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The Immortal Prisoner

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Meet K a person who is immortal but has been only given 1000 years in prison for his mass genocide run. Be with him as you go through his vulgar and disgusting mind as the prison itself begins to crumble.

Humor / Horror
Grant Ayers
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When I first arrived at this poor excuse for a prison I originally thought that it was going to be easy as it could ever be. But that was until I remembered that I couldn’t die.

See my name is Kurzura Mizachi, K for short. And I am a serial killer that has been going by the names of many. The most known one being Jack the ripper, Zodiac killer, and a few others that you could perhaps think of sickening. But most people around here in the blessed U.S thought that I was up to suspicious activity just when I was disposing of the body. Doest really help that I look like a skeleton with how much I dont eat nor sleep.

Man you should have seen me court. I scared the hell out of the joury when I pulled out the eyes of the judge. Of course this along with the confession of the other of countless murders that I did the court system only gave me a hundred life sentences. A thousand years for those of you who can’t do simple math.

I still remember my days as I killed the likes of whores and stumbling drunk fools through the ages. I saw almost everything this world could possibly offer but what seems not to change with time is that of natural fear. The eyes of a human when they die is something else to witness. It never gets old and makes a rush go through your body like you never have felt. When I committed my first murder it was in my orphanage and I just strangled the likes of one of my peers to death after they commented on my slim appearance. To be fair the person wasn’t wrong but was just being truthful. Of course a human that figures out that they don’t need to eat or sleep to survive will not do it and instead focus completely on efficiency. For me that was killing. Oh how I could murder like no other because even when I left evidence I always tried to mix things up and kill way more. I’m guessing that my head count would total in the thousands. But again who has time for counting when you could be slaying.

Or least that is what I thought before I began to get lazy with the whole disposal and body placement. Now I am in this shit hole of a place. The murders are nicer than those of the drug smugglers. But the one thing that I have noticed is that most of them have all died in these past fifty years that I have been in here. Of course being an immortal and all fifty years is just a blink of an eye but to the others it must have been total ass to be in here. The guards in this place have either retired and now are replaced with these new guys that rather not care about guys like me who still look to be in their thirties. But who can blame them because if you were to look at me from the outside you would only see a skinny nal nourished man with a huge long beard. I thought that if I grew it out I could cut it and use it as a rope to strangle the guards. But now I seem to have taken a liking to it.

Then another fifty hit the prison and tada finally people have shown to care. The guards now show up and ask all sorts of questions. That is until I slit their throats with a toothbrush that I fashioned into a shank. After all these years the new and dumb recruits can’t stop for a second and think maybe not to approach a known serial killer that kills whoever he lays eyes on. But no of course not! People are idiots! Hahahaha! Oh man my hands have the urge to be wrapped around someone’s throat right now. I might attempt an escape unless someone gets in this damn cell right now!

THREE HUNDRED YEARS! Three hundred years go by and finally the place seems to be rotting from the inside out. The police can’t hand me over to the thousands of scientists that beg to use me as their little guinea pig! Oh how I want to kill all of them and shove each of their corpses six feet under the damn dirt! I reach my arms outside of the cell as a stupid pig wrapped up in blue clothes walks by my cell. I shout,

“Oink! Oink! Little pig, little pig, I see that you grew a belly full of jelly. Please let me come in and dine! Stupid fucking cunt!” The police officer laughs at me and mocks me as he stares at me and takes drags out of that stupid cigeret in his mouth. He takes it out just to annoyingly say,

“I see that book has really taught you how to speak, Asshat.” I bare my teeth as I smile crookedly.

“Oh how I would like to put these hands around your damn throat.” The officer took one step towards me and I bash myself into the bars of the cell trying to reach him with my flailing arms. He spits the cigarette into my face and smiles a pathetic grin.

“You are just pathetic. I would expect more intellect from an immortal serial killer. But like most things in life your just an insane lunatic with a parent problem trying to go out on a murder spree. Too bad for you I guess.”

“Look around you stupid pig! This facility will crumble and I will be free. It’s either that or I serve the rest of my sentence and I am free. Either way your twisted justice loses at the end of the day.” I could feel the tips of my mouth begin to crack with my smile widening. I could hear my breathing as I grabbed the bars and tried to bend them. The cop looks at me and lights another cigarette as he says,

“Sure. But until then I have been assigned to be your personal guard. Over these years we were able to add on years of your sentence and see what you are capable of. And may I just say you’re a cocky little shit that can actually back up what he says.” From behind him he pulls out a file and begins to read from it. “Martial arts, psychologically manipulative, picklocking, hot wiring, photogenic memory, and immortal with a blood lust like no other. It didn’t mention the fact that you’re great with creating deadly poisons or the rest of the abilities that you have learned. But the research team definitely got the magor ones right. I can’t believe that you still make a killing quota throughout the years here.”

“Yeah well it was quite difficult as the wardens started watching my patterns. That was at least until I killed them.” The cop in front of me takes the cigarette from his mouth and flicks it before putting it back into his mouth. I calmed down and layed down on my bed before calmly stating,

“Now let me guess. You’re going to tell me that everyone has been evacuated and now it is only you and me in this prison.” The police officer answers,

“Of course. You’re too dangerous to be left in any other prison and I am one of the many that can keep you here. Being that I too can live forever.” My eyes widened and my teeth began to grind against one another as I leaped out of bed and stared at the police officer. I shout,

“What the hell do you mean?” The police officer smiles as he says,

“Oh I am just purely a machine that works a lot like a human. I have my habits and all that but at the end of the day I was built just to handle you in the most humane way. That is why I have a flair for my personality. Asshat.” He flicked the cigarette in my face once again and I just couldn’t help but to be furious. I shout,

“I will kill you!” The police officer chuckles before he says,

“How can you kill a machine that is more efficient and more deadly than even you? Besides I think that it is more important that we get acquainted. My name from here on will be Huri. Just Huri.” I shout,

“Well Huri your ass up and fight me you poor excuse for a human!” Hori lights another cigarette and blows a cloud of smoke in my face. He sits down and leans against the railing at the edge of the balcony. He looks at me and says,

“Nice world play. But you can’t escape from here now since I can’t be a thing that you enjoy killing. I don’t have a soul that you can see dispersed. I only have these cigarettes in my left pocket and codes running through my metallic skull telling me what I need to do to keep you in that cell. And since you don’t need to eat, sleep, and drink all I have to do is sit here and watch you as I make whatever repairs to this prison. So then when you are so miserable that you are cured from your whole psycho thing we can release you and we all go on to have normal shitty lives.” My nose flares with hatred as I stare at that bastard sitting in front of me. “So a psychologist will be coming everyday to talk to you. Personally I think that the idea of me being built in the first place is a waste and it probably would have been cheaper just to put you on a rocket and sent off into the voids of space. But people want to take you as soon as you get out of here and abuse that immortal body that you have there. So in a way this prison is really the only place that you are safe. Kinda sympathetic of the states to do that for the likes of you.” I stare into the eyes of Huri and smile as I say,

“So a person will come here everyday to talk to me? Can’t wait for my killing spree to begin.” Huri just chuckles to himself as he then lies down on his back and tips his hat over his eyes. Pretending to sleep or was lying about the whole machine thing. Either way I think that it is bullshit!

I am the best killer out here in the world and yet these bastards have kept me here! I should be out there in the world stabbing and killing the likes of those who come across my path. But nooooo! People just don’t like to be stabbed. I stabbed myself and found it to be quite fun! What is everyone’s god damned complaints!? I have hacked the likes of children to innocent women with men being in between. But yet there is no haza or even a simple thank you. But yet if I was to murder some bland ass grandma handler then that is when I would probably get some credit. Too bad I find that activity terribly bland. I rather kill a whore or stupid ass man that wanted to play hero. That would be a grand evening of events for me. Here in prison I thought I would be able to at least make a couple of enemies to kill but no these stupid wardens always have to take away my pray!

I take the shank out from beneath my pillow that I made the other night and as I repeatedly carved the skin off of my face Huri comes to the bars and asks,

“Doesn’t that hurt?” I didn’t look at him as I reply,

“It’s faster. And besides it hurts for a second which fills me with happiness before it goes away.”

“The pain or your happiness?” I turned towards him and shout,

“How about we save those questions for the bitch that will come by and talk to me! Fuckin mechanical pig!”

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