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Heart Beatles

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After divorce of her parents her life changes and she is moved away from city.. But destiny holds her hand and she meets city again.. Looks like her faite has soo much more for her to unlock 🔓 Let's see the journey of helsa who is a normal human but jorge is a werewolf. . She's moved in a werewolf high school. . Unknown from all these .. And jorge already have a girlfriend.. Well lets see what happens next? !

Humor / Romance
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I wish

I was at the woods near my grandma's house..
She have said me enough of times to not to cross the Border of the forest and all..

Well who cares..
Not that i don't respect her it's just my curiosity..
Every teen age atleast many sometimes don't listen to them..
And I'm not to deep in the woods..
It's just I find peace🌸 here...
When my bare skin gets in contact with the fresh air I feel magical...
So beautiful feeling it gives to me...

You know everyone finds Peace somewhere I found it in nature🌿🍃
.. I know again I am not alone many does love nature..
I mean who doesn't it has all you ask for..
It always manages to distract me from all the pain.. Guilt...

Breaking the wonderful moment
My mobile decides to ring...

I shaked my head and answer the call always..

" Yess"
I said in my usual bored voice

" Helsa where are you ? "
My mom asked Conercernd...
She is always like these Conercernd worried about me when ever I'm out of her site..
She cares I know that..
But I'm not a kid and she needs to understand that thing can't I just handout alone outside..

Signing I said " I'm just walking in backyard "

" Are you in the woods? "
These time alarmed she said

" Huh! No "
I am a good lier I know I know

I know lies are no good but they can help..
Like right now mom doesn't have to know about my woods adventure..

I heard her taking a breathe of relief..
" Good now get in here soon "

I humed in response and hung up..

I don't know why is she so much worried bout woods..
Well whatever
I turned and took a last glance at the place
And took a picture in my camera..
Its beautiful and beauty needs to get captured in my camera...

I opened the door of the house as my mother always forgets to lock it behind..
She is always careless
And if it comes to me
She's like helsa you are a kid still grow up
Be careful and all..
... Ughh

" Helsa dear we have decided something "
I looked up to see my grandma coming down from upstairs
She said decided what have she decided..
My grandma is a kind hearted smart lady even she is old she still manages to look beautiful..
She belives in fitness and all and stays fit like 30s ...
" And that is? "
I asked her smiling..

" Your school we have-"
She started but get cutted by my mother..
" You are going to brean morry high school "
She said happiness sparking in her eyes...

" Yes "
My grandma added..

I looked at both of them...
Mom was wearing a approan means she just have rushed from kitchen...

" Are you excited? "
Mom asked..

" I don't know that school is far away how would it work? "
I said because it is true...

After my dad and moms divorce things got changed we moved from our house in city to here a small but perfect house near woods...
Our neighbors are also sweet

And my mom is running a shop at a corner of city she manages to earn enough for our livilyhood.. But still
I don't think moving from here would be great

" Honey don't think that you are staying at there it is a hostel also "
She said to my surprise..

" But "
" No".
They both cutted me in unsion...

" You have to complete your studies honey "
Mom said
" Thanks "
I said and huged them both..

" No crying "
I said as my grandma was getting emotional...

" Yeah now get your stuff pack you'll leave tomorrow.. "
Mom announced..

Nodding I made my way upstairs to my room...

Tomorrow is gonna be different...
I am going to be at that rich school which is popular and high in all ways..
Butterflies started jumping... In my stomach..

Oky relex.. Helsa
But I can't believe iam going to city again
Again living there...
A smile spread over my face...
But I wished things have been different..
If They haven't divorced..
I wish my life there be better..

................. ... ........................ .................................
Hey guys ❤
Hope you like it

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