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Chapter 37

Sky’s P.O.V


Not that.

Eh, not that either.

Too much action.

Maybe something with a little bit more romance.

Already read that.

And that.


“Hope?” Hey, that rhymed!

Anyways, the voice sounds awfully familiar.

Maybe it’s a relative.

Oh, shit. They’ll probably start sympathising on you-know-what. Or ask me about my studies. Or ask if I need any help financially. Or they’ll just judge me based on the types of books that I’m looking through.

I knew I should’ve just gotten the e-books.

I slowly turned around to meet the person who called my name.

No. Fucking. Way.

Maybe I’m hallucinating or something.

Let’s check.

Curly dark brown hair? Check. Chocolate brown eyes? Check. Sharp jawline? Check.

No. I’m pretty sure I’m not hallucinating.

“Nathan!” I exclaimed as I engulfed him in a hug.

“God, I missed you so much!” he chuckled as he returned the hug.

“What are you doing here?” we asked each other at the same time as we pulled away. We shared a laugh.

“I’m just looking through books,” I stated the obvious.

He took a look at the section.

“Ah, I see you haven’t changed a bit,” he smirked. Hearing this, a blush crept onto my cheeks.

Wait, what?

“Oh, hush, you read the same thing too,” I playfully smacked his arm.

“But you’re the one who made me start, Loca," he chuckled.

“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes.


Seeing Nathan again was amazing. We caught up on what has happened so far in our lives.

He said he did attend the funeral but I didn't see him. Frankly, I didn't bother to look at anyone that day.

Nathan was my best friend along with Caroline. I did try to ship those two a few times but then they weren’t exactly on good terms. To sum it up, they were frenemies.

“So, what are you doing in England?” I asked.

“Eh, just some business.”

“Do you mean business business or just business?” I smirked.

"Business business.”

“How serious?”

“I just have to form an alliance.”

“With who and for what?”

“That’s extremely confidential. You’ll only get to know if you join me,” Nathan retorted smugly.

“As... tempting as that sounds, I have my own grounds.”

“But you don’t work for them...”

“Correction, I don’t work with them. Plus, I have a few more months till I graduate.”

“So... are we going to have our world tour after that? Like we planned ever since we were kids?”

“I don’t know who anyone is...”

“You know me.”

“That’s not enough. Besides, is the code name ever gonna change?”

“Hey, I chose it and so far, we haven’t been caught.”

“Because we haven’t seen each other in 2 years, idiota."

"That means we should definitely plan a lot more," he nodded with the I'm-a-genius tone.

"Yeah, definitely," I played along because, well, this is Nathan.


I opened the door and walked in to- WHAT THE FUCK?

Everything was neat and tidy.

Everyone was reading a book or something. No one was on their phones.

They were all sitting there... sensibly.


These are not my friends.

My friends are not civilised. They're practically animals that squabble and bicker 24/7.

They don't all sit still and read a book!

Well, except for maybe Hudson.

He seems normal.

"Hey," I said softly as I approached them.

All of their heads whipped up simultaneously to face me.

"Hey," they replied in sync.

"Are you people sure you haven't been abducted by aliens and got your brains replaced with robotic equipment?"

"Did you get that from one of your books?" Hudson rolled his eyes. Typical.

"As much as it astonishes me when I say this, you're the only one who seems... normal here, Hudson."

He only raised a perfect brow. Iconic yet arrogant all at the same time.

"What? The rest of us can't read any books?" Hugh perked up.

I snorted. "You probably should be reading How to Flirt 101? Lacey, you hate history but you're reading The Crusades. Veronica, you're reading a kids magazine of Dora the Explorer. Finn, you're reading Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Home Cooking book and you don't even know how to cook."

I turned my gaze to the other three.

"Maya, you're reading Let's talk about Sex. Serene, I thought you didn't like rom-coms. And Jeremy, your book's upside down."

That's all I said before spinning on my heels and heading upstairs.

Dramatic, I know-

"What about me?" It was obviously Hudson.

I turned around and eyed him up and down.

"A mythic-adventure, same seat, same posture, same hair and you're fiddling with the same silver fountain pen like you always do. You know how to act natural, while the rest of you kind of suck at acting. Watch your body languages."

That's when I made the dramatic exit. There were no interruptions this time.

I'm well aware of what they're planning. But I just have to be a teeny bit sure.

After all, it's only three days until that day.

Hudson's P.O.V

Well that was... thorough.

Sky knew what she was talking about.

"She's right, you guys suck at acting natural," I huffed.

"Whatever, we've already planned everything. haven't we? Did we miss anything?" Lacey asked.

"Nope. She hates huge parties so, we'll make everything work," Serene replied.

We have to.

This is Sky.

She deserves way better.

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