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Chapter 38

Sky’s P.O.V

I reached for the tissue box again only to find that it was empty.

Guess who’s going downstairs looking weak?

Yeah, me.

I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye and put down my phone.

I just finished reading what I would describe as the most depressing book ever.

But to make it worse, I played my sad song playlist in the background.

I tried to steady my breath as I walked downstairs.

Why would someone make a book like that?

I mean, it’s a powerful book and made me cry all the way but still, was the author’s aim to literally annihilate everyone’s heart?

I walked into the extra-room (as everyone else here calls it, which is really wrong since it should be called a storage room) and looked around for another box of tissues.

Ah, there we go.

I opened it and took some out, then blew my nose.

I put it in the bin next to me and walked out through the living room.

“Hey, you OK?” Lacey asked, which, frankly, just made me feel a whole lot worse.

“No,” I sniffled. “Chloe should’ve ended up with Cameron.”

That’s all I said (cried) before walking back upstairs and crying myself to sleep.

I need to call my therapist... Or just get laid?

Hudson’s P.O.V

“I’ll look after her,” Lacey said before starting to get up.

“No, no, no,” I replied and she looked at me weirdly. “If you go to her right now, she’ll be crying for the whole night. Right now, she’s off to read some kind of romcom or something. That’s the closest state Sky can be to being mentally stable.”

“Huh. How did you know that?” Jeremy raised his brows with a smug smirk. What’s up with that?

“I know Sky. Trust me when I say this, you DO NOT want to interrupt her when she’s trying to calm down,” I said at the same time as giving Jeremy a weird look.


I put on my leather jacket and took my keys before climbing out the window.

This is the quietest and most efficient way to sneak out without anyone noticing.

Once I was near the parking lot my car is in, I took out my phone and dialled Luca’s number.

“Hey,” I breathed out in the cold weather.

Sei pronto?” Luca asked. [Are you ready?]

Pronto come posso essere,” I replied before getting in my car and connecting my phone to the car. [As ready as I can be.]

“So, I have placed a tracker on your car, the snake ring and your phone."

"Is there anything that doesn't have a tracker?" I joked.

"Nope. Everything has a tracker, including your... black coffee cup right there."

"Wait, are you serious?"

"No, idiot, I don't have a tracker on everything!"

"How did you know about the coffee cup?"

"Well, for one, you can't function without coffee and, um, look here at the air freshener and say hi, Hudson." I could practically feel him smirking.


"You put a camera in my fucking air freshener?" I scoffed.

"You should be proud of me for coming up with something so compact and miniature!"

"Whatever, where are Alessandro and Adriano?"

"They'll be there in... approximately... now." Right then, I heard a slight knock on my window.

I looked out to see those two, so, I rolled down the window.

"You're late," I stated coldly.

"Jeez, don't be too enthusiastic!" Adriano rolled his eyes in the same playful way that he has been in for since... well, since he was born I guess.

"He took and extra 15 minutes choosing his clothes."

"Shut up, it's the first time we're gonna get to meet the Hispanic mafia. Might as well look a bit intimidating."

"As long as you don't speak, you're intimidating," I sighed.

I can never with this guy.

"Great, now that's settled, sh-"

"Shotgun," Alessandro said, interrupting him. He immediately walked to the other side and got in the front seat, leaving a pouting Adriano in front of me.

"Get in the back," I rolled my eyes and started up the car.


"Looking forward to be working with you." I really hope the situation wouldn't be needed but whatever.

Nathan (A/N: yes, mf it is him, the one and only.) shook my hand one last time before letting go.

"Good to hear," I replied before nodding at him and walking away.

I checked the time on my phone to see that it was 3 am.

Eh, I'll be fine.

I just have one last thing to do.

"That was fun," Adriano smirked as he stretched his arms.

"Fun isn't exactly the right description," Alessandro winced.

"Eh, his assistant was hot."

Luca snickered in my ear-piece.

"Go get some sleep," I said to him.

"Don't you have something to do, lover boy?" he snorted causing the others to snicker as well since we all had connected earpieces.

"Like I said, go. To. Sleep." I cut the connection and turned to the others who were laughing their asses off.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm working with idiots.

Maybe I am.

"Let's go."

"Yeah, it's Skylar's birthday today, isn't it?" Alessandro had a knowing smirk on his face.

"How did you know?" I raised a brow.

"You're the one who asked us to keep and eye on her. So, we had to do a tiny bit of digging. Plus, we found some pretty interesting stuff."

"Like what?" I questioned.

He yawned mockingly. "We're too tired. I'll tell you later."

"I hate it when you do that," I rolled my eyes and got in my car.

Nevertheless, I want to know what he has found. Or will find because he loves oversharing and the only reason he said he'll tell me later is because he doesn't know shit yet.

Something about her makes me genuinely curious.

Like I've said a million times before, she's definitely hiding something...

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