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Chapter 19

Sky's P.O.V

I added a set of silver hoop earrings to my outfit, then left my hair down and damn, do I look hot or do I look hot?

I spent a few minutes checking myself out in the mirror before I decided to go downstairs to meet Hudson.

He was sitting on one of the sofas and reading a book. Typical Hudson.

"You ready?" I asked. He put the book down and stood up.

Our eyes trailed up and down each other. He was wearing a simple black shirt with the sleeves rolled up till his elbows and pair of black denim jeans, yet, still somehow manages to look like the sexiest guy ever.

"You look amazing," he said as he looked directly into my eyes.

"Thank you. You clean up pretty well too," I replied as I felt my cheeks redden.

"Let's go," he smirked before taking my hand and going outside to meet the cab we called.


The cab parked outside a house that had music blasting from it.

We both got out and walked towards the house while the cab driver drove off to who-knows-where.

We stepped inside. The place was lit up with lights of random colours here and there but over all, it was kinda dark. I noticed that a few people recognised me and started to whisper but I didn't mind. I hate weird attention but I just took a breath and walked in there.

In a corner, I saw someone. The same short black hair and brown eyes. Caroline. She was the only faithful best friend that I've ever had.

I walked up to her and hugged her from behind.

"OK, guess who it is?" I sang. She froze for a second, but then seemed to relax.

"Well, is it my best friend who acted like a bitch and left without even saying a goodbye to me?" she asked and I swear I could picture her smirk.

"You bet it is," I said. She turned around and gave me a proper hug.

"You look so much better," she smiled.

"I feel better," I smiled back.

"Are you OK now?" she asked with a concerned expression. Oh, here we go. Here comes the long line of 'Are you OK?'s or 'How are you now, you know, after everything?'.

"Yes, yes, no need to ask that a hundred times," I rolled my eyes and she gave me a wider smile.

"So, are you back for good?" she looked at me in expectation.

"About that, I'm just visiting with a friend for a few days and we'll be partying the whole time," I explained and her face fell.

At that moment, Hudson came up next to me and put his hand at the small of my back.

"And who might this be? Boyfriend?" Oh, I wish.

"No," we both replied at the same time. I looked at him and my cheeks burned bright red. God, why do I have to be the one who gets embarrassed every time?

"Um, Hudson is my... friend," I said firmly. Something about the word 'friend' felt sort of... wrong, but I just brushed it off.

He just gave her one slight nod.

"Well, I guess I'll see you in a bit. We'll be right back," I said to Caroline and dragged Hudson along with me.

"That was..." he trailed off. Awkward? Embarrassing? Weird? Crazy that she even thought of you as my boyfriend? "Interesting."

I rolled my eyes at him, knowing that he was lying. That was utterly awkward and we both know it.

"Come on, I need to get some fun in your system," I said. "You do know what fun is right?"

"Do you?" he smirked as he crossed his arms across his chest. His well defined biceps bulging slightly, making my eyes wander across his arms for a second. "Huh, I think you're a little distracted, aren't you?" His smirk got wider when I realised that I have been shamelessly checking him out and my face flushed.

"I don't think that you really know what fun is, since you didn't even smile until after our date," I smirked right back at him after I composed myself once again.

"Oh, I'll show you what fun is," he replied with a hint of playfulness in his voice.


Our hands trailed over each other as we grinded together in between all the bodies of dancing people. My arms were draped over his neck and his hands were wandering my body. Our chests were pressed against each other, making this moment even more hotter.

All around us, there were people smoking, drinking, dancing, making out, some about to do a lot more than making out and a few doing all of the above somehow.

His breath was hot against my lips, our faces only an inch away from each other. Hudson pulled me closer to him, if that was even possible, and I looked directly into his dark gaze. This is gonna be every night from today for 2 weeks.


Day 2

"Ok, so does everyone know that rules?" Caroline asked and we all nodded. This is day 2 and my bestie is throwing a party today. We were in her basement, playing Truth or Dare with random people.

Hudson was sitting next to me on the floor, his legs spread out and all the girls were basically checking him out every single second. Needy much?

By now, pretty much all the people knew about him and he was pretty popular amongst the females but Hudson being Hudson, didn't seen to take much notice to this.

People would come up to me and ask how I am. They're all very surprised to see me and would ask me if I'm staying here forever but I would just say the same answer that I gave to Caroline.

Some people still comes up to me and ask me 'Are you Ok now?' and the truth is, I am OK. For real this time.

Caroline spinned the bottle and it landed on a boy opposite to me.

"Truth or Dare?" Caroline asked.

"Dare," the boy replied with a smirk. Oooh, bad move. Everyone here knows that she's the best at giving dares.

"Hmm," she thought for a second. "I dare you to swap clothes with me right now."

They both went out for a second and returned with looking very very weird.

She was wearing a tight crimson bodycon dress while he was wearing a hoodie and some jeans.

When they came in, she had some baggy clothes on and he looked like a fucking drag queen.

I took out my phone and swiftly snapped a pic of them two.

Hudson's lips lifted ever so slightly but then they went back to the usual straight line.

It was all fun and games until it landed on me. Everyone's eyes snapped to me.

"Truth or Dare?" Caroline asked me (because it was obviously her turn before) and I decided to play it safe.

"Truth," I smirked a bit because this was her and she knew everything about me.

"Ok," she thought for a moment and her face lit up and ironically, I pictured a light-bulb lighting up on top of her head at the same moment. "Would you lick whipped cream off of Hudson's 8-pack?"

I opened my mouth to speak (lie) but then closed it as her next sentence hit me like a speeding train. "Honey, I know you and I'm pretty sure what you're answer is gonna be, so may as well tell the absolute truth.

"Yes, I would," I replied as I felt my whole entire face burning. To make it worse, Hudson had the cockiest smirk on his face.

Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to lick whipped cream off of his 8-pack? I know I do. *wink (;*

How the fuck did she even know that he had an 8-pack in the first place?

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