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Chapter 1

Sky's P.O.V

"Be safe, Hope," Grana said to me as I helped put the last suitcase in the trunk.

"Don't worry, Grana, I'll be alright," I said and gave her one last hug. She lowered my head to her lips and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Now, you're going to go there and have a normal and happy life. Then you'll eventually find the one and you both will fall in love and the two of you will get married and have kids and then have the best life ever," she smiled. Now I really understand where my obsession for romance novels came from.

"And you'll be there with me the whole time, right?" I asked as I felt my voice crack. She's the only one that I have left. The only one that really understands me.

"Hey, now, no time for tears. Everyone dies one day. The only person who will always be there for you is yourself and I'm sharing that secret with you because I've experienced it. Promise me that you'll never waste a single moment of your life by shedding tears. Promise me that whatever happens, you'll keep on fighting," she asked and held out a hand.

"I promise," I smiled and placed my hand over hers. She is all I've got left. But even she says that in life, I'm the only person I can depend on and I know that's true because I've had my fair share of experiences.

I heard the cab driver honk the horn of the taxi. Impatient much?

I gave her one last hug, picked up my small, black backpack and got inside the cab.

I sat down with a huff and said, "The airport, please."

He gave me a slight nod and began to drive away. I watched as my grandmother's house faded into a small dot.

Ever since that day, I've never been capable of living in that same house again. That's why I moved in with my grandmother. She hated seeing me like this. She hated seeing me always depressed. Everyone did.

Everyone kept on asking me whether I was 'OK' or not. I mean, it was basically like a sick joke. I appreciate them appearing and sounding like they cared a lot when in reality they couldn't wait to walk away. I am obviously not OK, so what's the point of asking whether I'm 'OK' or not??? It's absolutely stupid.

No one would just let me be on my own or leave me the fuck alone. But a part of me still wants to hang out with all of my old friends and be normal and stalk my crush and do normal things.

I feel like everyone expects me to break down at any moment or lose my control or hell, suicide even. They're waiting for me to react but I can't and I won't. Because if I start, I will never stop myself. Ever.

Ok, I need a distraction.

I reached into my backpack and took out a copy of Pride and Prejudice. I've read it over and over again like 10 times now but something about hearing the words, You have bewitched me, body and soul and I love, I love, I love you just gives me this giddy feeling.

Romance books are my escape. They take you to a whole other world and you will never want to leave it.

Ok, I have a secret, I read Wattpad. All my old friends used to make a big deal out of it but I just brushed it off like nothing.

After all, I was known to be a bit heartless.


I'm currently in the flight to England. This is it.

I'll finally get a life-time without anyone asking me whether I'm 'OK' or whatever. I need a fresh start. Besides, I don't have a choice, I might end up killing myself or something if I stayed in America for a bit more longer.

Memories of them always flood my mind and I think going to UK will really help.


So, this is Bradford. Not at all what I expected but it's alright. I expected people to always speak fancy English like how my cousin Lacey and uncle George speaks. Or for the place to be super-clean/fancy. Don't get me wrong, the place isn't a dumpster but Bradford is just a bit... Well, some places are well kept and some are messy as hell.

I walked up to the house that Lacey gave me the address for. I can see why she wants to live here. It's beautiful. The place is massive.

This is it. Maybe I should quickly book a ticket back and go back to my old school?

I found myself pressing the doorbell. Whoops, too late now!

After a second or two, the door opened to reveal a petite girl who looked about 17 or so.

"Hi, you must be Skylar Johnson," she chirped in a thick British accent. Ok, this is what I was telling you about.

"Um, yeah, uh, what's your name?" I asked in the nicest way possible because my EX-bestie used to say that British people get offended really quickly.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I seemed rude but my name is Maya Hope," she said.

"Don't worry, by the way, my middle name is Hope," I smiled warmly at her and it felt like this is the first time I've smile genuinely in 2 whole months. Grana always tried her best to make me laugh or smile or even just get a reaction from me other that the emotionless nods. After a while, I decided to smile or laugh or just act normal for her but I won't deny the fact how it felt so wrong to do that. It felt a bit like betraying them. I was supposed to mourn them but in other people's eyes, I needed to look like I was moving on. Like I was actually OK.

"Come on in," she chuckled. "I'll help you with those."

"Oh, no, it's alright," I tried to be the nicest I can. I really didn't want her to fuss over me.

"Nonsense, I love helping people," she smiled. "Come on, your room is on the third floor."

I liked her. Kind, sweet, helpful and cheery. Although, part of me envies how carefree her life must be.

When Lacey asked me what kind of room I wanted, she gave me options. 1) Downstairs where there are 4 other bedrooms which could have 3 other people if I stayed there. 2) Second floor which also has 4 bedrooms but Lacey stays there. If I'm there, she will keep on asking how I'm doing and as much as I appreciate it (note my sarcasm), not wanting to hear 'Are you OK?' or 'How are you doing, you know, after everything?' was the whole point of coming all the way here. 3) The third floor where there's only 2 bedrooms. I want to avoid socializing as much as possible but I think that's sort of impossible when you're going to be living in a house with 9 other people for possibly the next whole year.

I flashed her a smile and walked upstairs after picking up the rest of my luggage with me.

If I thought the outside of the house was beautiful, then it's not even close to the inside. The floor was made of wooden floorboards and the walls were all beige. There were beautiful paintings hanging on the walls.

I entered the room to see Lacey setting up my new bed.

"You didn't have to do all of that," I said as I looked at the entire room. She decorated it black and white themed. My favourite.

The walls were all white and the floor had black carpet. There was a small, black double sized bed in a corner with a white duvet and white pillows that had patterns of black roses. Next to my bed there was

In another corner, there was a wooden desk that was possibly made of Ebony wood. On top of it was a lamp with a white body and shade. The chair in front of the desk was probably made of Ebony wood too since it's made of black wood. Above the desk was a small shelf and guess what colour it was? Black and yes, that also was made with Ebony wood.

I saw a door that lead to a small walk-in closet but no bathroom.

"Hey, what are cousins for?" Lacey said as she engulfed me in a hug that I returned immediately. "Welcome to Bradford, Sky. Let's hope you survive the critics."

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