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Hiraeth /ˈhɪərʌɪθ/ noun A deep longing for something, especially one's home. Suicide. Addiction. Solitude. Anorexia. Self-harm. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. LGBT. Homophobia. Panic Attacks. Parents. The good in the bad. The bad in the good. What's a Snow Flake's Life? A tiny crystal getting its branches along the way of its life. Like you and me, but after that, a snowflake's life would be over, and back to the clouds it goes. What happens if you give up on your branches? or at least you think you do...

Humor / Other
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Chapter 2: Drill Week

Well, another day another life. I got up to get ready for school, and of course, I’m in my usual clothing, some jeans, converse shoes, a jacket, and a white shirt. I didn't care much for drill week; it was just the school's way of pretending to like or care for us. I went downstairs to see mom and dad sitting at the table with Jake like it were some intervention. My dad was doing work on his computer, as usual. "So how was school yesterday? You went upstairs so fast as if something were wrong.” My dad told me as he looked away from the newspaper.

“Nothing, I just had a lot of homework.”

“On the first day?”

“Ya, it's pretty weird isn't it?”

Ok, don't judge me we've all said that lie, homework on the first day? then I really would've rammed the car into the barricade. I took my water and got out walking for school and saw Jake catch up to me.

“What do you want Jake?”

“Thanks, for not telling mom and dad about the- well you know. ”

“Cigarettes? I didn't do it for you.”

“Well, then why didn't you tell them?”

“Were in a shit show of a home already, I don't need you adding to it, mom is two weeks sober and dad is starting to get back to normal, you'd think our family will get better.”

“Will it?" He said looking at me, with a sad look in his eyes like he was genuinely hurt about it.

“Do you want me to be honest with you?”

He looked at me with fear in his eyes as if he knew we wouldn't get better, but I didn't need him giving up hope, at least so that he doesn't end up like me.

“You’re a really slow walker,” I started running to school, with him yelling stuff at me from the back, for once I couldn't say anything, there was nothing I could think of saying to make things better.

I dropped Jake off at school and warned him: “If I catch you with these guys or smoking one more time, so help me god I’ll run you over.” He looked at me and shook his head: “I promise I won't.” I know a lie when I hear one and I can assure you that this was a lie, I just had to catch him with it.

I went back to school myself, and who was waiting at the front gate? Tyler, of course. Only he had gotten fatter over the summer. I tried walking past him and his friends but they shoved me back to where I was.

“Don't you ever get tired?” I looked at him in the eyes.

“Of what? teaching your scrawny ass a lesson?”

“I’m scrawny now? Wasn't its asshole last year?”

“Are you trying to play games with me Blue?”

“Depends, you think you can do a 1 on 1, or do you need your musketeers following you around?”

I know I’m playing a lot of cards here and I’m probably gonna end up on my ass but luckily for me, Mr. Nicholas our counselor had just shown up, “Good morning boys, not roughhousing from the first day, now are we?”

“No Mr. Nicholas, of course not. Just helping Tyler find some XS condoms.”

Right after that sentence I knew I was done for so I just walked in the halls with Mr. Nicholas, he was almost like my only friend. I know what you’re thinking, the counselor? Really Noah is that the best you can come up with? And frankly. Yes.

I went to class early this time so that I can pick my own seat. Naturally, I picked the closest seat to the window, and luckily for me, the seat next to me was, and you guessed it, Laura Prexton. We had 20 minutes till class starts and we were the only ones in the class, she looked at me and said, “Why are you here so early?”

“That depends, why are you?”

“Well, in reality, I wanted to make sure that I can pick the right seat before class, otherwise I might end up with someone like Tyler or something. Now your turn.” She said with a grin on her face.

“I don't need to state my business to you.”

“Why Not?”

I ignored her.

“Ok then, why didn't you pick up the call yesterday?”

“I was busy”

“What if I was dying?”


“Seriously, why don't you ever reply to me? Have I done something wrong?”

“Ok, first of all, calm down you're the new girl, and trust me when I say you don't wanna act like this on your first day. Second of all, I never asked to be friends with you, you just showed up.”

Everyone started getting into class and taking their seats, and as of now I will have a pain in the ass right next to me, seriously could this get any worse. Our English teacher walked in, Mrs. Charron, she looked at all of us and turned around to the board and started narrating her writing.

“Drill Week, does anyone know what that is?” She asked us but no one seemed to care or raise their hand in that matter.

“Nobody? well, that's nice. Drill Week, the first week of school where you will all learn the methods of Evacuation in the case where there is ever a school shooter, bomb threat, fire or god forbid, Worse. I hope you like your current seats because they're yours for the rest of the year.”

Now, as expected I didn't like my seat, not the position, but the situation that's next to me. However, I couldn't do anything about it now, Mrs. Charron scares me.

“Now First Rule about Drill Week is, the buddy system, you need to pick a buddy who will accompany you during all evacuations in case anything ever happens to you, your buddy will be there to help you or vice versa. So, we have some new students I suppose who don't know others so here is how we will pick our buddies, Look beside you, that's your buddy. That simple.”

What the Actual Fuck. Not only is New girl gonna sit next to me for the rest of the year now, but I also need to go with her during evacuations?! I would much rather just burn, or even better get shot. I snapped out of my imagination for a second and everyone was leaving class, with Laura poking at me,

“Good morning Ass Hat, come on we have Homeroom.”

I stood up and walked out with her to homeroom, where we took our seats.

“What happened during class?” I looked at Laura confused

She looked back at me, “Well not much besides you falling asleep.”

“Did I miss anything important?”

“No, besides the fact that you are stuck with me now till the end of the year.”

“Ya, I got that part. Then why are we in homeroom? We’re supposed to be in Chem right now.”

“They wanted to show us all a video on safety evacuation techniques, so why don't you shut up and watch, so that if I ever did die you can save me.”

“Ya don’t count on that.” I thought.

We started watching the evacuation video, which was a bust by the way. Same thing as every year, except this time my partner might kill me. After the video, we headed out to lunch and I sat down on one of the benches just looking through my phone, all of a sudden Laura came up to me, sat next to me and turned,

“So, if I got this right if anything seems to happen in school your supposed to help me, and I'm supposed to help you?"

I thought of it for a while, and realized she's not gonna get off my back anytime soon, so what would be the harm in trying to be friends? Not that it would last.

“Ya, pretty much. Unless both of us get in trouble, and we both seemed to die. Then, they have a corrupt in their system.” I smiled sarcastically.

She looked away and groaned,

“Well, I mean that's just sad.” She laughed it off and turned back to me, “Do you wanna go to the Lolita Diner tomorrow night?”

“I can’t I have no one to drop me off,” I shrugged at her.

“I can pick you up, I mean if you would give me your location I can definitely go.”

“I- wait, ”I got up from my slouch and looked at her: “ You got your driver’s license?”

“Ya, a couple of days ago actually, why you haven’t got yours yet?” She looked at me teasingly

“No, I get mine in 4 weeks,”

“So, Diner?”

“I mean I have nothing to lose, ” I thought.

“Ya sure I’ll go,” I told her.

“Great, then get ready to have the night of your life” She looked at me and smiled.

Fast forward, we were in fifth period everyone was copying stuff off the board until all of a sudden, the fire alarm rang. Everyone started breaking out of the classrooms with their partners while Laura was tugging at me telling me to go:

“Come on, we’re gonna be late for roll call!” She’s yelling at me while tugging.

“It’s fine there is no real fire it’s just a drill, let me just finish copying this off the board and I-“

She slammed my book shut and yanked me out of my chair, we made our way through the hallway and saw that some people ended up throwing their chairs and tables out, making our way through them the principle tried demonstrating how to put out a fire. of course, we were in the way and were covered in carbon.

“You took out the wrong thing.” Laura said laughing covered in carbon.

We both looked at each other and sighed,

After getting cleaned up we all went home, and I left to pick up my brother from school, of course when I showed up, his little angel ass was sitting down and reading geography, I probably would have fallen for it if he had the book right side up. I picked him up and we drove back home to the sound of pans slamming and glass breaking, before walking in I told my brother to go right up to his room and not to come down till I tell him to.

I didn’t know what to expect honestly, could be an intruder, a fight between my parents or they could have found Jake’s hidden stash, but I was not ready for it.

We walked in and as soon as we did my brother bolted upstairs like I had told him to, I walked into my kitchen to see my parents yelling and throwing stuff at each other.

“HEY, ” I yelled at them both, “what’s going on?”

Both my mom and my dad looked at each other wondering if they should tell me, but then I noticed my mom looking drowsy, and like she hadn’t slept in days. “You’re using again, aren’t you?” I told her.

“Noah, Sweetheart I-,” She reached out for my hand,

I pulled my hand away: “How long have you been using for?”

Both my parents looked at each other once again not wanting to answer, and so I figured they never would anyway. I looked at them both, barely smiled, and went right for the door, I left the house and went to the nearest place to relax, The Marine Docks. I sat at the ledge of the dock, overwhelmed at the fact that not only did my parents keep it from me, but that my mom was using again. I didn’t have anything to say I probably just sat at the dock for a good hour looking at the sun, looking down, and wondering how long it would take me to sit underwater before I drown, I thought of it more and more until, I got a call that took me back to reality.

“Hello?” I answered

"Hey Noah, it's Laura”

“Ya, I know,”

“Ya well, I was wondering do you have anything right now?”

“Not exactly, well I mean it depends, do you need anything?”

"Yes, I do, my dog bit her leash off and I can't find her, and I need to before my parents get back home, do you think you could help me?”

“I mean I'm kind of busy right now not sure if I cou-,”

“Please Noah I've lost her too many times till now they’ll take him away if I don't find her.”

I’m not going to lie, I kind of felt bad for her so I decided to help her,

“Fine I’ll be there just sent me your location,”

“Thank you so much I’ll send you it right now,”

and she did, she sent me her location right that second. I went over to her house which wasn’t that far away if I’m being honest, and I found her with tears streaming down her face looking around and calling out “Casper” who I’m guessing is her dog. She looked terrified until she saw me, she ran up to me and started talking really fast in fact I wasn’t sure if she suddenly got the urge to become Eminem or was just freaking out.

“Ok first of all calm down, I don’t understand anything you are saying.” I grabbed her by the shoulders and told her.

“I can’t find her I’ve been looking for half an hour now, and I’m just scared what if something happened to her.”

“Nothing happened to her, how about this, you can look in the north side and I’ll look in the south side, and whoever finds her can call the other, ok?”

“Ya ok, that should work, shouldn’t it?”

“Yes, don’t worry it will, how about for now tell me, what type of dog do you have?”

“She is a Border Collie,”

“Ok well that should be easy enough, let’s go now”

We both went in opposite directions and started looking, screaming out Casper at the top of our lungs. Who calls a female dog Casper by the way? We were out searching for about an hour until I found a dog sitting under a tree, not sure if she was the dog I was looking for I said, “Casper?” and she came bolting. I took her leash, and started rubbing her head, I took out my phone to call Laura, and saw that I had a couple of missed calls from her which made me think, either I have the wrong dog, or she got abducted. I called her, and she picked up almost instantly,

“Noah, where are you?” she said in a helpless tone while crying.

“I just found Casper, I’m bringing her home right now,” I exclaimed

“Noah my parents will be home in five minutes!” She yelled through the phone.

The smile on my face dropped in an instant, I hung up the phone, picked up the dog, and bolted my way through the trees and homes trying to make it there before her parents did. I arrive at her gates and drop on the floor in an instant out of exhaustion. The moment I look up her parents had pulled into the driveway and seen us, they waved their hands at me, I waved back and stood up.

“Hello, young man,” Her father told me holding his hand out.

I took his hand and shook it saying: “Good evening, Sir.”

“Mom, Dad this is Noah, he was just dropping something off for me that I forgot at school,” Laura told them.

“Did he run here?” Her dad pointed out.

Me and Laura both looked at each other practically terrified as to how he found out.

“Well, you certainly must have run from far being this out of breath,”

“Oh yea, yea I did, but it’s fine I was just on my way out” A feeling of content hit both me and Laura.

“Well, would you like me to drop you off at home?” Her mother pointed out.

“No, no it’s fine, I wouldn’t want to bother any of you.” I insisted.

“Oh, nonsense Laura will drop you off to pay back the favor, could you sweetheart?” Her mother said.

“Ya of course mom, just take Casper in for me,”

Both her mom and her dad walked back inside with the dog and not even a second they were in, she turns to me cheerfully and hugs me, I didn’t exactly know what to do, so I just stood there like a plank waiting for her to pull away.

“You smell nice,” She told me as she pulled away, she got in her car and signaled me in, “are you coming or not?”

I climbed into her car and we drove back home, we barely talked on the way back we were both too mesmerized by the view. As we pulled into my driveway, she looked at me and said: “Thank you, So Much for helping me, I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for you.”

“It’s fine, just keep in mind you owe me a double now,” I said as I got out her car.

“Don’t forget to dress up pretty for me tomorrow, hm big boy?”

“Ya, good luck with that,” I told her before she drove away.

I had to brace myself before entering the house not knowing what I was going to walk into, I took in a deep breath and walked inside to see my mom, dad and brother all sitting on a couch watching a movie. At first, I was confused of course as to how they are all getting along while they were just trying to rip each other’s heads of a moment ago.

“Hi” I pointed out to all of them.

“Oh, hey honey, how was your walk?” My mom told me.

“It was good, how about you guys, are you guys having fun?”

“Oh, yea this movie is amazing, you wanna watch it with us?” My dad said.

“I actually can’t right now, I’ve got some homework to solve, and then I need to sleep I’m going out with a friend tomorrow,”

“Is it the chick that dropped you off just now?” my brother pointed out

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up nitwit” I slammed at him.

“Ass Brain” He replied.

“BOYS, ” my dad yelled at us.

“I’m going to go upstairs now,” I made sure to tell them.

I went upstairs to my room and took a shower at first because I smelled like a dog that ran through a bunch of mud, I put some pants on and sat at my desk doing some homework. I finished and went right to sleep or at least tried to go to sleep. It took me some time.

I woke up and didn’t think twice before putting some cloth on and going downstairs, I wore a beige shirt, pants, and a hat, I know so fancy, and took my blue jacket off the hanger, then I bolted out the door, but my brother ended up catching up to me.

“Aren’t you going to drop me off at school?”

“Can’t you just walk for today?” I told him.

“Fine, but you owe me,” He implied.

“Ya sure you want it in cigarettes or in cocaine?” I told him sarcastically.

He turned right around and went back in.

For once I was going to drive my dad’s motorcycle to school, and I’m lucky if I don’t die this morning. I put my helmet on and rode to school, for your information, if you make fun of someone for wearing a helmet then your nothing but a little bitch. luckily, I didn’t die, and neither did I hit something. Waiting for me at the gate, I wish I could say this was Laura but instead it was Tyler, and I knew after that little stunt I pulled the other day that he was planning on killing me. I never really thought of standing up to him, but I figured if anytime sounds good, it’s probably now. I walked right up to the gate and faced him.

“You still think you can say something about me and not expect payback?” He told me right under his breath, which. By the way stank.

“I remember you being taller,” I smirked at him and pushed through him and his posse into the school, there I went to class and sat down in my chair, and Laura had already been sitting there for what looked like a while because her book was filled with writing.

“Are we confused much?” I told her, taking my bag off my shoulder and sitting down.

“You can tell?” She laughed at me and sighed, “You know I never understood why we need to take Spanish, don’t we have google translate?”

“Well, it’s not that hard,” I scooted my chair next to hers, “which question are you confused with I can help you.”

She sat there looking at me and dodged my question.

“Earth to Laura? Tierra a Laura? ” I told her.

“Oh yea,” She laughed and said, “I can’t remember the days of the week.”

“Your joking, right ?” I told her as I laughed, but all she did was nod her head back.

“Fair enough, how about tomorrow, I help you with this, since it’s the weekend? Then you can be ready in time for the test.”

“I’d like that,” She told me.

We got through the day pretty fast, there actually weren’t any safety drills which was great because no one wants to stand outside for half an hour waiting for a teacher to finish rollcall. I went back home and did all my homework for the week, to make sure that I can spend the weekend as I want. Then all of a sudden, my doorbell rang, and I got up to see Laura outside waiting for me in her car. I got in the passenger seat and we started driving off.

“So, where do you want to go?”

“I thought we were going to the diner,” I replied to her.

“Well I mean ya we can go to the diner but it would probably be boring. How about we go to a drive-in movie theater?”

“Uhm, sure I don’t mind going to a drive-in, as long as you can get us a proper spot to park in.”

“I accept that challenge,” She told me, pointing her finger at me.

Next thing I know she steps on the gas pedal to try and make it to a good spot and she does, front row even. The spot was amazing really, but the movie sucked ass.

“This movie is terrible,” I told her.

“Oh, thank god you said that it’s so bad, but I was waiting for you to say something.” She said in a smiling manner

“Right, and how are we supposed to get out now,” I started looking around,

“We are surrounded for a good two hours.”

“You wanna play Never have I ever?” She told me

“That’s a kid’s game,”

“Not if you play it properly,” she winked at me.

“Ok put your fingers up come on,” she told me lifting my hand up.

“Fine.” I put my fingers up and we started playing.

“So, tell me,” She looked at me with both eyes, “Never Have I Ever, kissed someone not related to by blood.”

Of course, I put a finger down.

“What, who did you kiss?!” She looked at me shocked.

“I kissed a girl, in the park when I was like twelve.” I said laughing.

“A random girl?” She exclaimed.

I nodded my head to her and she looked at me astonished, we spent the next two hours talking, and laughing with each other, eventually the movie ended and we drove to the nearest food drive thru, we got our food and I decided to take her to the dock where I usually sit. We both sat down looking at the stars and eating our food.

“How did you find this place?” She looked at me amazed

“I don’t know, if I’m being honest, I just come here to think, or be alone.”

“I understand why, the place is beautiful, I mean the clear water, the night sky. It’s amazing”

“You know I owe you an apology, you’re not as annoying as I thought you were.” I told her while looking at her eyes.

“Chucks, Noah Blue, I didn’t know you had it in you to say these words.” She told me while smiling.

We spent the night looking at the stars and eventually noticed how late out it is. We decided to head back home, I insisted on walking since it’s so late out and she needs to be home early, and so we went our separate ways, and each got back home. When I got home the first thing, I did was make sure she got home safe, and go to sleep, just thinking of this night and everything we talked about.

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