have already found their companions.

The demon mocked me with another laugh. He seriously won’t be laughing long.

“Did I break your heart, sweet cheeks? After all you were getting a little excited wrapping your arms around my muscular body. Did the little Christian girl commit a sin in that little head of hers?”

I jabbed my heel into his face. I was sure to strike it hard enough to knock out some teeth. He groaned bringing satisfaction to my ears. Then he snared his razor sharp teeth at me. He was definitely not human. He was completely demon because only a demon can morph a human’s body. Those teeth were 100% animal like. Knowing this fact made me feel no guilt for taking its life.

“The only sin I’m making in my head is imaging the many different ways I can kill you.” I kicked him again but he caught my leg this time.

He yanked me down and my body slammed to the ground. He climbed on top of me while I hissed from the pain. I could have sworn I heard a crack from my skull. He was asking for it.

Jensen clawed his sharp nails into my hip bone. “How about we kiss and make up?” His razor teeth dug into my shoulder and I jerked with a yulp. A demon bite was poison but not deadly. It often made its victims hallucinate and sick with near death episodes.

I managed to fist his hair and lift his face long enough to punch him in the face. I didn’t stop. I attacked his face repeatedly till there was nothing to see but blood. He was so disfigured by the end that you couldn’t even distinguish were his nose or mouth should be placed. Unfortunately he was still breathing. Any human would be dead by now from brain splatter or loss of blood.

“This is just the beginning.” He warned through heavy panting.

“And don’t I know it.” I took my spare knife from attached to my ankle and pierced the holy marked blade into his heaving chest.

His body burst into a pile of ash and smoke. So much for my date. My life was honestly a sad story. Here I thought, finally I get a chance on a real date with a cute guy then, boom he turned into a demon seeking revenge. Was there any guy out there who would date me and not try and kill me in the end?

I lazily got up and went towards the motorcycle. Hey at least there was some up side to this night. I get a free motorcycle. The keys were still in the ignition where he left them so I turned them, roaring the engine to life. Oh yes, this was probably the highlight of my life. I put the helmet on and raced home as quickly as possible. The poison from the demon bite was bound to take effect very soon. Driving high or drunk was not a good idea.

Blazing past the city I couldn’t help but wonder back to my daydream with the angel in the coffee shop, again. He said “the devil was an angel once” reminding me that no one was what they seemed. Was it a warning then? Was this thing, this dream, or this guy trying to help me? His meaning, even the people we think we know could deceive us. Did he in fact warn me about Mrs. Lawrence and then my date? I was too plastered to concentrate on too many thing. Good thing I was only a few blocks from home.

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