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Chapter 29

Sky's P.O.V

We got lunch (kind of) and spent the day outside, taking pictures, eating other stuff and we went to a bookstore.


I moved my body along to the beat of the song. It felt so good to dance again. It was almost like I found one of the missing parts in my life.

I stole a quick glance at Hudson to see him looking directly at me.

His gaze travelled over my body. I knew I looked good and this outfit will definitely attract attention.

I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my waist. I followed them to see that they were attached to a very hot guy. His lips twisted into a smirk when he saw me look.

I quickly took a look at Hudson to see him looking at me and the guy with a dark glint in his eyes.

I started grinding against the guy, just because I can and I really wanna see Hudson's reaction.

"What's your name?" the guy whispered to me.

"No names," I replied and put a finger on his lips to shush him.

I turned around slowly and draped my arms around this guy's neck. He smirked down at me and wrapped his arms around my waist tighter.

I looked again at Hudson to see some random blonde chick talking to him. More like throwing herself at him. I don't know why but the way her long acrylic nails trailed over his chest just made my wanna rip her arm off and burn it.

Too aggressive?

Sorry, it made me wanna rip her arm off, put it in vinegar for a year, make her eat it with ketchup and chocolate, keep her prisoner for a year, beat her up, make her bleed until she's 40, occasionally drown her but make sure she's alive, cut her hair till it's ugly as fuck, choke her, trap her in a wooden box and then burn her.

Shit, I'm jealous. Like jealous jealous.

Why though?

Hudson's P.O.V

Seeing his hands all over her just made my blood boil even more but then this totally random girl approached me and practically tried to seduce me.

Yeah, you get used to it after the first few times.

However, just as I was about to tell her to fuck off but then I saw Sky looking at me and an idea popped up in my mind.

I slid my hand onto the girl's thigh slightly causing her to purr and move closer to me than she already is, but Sky to glare daggers at the two of us.

I looked at her again to see her whisper something into the guy's ear which made him smirk at her. She bit her lip seductively and his arms tightened around her.

That's it!

Without even thinking of it properly, I crashed my lips into the bimbo in front of me and she happily took over.

I don't want this. But I don't want to see him with her like that either.

I took a quick glance at Sky to see her fuming but somehow managing to keep a calm posture.

I pulled away from the girl to hear her whine a little. Suddenly, Sky let go of the guy and walked towards us.

"Leave," I said simply at her.

"You're gonna leave me for her?" she scoffed.

"How exactly should I make myself more clear? Besides, I bet her kisses are way better," I smirked. The girl gathered up her last scrap of dignity and stormed off.

Now for the other problem that I oh so graciously caused.

She walked towards me, grabbed me by my collar and leaned in to whisper into my ear.

I could've easily stopped her but I really want to see the outcome.

"Only I get to do that," she whispered before placing a kiss on my cheek and walking away to disappearing into the dance floor.

What. Just. Happened?

Sky's P.O.V

What. Just. Happened?

Never mind that kiss. I'm pretty sure I can freak out about that later. But he practically made out with that stupid bimbo and I stopped him... Why though?

I don't know. This whole thing makes no sense.

I need to have a good time before I return to England and continue my studies. AKA go back to that hell-hole. Sorry, Uncle George, but I'm just being brutally honest.

School sucks.


I sat down on the couch next to Hudson. With a huff, I took a sip of my scotch. Mmm, perfection.

"Tired already?" Hudson mused.

"Oh, shut up. You weren't the one dancing for the past 5 hours," I rolled my eyes.

"But I was the one who got a kiss 4 hours ago," he smirked, causing me to remember the incident and flush bright red.

"Shut up!" I said quickly and looked down to hide my red face. "Wanna maybe, um, go and have fun?"

"What kind of fun?" he eyed me.

"Do you trust me?" I asked.

"Not even a little bit," he joked and I smacked his chest playfully.


"Vandalism?" Hudson raised a brow. "You sure you're up for that yet?"

"Are you?" I deadpanned.

"Oh, please! I've been living and breathing with graffiti my whole life," he rolled his eyes.

"Then let's have some fun," I smirked.


It's been an hour since we've been "decorating" a random wall next to the house we were partying in. People usually did graffiti on these walls and the poor owner keeps on repainting the walls but we just keep on "decorating" them.

"And... We're officially done!" I announced and took a step back to examine our masterpiece. It looked amazing.

"Where did you learn to do this from?" Hudson raised a brow.

"Previous experiences." I used to do a LOT of graffiti, just for fun but it wasn't anything serious.


Suddenly, I felt a drop of water land on my face. I looked up to see it starting to rain.

"Um, I think we need to go now," I said. Hudson's gaze followed in the direction mine were and the realisation hit him.

"Yeah, come on," he replied. We ran to the front porch of the house where there was a bit of shade. Good thing the graffiti dried really quickly otherwise, all our hard work would've gone to waste.

"We can't go in like this, they'll laugh," I stated bluntly as I looked down at our attire.

To put it simply, we were a damp mess. Now how the fuck do I do this???

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