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Chapter 32

Sky’s P.O.V

Just 1 minute and 58 seconds after the game started, England scored their first goal. I wasn’t happy but I wasn’t disappointed either. I was on neutral mode.

I mean, that was the fastest ever goal scored in a European championship.

“The goal was smooth,” I commented.

“I know, right?” Hugh replied.

“So, you’re supporting England now?” Jeremy asked swiftly.

“I only made a comment on their skills, I’m not supporting anyone,” I clarified and they groaned.


Italy scored 1 and now it’s even. Their passes are so damn perfect. They have 65% possession of the ball.


It’s been a long, anticipating while but they decided to end it with the penalties since neither England nor Italy have been able to score another goal and change the score from 1-1.

Italy scored the first goal and England did as well.

In the second round, Italy missed it since the goalie smoothly caught the goal.

I wonder what would be next if both of the teams end up with the same score now as well.

England scored in the second round too but missed in the third and fourth round. However, Italy scored for the third and fourth round but when they went to score for the fifth (AKA the final) round, Pickford caught it again and England is still alive.

Next, it’s England’s turn. They have to score this time or it’s all gone. I felt the excitement bubble inside me. God, this is it. As soon as the ball was kicked, it headed towards the goal post but was blocked by Italy's goalie.


Italy won.

They fucking won.

I looked around to see my everyone groaning... well, everyone except Hudson. He was looking right at me.

“What?” I asked and his stupid smirk widened. “You expected me to do a victory dance or something? I’ve got some sportsmanship.”

“But you said that you’ll be happy,” Hugh raised a brow.

“And I am. I just feel bad for the rest of you because IT WENT ROME,” I grinned.

“Eh, we’ll get it next time,” Veronica rolled her eyes.

“I hate our team so much right now,” Jeremy crossed his arms. That’s it? He just threw away his love and adoration for that team JUST because they lost one game?

“Traitor,” I said after a cough.

“Don’t care,” he replied after a cough.

“Whatever,” I shook my head, smiling. “Wanna do something else?”

“Anything else, please,” Hudson huffed from beside me.



Lacey spun the bottle. Yes, we’re playing truth or dare... not spin the bottle, these are my freaking FRIENDS! Not some strangers.

It landed on Hugh.

“Hugh,” Lacey started. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” he smirked proudly. Oooh, bad move. When it comes to dares, Lacey is downright evil.

“Ok... I dare you to smell everyone in this room’s feet and rank it from the best and the worst,” she smirked causing Hugh’s face to scrunch up in disgust.

“This is just just evil,” I snickered.

“Well, chop, chop, we haven’t got all day,” she grinned.

“Fine,” he grumbled and started smelling everyone’s feet. I looked down at my own feet.

Do you smell?

Nah, you just showered 3 hours ago, remember?


About 30 seconds later, he smelled everyone’s feet and was back at his spot.

“So, to be honest, my feet were the most tolerable but Lacey! Your feet stink.”

We all snickered at this but Lacey scoffed and threw a pillow at Hugh which he caught easily.

“Ouch, that one backfired, didn’t it?” I snorted. Lacey rolled her eyes and Hugh spun the bottle next.

It landed on Maya.

“Truth or dare?” he asked.

“Truth,” she replied immediately.

“Ok, if you had to marry a Disney character, who would it be?”

“Easy. Kristoff,” she smiled.

“Aw, me too,” Serene grinned.

“I would chose Tarzan,” Veronica shrugged.

“Ver, he practically ran around naked,” Lacey remined.

“Exactly,” she smirked in return.

“I’m traumatised for life,” I groaned. “ANNNYWAYS, next one.”

Maya spun the bottle.

It spun. And it spun. And it spun. Until it landed on... Veronica.

“Truth or dare?”


“Uh... Remove your socks with your teeth.”

Veronica gave Maya a death glare but did as she was dared to.


Next, it was her turn to spin the bottle. It landed on.... ME!!!

Yeah, I’m not excited either.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” We only live one life, it’s gotta be the best.

“Um, get into an argument with a wall.”



I mock-gasped.

“How dare you? You’re only 9. I’m 17! You cannot call me the b-word!” I scoffed causing everyone to laugh their asses off even more. Hudson was just recording this. Eh, I’ll just kill him later. “Guys! He called the the b-word! This little brat!”

Wall: Well, you have stupid hair!

“UH, my hair is NOT stupid! You’re just jealous that you’re practically bald!”

Wall: Whatever! 1 Direction is shit anyway.

“You jerk! 1 Direction is AMAZING! AND you’re not allowed to say ‘shit’!”

“Stop, stop! I’ll be dead if I laugh anymore,” Veronica snorted.

“Cool,” I shrugged and returned to my normal posture.

I spun the bottle. It spun. And it spun. And it spun. Until it finally landed on Hudson.

Oh, I have the perfect thing.

“Truth or dare?” I already know what he’s gonna pick.


“Ok... I dare you to let me go through your search history,” I smirked. He huffed and pulled out his phone and handed it to me.

Our friends leaned in to get a closer look. I took his hand and used his fingerprint (I already knew the pin code but just didn't wanna show it to the others) to unlock it. I went to Google and looked at the search history.

The UEFA European Football Championship

What are dreams?

Where do thoughts go after they’re forgotten?

When did time start?

What is ‘god’?

Is there life after death?

Can chickens swim?

Are soul mates a real thing?

Are we living or slowly dying?

If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

Can blind people dream?

Why doesn't glue-stick stick to the inside of the bottle?

If God created Adam and Eve, did they have belly buttons?

"Holy shit, you actually took my random thoughts seriously?" I raised a brow and he face-palmed. What did I do this time?

"How the fuck am I supposed to sleep when all I can picture is a chicken drowning or a monkey slowly turning to a human or Adam and Eve without belly buttons?" Hudson exclaimed.

"Wait, I've got another question," I said.

"Here we go again," he muttered. Everyone else concentrated on what I was say as if I were the prime minister.

"Why do people kiss?"


"I mean, seriously, why the fuck would they just wanna share 80 million bacteria casually? Why does it feel good to kiss though?" I exclaimed.

"I don't know maybe because it does- Wait, 80 million?" Jeremy raised a brow.

All of us has been arguing for about 5 minutes now. I can't believe I started something like this.

"Yeah, 80 million," I nodded.

"I am never kissing ever again," Hugh scrunched up his face.

"Are you though?" Veronica smirked.

"No..." he smiled sheepishly and we shared a laugh.

"Just kiss the right person," Serene shook her head.

"No..." Veronica shook her head.

"Kiss whoever the fuck you want, just use some mouth wash... and brush your teeth twice a day," I said.

"Yeah, that," Hugh agreed.

Why's this funny to me?

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