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Chapter 3

Sky's P.O.V

Classics was... interesting.

People gave me questioning looks the entire lesson. What's wrong with them? At a point, I was even convinced that there was something in my teeth but then I carefully checked it with a pocket mirror so I was safe.

Later, I learned that Mr Broody's real name was Hudson Walker. It sounds kinda familiar but I can't seem to place where. Plus, I was sitting right next to him now.

I tried to talk to him various times, for, you know, trying to befriend him because he's a loner but he just nods or ignores me.

Anyways, it was currently Art and the teacher was going on and on about Amedeo Modigliani and how people had to get his sculptures out of canals since he was unhappy with them. People thought that it was unacceptable to create the art that he did. I mean, I'm not saying that I like to keep on staring at sculptures and paintings of naked women but everyone deserves to be heard and Modigliani was hella talented if you ask me.

Like a normal student, I do not share what I think of most of the time since everything that comes out of my mouth would be gibberish when a lot of people give me unwanted attention. What's the point of just getting embarrassed voluntarily?

This is another reason that I chose dance for. You didn't think that I got accepted to Foster academy just because the principal and the owner of the school is my uncle did you? Oh, no, I got in because of my scholarship. My talent is that I can dance amazingly (yes, I have an incredible amount of ego).

However, I'm not so good at art. The thing is that, I'm absolutely horrible at painting. Sketching just comes easily but painting is just too hard. I mean, the brush strokes and the force and how to chose the perfect colour is just too difficult.

"As I was saying," the teacher continued. "Artists like Modigliani and Picasso were partially inspired by African masks so, we'll be drawing African masks today."

Thank god, I thought we had to draw naked people!


The teacher gave us random pictures of African masks so that we could sketch them down.

Mine was pretty easy and I got in all of the details. I just have the shading left to do.

I started shading when I felt a poke on my side. I looked at the person to see that it was Hudson.

I raised a brow at him.

"Use an 8B pencil when you're shading, it looks better," he said with a blank expression before handing me a pencil and going back to his work.

Well, I guess that's an improvement but that didn't do one thing to calm my urge to push the strands of his hair back and look at what really lies underneath.


Hudson's P.O.V

She's... interesting.

Something about her whole attitude just fascinates me. I can't say that I wasn't a bit surprised when she talked back to me. It annoyed me bit but however, I can see that this is just a façade.

She has something on her mind. Something big. But she conceals her emotions and forbids whatever it is from getting to the surface. Ironically, it's the thing that I do everyday.

Skylar. She's got a beautiful name. It means noble scholar.

I know I don't have superpowers or whatever but I think- no, I know that there's something she's hiding. Regardless, a pure, innocent girl like her shouldn't be near me. Ever.

My life is too fucked up for her to know about. She wouldn't like it. She wouldn't be safe knowing it. They will make sure of it. They took away everything I've ever loved. They made me this person.

I don't want to hurt her. She's not like the usual sluts or overly nice girls. No, Sky is... so much more.

I glanced at her from the corner of my eye to see that she was adding the finishing touches to her work. It's good but not good enough that her talent was art.

Sky stopped shading and gave a once-over to her work. She must've decided to improve it since she picked up a 6B pencil and started going over the outline of the mask.

She's different. Something about her is just so... intriguing. It's like I want to know what she's hiding. But I know I can't. I have to keep my distance from her.

I looked at her once more to see her deep in thought as she stared at her work.

What are you hiding, Skylar Johnson?

Sky's P.O.V

After art, it's break, so, Lacey is showing me around.

"That is the canteen and that is the sports hall," she said as she pointed in two different direction. I remembered from this morning when Hugh taught me, that 'canteen' is apparently the British term for 'cafeteria'.

"Ok," I said. "Now, tell me about the people."

"Sure," she smiled. We walked to the hallways to see people chatting next to their lockers. "That is the computing club. It's consisted of geeks but I still talk to them. Some of them are pretty cool." I smiled at her. "That's the football team. They consist of total hotties. They're all super amazing." And then came the one that I really wanted to know. "Those are the bad boys of Foster academy. There's Hugh Lewis (the one you met this morning) the flirt. Jeremy Davidson the prank lord. Finn Gibson the one with the permanent scowl. And finally, their leader. Hudson Walker the Italian hottie. So, as you can see, it's like they're right out of one of those Wattpad romance novels that you read," she giggled causing me to chuckled.

"That is so... accurate," I snorted.

"By the way, a little birdie told me that you've been sitting next to Hudson for art and classics," she smirked.

"Yeah, bold move right?" I smirked right back.

"Absolutely," she chuckled. "Anyways, there's one last group that I want to show you. Come on." Lacey pulled me to the end of the lockers to meet a group of girls. There were only 3 girls and two of them, I recognise. Serene and Maya. "As you already know, this is Maya Hope the overly nice one. Seren Martin the overly smart one. This is Veronica Lloyd the overly rude one."

Veronica held out a hand for me to shake and I carefully shook it.

"Bold move, by the way. You know, with the whole 'sitting next to the bad boy'," Veronica chuckled.

"What can I say, I have always been a little daring," I smirked.

"I haven't known you for one whole minute and I already like you," she said.

"And I've always been likeable," I added. I have a feeling that we're gonna get along very well...

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