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Chapter 11

Sky's P.O.V

Going after Jeremy would be just downright cruel since I've chased after him for 4 blocks and already played 3 pranks on him. The marker one, the clear nail polish on soap bar one and the frozen cereal one.

No, this time, I'm going after their Italian leader. Jesus, I made him sound like some kind of mafia leader. My bad.

I was currently sitting on the couch and shopping on Amazon and thankfully not reading like the slight geek I am.

Ok, pretty pink butterfly stickers. Pink wallpaper, pink flowers, pink candles, neon pink 'Love' sign, pink balloons, pink fairy lights, hell, I'm even ordering pink glittery string curtains. Pretty pink pillows, a hot pink rug, pink bows, pink bedsheets and duvet covers, pink plastic roses, pink towels, a lot more pink bouquets and a ton of pink glitter to sprinkle all over his carpet and bed.

I know, I'm EVIL.

"What are you doing?" Jeremy asked as he came to sit down next to me.

I quickly closed the tab that I was working on and went to the one with clothes and shoes on the Debenhams' site.

"Online shopping," I replied as I looked up 'trainers for women'.

"Ah, so you're that kind of girl," he said.

"What kind?" I raised a brow.

"The tomboy," he replied.

"Well, I'm half tomboy. I like wearing dresses and stuff for some reason," I shrugged.

"Oh, so you're the other kind," he replied.

"What's you're motive?" I asked suspiciously as I went back to checking out the shoes.

"Bonding," he replied.

"Yeah, nice one. Come one, tell me another joke," I said sarcastically.

"No, really, I'm here to bond," he said more seriously now.

"Why? We're at war," I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Well, I need your forgiveness and for you to promise to not kill me," he rubbed the back of his neck.

I groaned. "Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, every minute that I'm sitting here, I'm imagining throttling you. I think bonding would only happen after I get back at you."

His eyes widened and he sat a few inches away.

"Don't worry, I think I'm good at controlling my murderous urges," I smirked.

"O... K. Um, good luck with shopping," he said before leaving.

I chuckled to myself and reopened the tabs that I closed. This time, Veronica came and sat down next to me.

"Oh, my lord!" she exclaimed as she saw all the things in my cart. "Who's your victim?"

"Hudson Lorenzo Walker," I proudly declared.

"I hope you make it out of his wrath," she wished and left immediately. Why the fuck is everyone so scared of Hudson? I mean, he's just a guy. There's nothing special. Ok, now I'm remembering the whole eye-locking fiasco.

Urgh! I need to get on with this prank!


Ding Dong!

The door bell rang and I went to take it. The delivery guy gave me a paper to sign and a huge box. Well, I guess I ordered a lot.

I thanked the guy, closed the door and turned around to bump into Jeremy.

"God! How much clothes and shoes did you buy?" he exclaimed. I just have to play along to make it look like I didn't buy all this stuff just for the greatest prank of 2021.

"A lot. Like a lot lot," I smiled sheepishly. "Well, I'm gonna go and um, put all this in my closet."

I carried that huge-ass box upstairs and unpacked it in my room. Today is Sunday and it's 4pm so Hudson is out as usual. He usually comes back at 6pm so I should have enough time.


And just one more... There we go! I've officially Pink-fied his room. I first stuck the wallpaper on the walls using blue tack (which I'm sad that it isn't pink) and then I stuck the butterfly stickers and bows on it. Then I used the box that they delivered the stuff in, to put all of his stuff like his graffiti work, pillows and duvet cover and bedsheets. I put the pink rug on the carpet next to his bed. I took off the curtains and replaced it with pink glittery string curtain.

I put the pink lit-up fairy lights all over the room. I placed a few roses and un-lit candles (fire hazard) on his now-empty desk.

I changed his pillows, bed sheets and duvet covers. I put the rest of the bouquets and roses on his bed and then placed the neon pink 'Love' sign above his bed. Now for the finishing touch. I quickly carried the box of his stuff (I kept some of his stuff safe in his closet) to my room and kept it under my bed. Just as a surprise, I replaced the towels in his closet with the pink ones that I bought.

I walked into the room, opened the packet of pink glitter, put some in my hand and threw it all around me. After a few minutes of doing that, I checked the time to see that it was 5:45pm. I packed up my stuff and brought it back to my room.

I grabbed Shakespeare's Othello and ran downstairs to the living room and sat down.

Veronica was sitting opposite to me and she raised a brow. I gave her a smirk and nodded in reply.

She smirked right back at me.

Not to look suspicious, I skipped to the middle of the book so that it'll look like I've been here for quite some time.

I heard the front door open. Hudson came into the living room, then went to the kitchen and got something from the fridge. Then he went upstairs. I quickly got up and hid behind the door because this is Hudson and he will definitely try to kill me, unlike the others.

Suddenly, I heard footstep stomping down the stairs. I closed my eyes and waited for the explosion.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?" his voice boomed. I've never seen him project such a powerful emotion. Yes, I've seen him get annoyed of smug sometimes but that was practically nothing compared to this.

"What happened?" Jeremy asked.

"She decorated my whole entire room with anything and everything pink. Oh, and she took out EVERYTHING that isn't pink. SO, now my room looks like a unicorn vomited in there!" Hudson snarled.

I, very, very quietly, tiptoed my way over to the stairs but to my luck, the floorboard creaked and Hudson's head snapped towards me.

He had this murderous glint in his eyes, like he wanted to kill me right now. God, he must've loved that room so much.

He charged after me. I shrieked and ran up the stairs.

When I got to the third floor, he was still following me in eager.

I opened the door to my bedroom quickly and got in. But when I tried to shut it, a foot blocked it and pushed the door open.


I stumbled a bit back, he entered my room and closed the door behind him and then locked it. I am definitely in a LOT of trouble.

He took a step towards me and I, almost instinctively, took one back. Again. And again. And again. And again until I felt the bed behind my legs.

"You totally trashed my room," he growled.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," I said sarcastically. Shit! Why can't I just keep quiet?

"Well then, get ready to be very very sorry," he said and walked forward until his chest was barely an inch away from mine.

"What are you gonna do, huh?" I asked as I looked him direct in the eyes.

"This," he smirked as he placed his hands on either sides of my waist. His fingers went up and down my sides and tickled me. "And this."

"Stop," I laughed.

"Never," he growled playfully. He continued to tickle me and I fell onto the bed. I crawled back to get away from all the tickling but he got on the bed, crawled over to me and continued to tickle me.

"No- Stop it- Oh, my god- Stop it-" I continued to laugh as tickled me.

"Are you going to prank me anymore?" he grunted.

"Yes- God- Stop- Please- Stop-" I was a laughing mess before I knew it.

"Say, 'Hudson is the absolute best and he's the hottest and most amazing guy I've ever seen'," he blackmailed.

"No- I won't-" I said and laughed a whole lot more when he continued to tickle me even more.

"Hudson is the absolute best and he's the hottest and most amazing guy I've ever seen," I said quickly then he let go with a smirk and laid down next to me.

"I never thought you would actually chase after me," I said breathlessly.

"Well, I don't chase after something that I don't want."

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