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Chapter 13

Sky's P.O.V

"So, Sky and Hudson," Jeremy started. "How was sleep last night?"

I almost choked on my toast.

"What do you mean?" Hudson asked with no emotion whatsoever.

"Well, last night, before I went to sleep, I came to your room to check if you need any help with cleaning up. But you weren't there and when I was walking back downstairs, I heard talking from Sky's room," Hugh explained.

"I think that least I can do is offer refuge to him since I practically destroyed his room," I quoted Hudson's words from yesterday night.

When I looked at him, I saw his lips twitch a little and then they went back to being a straight line.

"So you offered space?" Serene's brow raised.

"Well, he sort of invited himself in but I really didn't want him to kill me so I let him. Plus, he slept on the floor." No, he didn't.

"We didn't ask for a detail," Lacey smirked.

"Well, I gave you one."

"What else happened?" Maya asked causing Hudson to roll his eyes. Jeez, I never thought I'd hear this girl get involved in something like this.

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you. I think I've gone deaf," I said and swiftly made my exit.



I moved to the rhythm of the song. My legs sort of had a mind of their own as they carried me wherever they wanted. Each move made me even more lost in the song.

Suddenly, everything came to a halt because the song stopped.

It can't be Ms Allen. She lets me practice over time after every session since no one else uses the studio after our dance club.

I quickly looked at the stereo to see Jeremy scrolling through my phone.

"Care to share what you're doing?" I asked as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"I'm adding a bit of character in the form of a song, to that poor little thing called your life," Jeremy rolled his eyes.

"My life is not that bad." It's worse.

"Yeah, keep on telling yourself that," he smirked. Oh, you have no idea how much I just want to slap that stupid smirk right off of his face. He started playing Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.

I sort of feel like this is what I need. I started moving along to the rhythm of the song and before I knew it, I was on cloud nine.


"Seriously? That's all you got?" Jeremy smirked as I stopped dancing and went to get a drink.

"It's been 17 freaking songs! You're one to talk, you just stood there, changing the songs. I was the one actually dancing," I exclaimed and he just rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. It's 6 so I need to go," he said before leaving.

"Bye? I guess," I said to myself because Jeremy was no where in sight.

I practiced for about 30 more minutes and then packed up my stuff and turned off the lights in the studio. The whole building isn't just a studio. It apparently has a swimming pool in the basement floor, a basketball court, an art studio, hell, they even had a tennis court, a gymnastics court, volleyball and squash court.

I walked outside the studio and closed the door to it. The lights in the hallway were on because even though no one else was around, they always close at 7pm.

It was a little creepy that I was the only one around but, oh well, I just have to live with it.

Veronica said that we'll be leaving at 7:30 for the party. I'm so ready to just let loose and be free for one night.

As I walked, I started to hear noises. Not the normal kind of crickets chirping or the classic footstep. It was as if someone was in pain. Instinctively, I started to walk faster and faster.

I just had to make one more turn at the end of this hallway and I'll be out of this creepy-ass building.

Suddenly, all of the lights started to go off one by one. Panic set in. I started walking quicker.

I was so close to turning around the corner when all of the sudden, a dark figure emerged from there. Thank god, I didn't pass the turn. I stumbled backwards but managed to catch myself before I fell.

The figure moved closer and closer towards me and I was rooted to the spot. As soon as I saw it's face, I let out a blood-curdling scream. It's face was absolutely disgusting. It's eyes were blood-shot and it's teeth- no, canines were razor-sharp. There were drops of blood trailing down from the bottom of it's eyes.

I spun on my heels and ran to who-knows-where.

Suddenly, another dark figure emerged from in front of me. I let out a high-pitched scream and then ran down the corridor on my left. The more I ran the more I felt like those things were getting closer.

Abruptly, another one emerged from the door on my right which I just thankfully passed. I ran faster than I've ever done before and pushed myself harder because who knows what those creatures can do to me.

Creatures? Suddenly, I reminded myself of all the books that I read and how all the monsters killed some characters and they died a very disgusting and horrible death. Hell, some even came back as a slight version of the monsters. I definitely do NOT want to be resurrected as a monster or be killed in the first place.

All of the sudden, another one surfaced from in front of me and this time, there was no where to hide. No where to run to. No one to help me. I was utterly and truly alone.

After my family's death, loneliness was something I preferred. It gave me time to think of and make up scenarios in my head on what happened if I was the only one who died on that day. Or if I could save them somehow. Or if we all survived. Hell, I even thought of inventing a time-travelling machine so that I could go beck to that day and tell my past self to never ask them to pick me up on that day.

They all walked towards me. Each of their steps just made my anxiety increase. It was like someone was threatening to push me off a cliff and I felt like I wanted to do something bad to that person but I couldn't.

I did what I thought I could do. I let out the loudest, most high-pitched scream in the history of screams and curled up in a ball. I felt the tears rise. This is it. This is how I die.

After a second or two, I heard laughter rumbling from all around me. And it wasn't the 'evil' kind of laughter. More like the amused and totally entertained kind of laughter.

I lifted my head up a bit to see Jeremy, Finn and Hugh laughing their asses off. Hudson was there too but he just looked purely amused.

They were wearing costumes. Fucking costumes! And in their hands, were masks.

"You," I said in a very low tone which made them stop laughing immediately. "Who the fuck came up with this stupid fucking idea that somehow fucking worked?"

"Um, I think you should cut down on the profanity a bit," Jeremy nervously chuckled and I shot him the glare of this century.

"I will ask again and if you don't answer, then consider all of you dead," I threatened. You think that's harsh? Too bad. These assholes almost made me fucking cry!

"It was Hudson," Hugh pointed to him.

"Jeez, I thought we were friends," Hudson rolled his eyes. Urgh, it's Hudson. He's definitely not scared of me. Shit.

"Ok," I said calmly and started to walk away.

"Ok? OK? You chased after me when I did that fake tarantula prank. Now you're just going to let him go?" Jeremy scoffed.

"Man, I don't think he's stupid enough to be scared of a 17-year-old girl. But you were, which is totally your fault. And that was an insult so be insulted," I rolled my eyes and walked to the front door so that I could get out and away from these dipshits who almost gave me a panic and a heart attack.

I tried to push open the door again and again but it was locked.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere today." Shit...

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