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Chapter 9

Sky’s P.O.V

I decided that it was Jeremy next so I set up the pranks for him yesterday.

He sat down on his chair with a huff.

“So, Jeremy,” I started. “How good are the bars of soap?”

“I wonder why they didn’t bubble up today,” he said sarcastically. “Although, I thought that you would go with something harsher. I guess you just don’t have any more ideas.”

“You asked for it,” I smirked before getting up and walking towards the fridge. I opened it and brought him his favourite cereal.

“What exactly is this?” Jeremy asked as he eyed the bowl of frozen cereal.

“Um... that’s a cereal-sicle,” I said. “Your favourite. Weetabix. Oh, and don’t bother looking for any extras. Me and my supporters ate the rest. Bon Appétit.”

“Urgh, I hate you,” Jeremy pouted.

“Urgh, I know,” I mocked him.


It’s been 5 days since I pranked Jeremy. I’ve been waiting impatiently. The last one was a ton of alarms which gave me a hearing problem for the whole day and somehow, my mind keeps on going back to when Hudson snatched the book from me and read out what wasn't on there, just to embarrass me. I mean, I've gotta admit it, it was pretty funny.

By now, you must've figured out that I'm not the kind of girl that whines over every time she got pranked. Nope, those are the normal girls. I am the weirdest girl that I know.

Currently, I was making my way over to where the girls where because it's break time.

"Hey," I greeted but only Serene, Veronica and Maya were there.

"I need you guys' help!" Lacey said as she came from behind me.

"What's wrong?" Maya asked.

Lacey seemed to be in a full-blown panic mode.

"I think I may be into..." she trailed off.

"What? Girls? Because we're totally cool with that, girl," Veronica said.

"Yeah, it's the 21st century. No one should have a problem with it," Maya said.

Lacey started to shake her head vigorously.

"Ok, I think that's not it, mate," Serene said to Maya.

"Seriously, what's wrong?" I asked calmly.

"I think I might be into..." she trailed off again.

"Into who? There's nothing to worry about, OK? There's nothing wrong with liking someone," Maya said.

"I think I'm into Finn Gibson."

That one sentence sent the air rushing out of my lungs. It was like everything was in slow motion for me and do you know the part in a movie where a character hears something surprising or drops something important. Like when everything goes extra slowly and it exaggerates every single move. That was how I was feeling until I heard Veronica say words that were powerful enough to make a sailor blush.

"WHAT?" I asked with wide eyes.

"Oh, god. Now you guys hate me," Lacey said and started crying.

"No, sweetie, we don't," I said and gave her a hug.

"We never will," Maya said and gave her a hug while I was.

"We will always be here for you," Serene said and joined the group.

"What they said," Veronica added and joined us in the group hug.

"Um, it's getting difficult to breathe in here," I heard Lacey say. We immediately pulled away and gave her some breathing space.

"So, what's so wrong with liking Finn?" Maya asked suddenly.

"I don't know," Lacey replied.

"What's to like in Finn?" Veronica asked and Lacey shot her a glare but answered her question.

"He's just so cute when he's serious (which is always) and he's so hot and he's just basically so amazing. Plus, did you know that he was in the football team and in the singing club? Finn is just really funny and cute and he's got this boyish charm and he's very kind to some people and I just really really like him," Lacey rambled nervously, leaving our jaws saying 'hello' to the floor.

"I have never heard something so adorable," Veronica wiped away a fake tear.

"Lacey, I don't think you like him," I started. Lacey frowned and the others furrowed their brows. "I think you're sort of... um, in love with Finn."

"WHAT?" Now it was Lacey's turn to freak out.

"I mean, have you heard the way you talked about him? You had this look in your eyes like you could talk about him all day and never get tired. Like want to be with him forever and you would never get bored. You sounded like being with Finn is the only thing that matters. Like if being apart from him would shatter you," I smiled. I have absolutely no idea how those words just perfectly formed in my mouth but something tells me that it's not just from the billions of romance novels that I read.

"Wow," Veronica said.

"How did you come up with all that?" Maya asked, incredulous.

"Must be romance novels," Lacey giggled.

"No, I have a feeling that she's talking about her own experience," Serene smirked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Nothing. A little birdie told me that you've already had your heart occupied with a guy," she smugly retorted.

"I do not-" I got cut off by the bell.

"Well, have a nice day," Serene said before making her exit.

"Let's go to our class," Lacey said.

"Yeah," I said and followed her. We had Maths together.

"So, what do you think I should do about it?" Lacey asked me nervously as we walked through the crowded hallway.

"Just be yourself and go for it. If he doesn't like you back (which I highly doubt) then it's his loss. If he rejects, he loses the chance to be with the most amazing girl in the world and possibly a limb," I snorted making her chuckle.

"I just don't know what to do," she said.

"Wait for the opportunity and then go for it. Besides, he's just a guy. There's nothing really special," I said and at that exact moment, Hudson, Jeremy, Hugh and Finn walked past us and Hudson's gaze locked onto mine.

It felt like the slow motion thing all over again, except that this time, it felt a whole lot more natural. I felt the sparks that they describe in those romance books and movies. It felt like there was an electric connection between us. Like there was this fire burning in between us and it just spreads everywhere.

But then I remembered one thing. This is the part in the movie or book where the girl-main-character trips and falls or falls head first into a garbage can just to embarrass herself. I abruptly came to a halt and looked in front of me to see a pillar in my way. Close call.

"Yeah, just a guy," Lacey smirked as she saw what just happened between our eye-locking situation. "Nothing special."

"Oh, shut up," I rolled my eyes. That was nothing. It was one of those silly moments in my head where everything feels absolutely cheesy. It was nothing. Besides, he's just a guy. There's nothing really special...

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