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Chapter 16

Sky's P.O.V

I walked alongside him into the squash court and oh, my god!

There were white duvets and pillows set up in a corner and on it was a laptop with Netflix switched on. Beside it, there were bowls of popcorn, a lot of types of candy, 4 freaking boxes of pizza, a ton of fries, different kinds of drinks, a lot of snacks and dips.

A sudden thought appeared in my mind but instead of brushing it away, I decided to confront him.

"Hudson Lorenzo Walker, is this a date?" I raised a brow, trying act cool even though I was freaking out

"You could say that," he shrugged.

"It's a date," I smirked.

"Well, in that case," he started as the corners of his lips lifted a little bit. "Where would you like to start first?"

"All of it," I said as I eyed the setting before me.


"Why can't Simon just take the hint and back off a bit?" I asked with a mouthful of pizza. Currently, we were watching Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments and everything was basically just perfect.

"Because that's what makes the people become more interested in the whole TV series shit," Hudson replied as he ate a few more popcorn.

"True," I nodded.

I've never seen this side of him. This side that is so relaxed and nice. Well, it's not like I didn't like the rude and arrogant side of him. Ok, maybe I just found it a little bit annoying but I liked it for some reason.

"Would you stop doing that?" he asked me.

"Doing what?" I asked with a touch of innocence.

"1) Don't act like you're so damn innocent all the time, we both know that you're not, considering the genre of books that you like and 2) I know I'm the sexiest guy ever but you don't have to stare every single time."

"I do not stare at you!" I scoffed to which he just rolled his eyes. "Besides, we both know that you're the one who stares at me."

"Maybe I do," he smirked and I felt my whole face flushing.

"Why would you?" I asked as I looked down.

"Because you're beautiful," he said and that is, people, when I turned into a tomato.

"Why are you being so nice?" I whined and he raised a brow.

"Because..." Hudson started as he reached for two bottles of coke. He opened them, handed me one and clinked them together. "This is a date."


He turned off the lights and laid down next to me.

"Do you ever just wonder stuff?" I asked.

"Like what?" he asked as he turned to face me. I did the same.

"I don't know. Sometimes I wonder some random shit. Like why the hell it's women who have wombs and if alien are real or like how giraffes reproduce," I chuckled.

His eyes locked onto mine it was like we had a silent agreement.

We both got up, he immediately reached for his phone and searched up 'How does giraffes reproduce?'

After a minute or two of reading, he responds with, "Giraffes do have penises and vaginas so they basically do it from the back."

I fell with my back onto the duvets. "My whole life, I thought they just rubbed necks or something," I snorted.

He closed his phone and laid down next to me. "I think it's common sense that you need some kind of material to make a child, don't you think?"

"Apparently, I haven't got enough common sense in here," I said as I tapped my head.


I walked downstairs for breakfast. We came back to the house at 7 when Jeremy came and opened the door for us.

"Morning," I greeted with a smile that I couldn't keep off of my face the whole morning.

"Morning," Serene replied. Apparently, Maya and Serene were the only ones who looked like they just didn't fight in world war 2.

"Someone's cheery," Hugh commented.

"I bet you guys had some fun," Jeremy smirked.

I sat down in my usual place at the head of the table, right opposite to Hudson.

"Explain, please," Veronica huffed.

"Let's just say that Sky wasn't doing extra practice and Hudson didn't have a throbbing headache," Finn said and slightly looked over at Lacey.

"Wait, so what happened?" Maya asked with more curiosity than needed.

"Well," I started flirtatiously causing all of them to lean in like I'm telling them a secret but Hudson just raised a brow and I gave him a look that said, 'Play along... Please.' I turned to the people who were looking at me expectantly. "We went to a park, had ice cream, then went to the beach and slow-danced to A Thousand Years."

They all awed at my sentence causing me and Hudson to roll our eyes.

"Are you guys stupid or something? We didn't do that and FYI, that is the most sappiest thing you could ever do," I said.

"How did you come up with that?" Maya asked.

"Wattpad, duh," I said and everyone laughed. Everyone laughed. Like, including Hudson.

I felt my jaw-dropping to the ground but no one else noticed what he did. No one except Finn. He was looking between Hudson and me and was smirking.

I slowly stood up from where I was sitting and everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

"Finn Freaking Gibson, you saw what he did too, right?" I checked, just to make sure that this isn't an awesome dream. Finn nodded and I did a victory dance in my mind.

"What did Hudson do?" Lacey raised a brow.

"He smiled. He freaking smiled. I have been here for like 2 months and never have I ever seen him smile or express joy in any way," I exclaimed and they once again gave me the 'are you crazy?' look. "If I knew that all it took for him to move the muscles on his face a bit was for me to go on a date with him, I'd have done it ages ago." It took me a second to process what I just admitted but it took the others two so I quickly made my exit as I stood up and walked away.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" Jeremy called.

"I'm sorry, I think someone's calling me. I need to get to my phone!" I called over my shoulder as I ran up the stairs. I need a beer...

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