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Welcome to 'Shattered Dreams' - the relentless publishing house where your dream as a successful author will surely never, NEVER, come true. 'Shattered Dreams' publishing house guarantees to shatter your hopes. Send your book, short story or poem to 'Shattered Dreams' and look forward to a shattering response from one of their editors, because 'Shattered Dreams' is here to shatter.

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(idea by @brianzylla)

Dear all,

Write a fake rejection letter, short or long, about one of your own stories or a masterpiece by a well-known author/authoress. Send it to me (you’ll find my email address in the banner section of my profile), and I’ll include your rejection letter in this ‘anthology’ along with your Inkitt profile-link and username. In case your rejection letter gets a comment, I’ll tag you in the comment section, so you’ll always know when something is being written about your text. In addition, I will give feedback or comment on each rejection letter. In doing so, I hope you will get some ‘publicity’ for your profile and the stories you have written.

These are the following rules:

- Write a rejection letter on your own story or a well-known book, but NOT on someone else’s story here on Inkitt or any other writing app.

- You must pretend the letter has been written by an editor from the publishing house Shattered Dreams.

- The length of the letter is up to you. It can be three words or 4, 5, 6 pages long.

- Sarcasm is, of course, allowed, but make sure the context is clear.

- Send the letter to me together with a title of your choice - this will be the title of the chapter.

Now, the question is - why would I want to write a rejection letter?

- First and foremost, because it’s fun. And in these crazy times, we all need a little giggle now and then.
- Secondly, you’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to be able to laugh at oneself. It feels liberating.
- Thirdly, you will enter into a self-reflective process about your work: in a critical way, and in a way in which you praise yourself, in which you defend your work, in which you indirectly (and indeed in a quirky way), tell readers why the story matters to you and why we should read it.
- Fourth, for those who have ever encountered the arbitrariness of a real rejection letter from a real publisher - go ahead, vent. Let it all out, exaggerate, blow off steam. Don’t overthink grammar, but be creative; play not only with language but also with the letter’s structure, with pauses, punctuation etc...(almost) everything is allowed.
- And fifth, I really do believe that a good, excellently written fake rejection letter can be a perfect advertisement for your story 😉 .
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