The Weird Boy And His Hat

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>Max is a boy who is known to be 'weird'. Luna recently moves to a small town and is told never to approach Max. That was a hard thing to do, especially if he is your neighbour. Luna grows up in the town and notices that she is beginning to befriend Max. Slowly, Max starts to glow up. She couldn't help but get lost in his eyes. She was the weirdo's first friend and more than that... < Slight romance included-

Humor / Romance
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Yeah, they call him ″the school’s clown″ or ″the weird boy″ or even in some cases ″the weird boy who is the school’s clown and has cooties″. I don’t know much about him since I recently moved to this area.

Kids at school say that once he grows up, he will stay single forever since no woman will ever love a boy like him. They say that he will lose his pants and run along the streets like an idiot. But strangely, I feel like wanting to know more about him.

I have only attended the school for only 2 days so I haven’t spotted him anywhere, so I guess today is my chance. I waited till break to ask the girls where he is. They said he is usually at the back where no one is and plays with sticks. They laughed and quoted ′Like a caveboy starting a fire′ A roar of laughter and giggles filled the playground. I walked towards the back ignoring what they just commented and took a peek. There, he sat on a small rock staring off to the clouds. I stared up only for it to bring tears into my eyes. I fell. He then spotted me on the ground and rushed over.

‘You probably won’t want my cooties but...’ He held me back up to my feet then quickly distanced from me.

‘Uh- Erm- I- Thank y-you!’ I stuttered out of embarrassment and stared at him. He seemed to be in shock.

‘Well... no one has ever thanked me before, so you’re the first.’ He looked away from my eyes shyly. I noticed his clothes were a bit muddy. So he is dirty ahaha. He looked at me once again, ‘C-can I get your name?’ Ugh, he wants my name.

‘Name’s Bella.’ This fool will believe me.

‘Such lovely name... the thing is... I- I never got anyone’s name before...’ I instantly regretted making fun of him. He was too soft and too delicate. It is now my duty to protect him.

‘Sorry... uhm- my name is actually Luna, what’s your’s?’ I smiled warmly at him. He began to glow red.

‘E-erm M-Max...’

‘Well, want to be friends, Max?’

‘G-gladly!’ He seemed so delighted. Too delighted that we forgot that break had finished.

‘Uh! Weren’t you kids supposed to be dismissed?!’

‘Sorry miss.’ I quickly said before Max could.

‘Well, you two could have gotten in big trouble if you didn’t apologize. Such manners you guys have at such age is really one thing that concerns me about you two.’ The lady laughs and shoves us to class.

‘Ewwwwww, Luna got his cooties!’ Max stepped away from me.

‘I-I’m sorry Luna...’ He sounded so... so... sad.

‘No need to be Max. Hey! Who do you think you are talking to like that! Definitely not my best friend!’ A loud gasp echoed.

‘He?! Your Best Friend?! Are you CRAZY?! Imagine being even FRIENDS with a loser and a weirdo!’ Exclaimed a pretty popular girl called Laura. She was a brat. She got fans. Most of all, she had a load of love letters.

‘SO childish ew.’ I made my point then held Max towards the bags. I turned back around then winked at them. You could see from here, that she was mad. REALLY mad. The first impression of this school: Terrible except for Max, he was and is a blessing.

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