bad boy, good girl

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she had to get away but he keeps pulling her back

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love me
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Nicky’s p.o.v.

I was going to my last class of the day and I had to keep it cool it was so bad I can smell Eva’s little dumb” gag me she’s in this class too ugg.” I come in the class room and she right there in my seat I was going to the seat there and she toke it I was heated she has no clue what I can do to her she is going to pay for what she did I do not do people like her she is DEAD so dead I came up to her and said “YOU ARE IN MY SEAT EVA”I say loud that gets me a “look” form the teacher and some classmates I was so heated that I i didn’t care that she hit me in my face all I did was hit her harder in the face I went to the front of the class because of it so now she can have the seat and her bloody nose i knew that this was going to happen she was asking for it when she told me that this was a school for smart people I was mad she was in for A good hit but I’ll save that for a good time but for now she can have her bloody nose. I had to hit her. I was not going to let her get the best of me. I will kill her if I have too. Bring go the bell I get up to go out the door but Ms. Smith stopped me she said “you and Eva can be friends if you want to be you have to be the bigger person here Nicky you are the bigger person right?” I say “ no she is the one that took my seat and talked about and you tell me to be the bigger person here tell her that not me bye.” I leave and go to my bus my boyfriend was on the bus his name is Zion he is going to love what he hears about what I did to Eva oh she also kissed him he knew how mad I was going to be when I was told that she kissed my boyfriend I was so mad at her that I hit her but not as hard as the hit I did today. I see Zion he tells me to come and sit with him I was like " you know that girl that kissed you... I punched her I know it was not the best thing I came up with but she was..." he stops me "That is so cool I wanted to punch her when she kissed me but I knew that I was going to get it from my mom and my dad and the teacher." I was so happy to hear that that I kissed him and the bus came to a stop it was my stop I got off the bus and went though my bag to find my keys I fond my keys I unlock the door and see if my mom or dad got home yet it's all clear so that's good i am a good girl but not when you mess with me and my boyfriend and my family . "we heard you got in a fight today what did you do to that girl " my mom says as i go to my room " i hit her in the face because she was fucking with me and told m that the school was for smart people

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