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No one asked for this and no one wants it but to bad so sad suck it up buttercup because now it exist :D Just random things and thoughts for fun because why not. It gives an exclusive look on what goes on in my head🤩

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about me

Literally no asked for this but too bad. This is a book that's just gonna be filled with random things like- facts about me, some headcanons, my opinion on things, and random thoughts I think about at night which should be fun to write about :D
Lets do facts about me first-

1. I am a minor and my birthday is in December near Christmas. I prefer to be called Elle.

2. I'm so short. I'm literally 5'0 but my friends are like 5'4 and I hate it because I'm the oldest among us.

3. My favorite colors are dark red and dark blue, NOT navy blue. also, purple.

4. I like to read books and sometimes I can be very immersed in it and forgot where I am sometimes. I also love poems. I think they're really nice to read.

5. I still have plushies from when I was younger and I never plan on giving them up. My bed is filled with like 20 of them

6. I'm an Akaashi and Kenma kin which is fun :D

7. I don't like coffee. at all. Everyone in my family, besides me, loves coffee and I don't know what to do about it.

8. I like mystery kind of books and shows. Like murder cases and sherlock kind of stuff. It's fun trying to figure out what happened and who killed who because most of the time I'm right and it makes me feel so smart.


10. I really love Harry Potter and have so many opinions on things. Personally, I think Prisoner of Azkaban was the best book and movie.

11. I really like goldfish :D idk why but I just really love goldfish. I prefer the colorful ones rather than the original plain ones. OH and gummy bears. No clue why but I love gummy bears.

12. I like both men and women and If you don't support that then you can leave🙂 I am a very clingy person so beware of that :D

13. I like to draw and paint even tho I'm not very good at it . It's my friend who's the artist between us.

14. I have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 4 siblings, 3 half-siblings (half-siblings are like step-kids in case you didn't know)

15. I stay up very late and my sleep schedule is beyond fixing. Seriously, I only get 2-3 hours of sleep- 4 if I'm lucky- and on weekends I wake up in the afternoon :D

16. I like to listen to different types of music. K-pop, indie, J-pop, hip-pop, classical, etc. But I will not listen to country and I stand by that :D

17. I like to play video games🤩 gOd i'M sUcH a GaMeR gIrL pls- no but I do like to play some video games with my friend and brothers sometimes.

18. I like to bake but cannot cook. I don't understand it either but I can bake really well and everything but I cannot cook for the life of me and Idk why.

19. For guys I need them to be taller than me, even if it's just a little bit taller. For girls It doesn't really matter to me but they cannot be super tall or else I'd feel insecure :D

20. I really like tigers, lions, and panthers. I find them to be very pretty.

Thats all of the facts I could think of. Literally no wants this but to bad so sad just deal with it :) It only gets worse from here so be prepared for a lot. I'm so annoying, I'm sorry. take care:)- G.
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