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Chapter 40

Sky's P.O.V

I moved my body along to the beat as a million thoughts invaded my head.

Should I get drunk?

Should I hook up with someone?

Can Misha Lare get any hotter?

I wanna read Punk 57 again.

Should I get a drink?

Urgh, I have art homework.

And History.

But's that's fine.

It's basically English with a little bit of... history?

I don't know. I should probably just relax now.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

I slightly glanced behind me to see a some random guy.

Urgh, he's probably drunk.

"Hey, sweetheart." I have never been called "sweetheart" by anyone other than my grandmother and I'd like to keep it that way.

"If you don't take your hands off my in the next 2 seconds, you'll wish you did."

"What are you going to do?" he smirked.

I slowly turned around and swung my arms around his neck.

His smirk widened.

With a sickly smile, I closed the distance between and just when he thought I was going to kiss him, I kneed him in the balls.

Then I just left him to rot on the dance floor.

"One vodka martini, please," I huffed as I sat down.

Happy birthday to me.

"Make that two," a voice said as they sat down next to me.

"Tired already?"

"Kind of," Hugh replied and stared off into distance.

"I thought you were the 'ladies man' and all."


"I mean, I never thought you'd be tired from a party this easily."


"Yeah, berries and cream, berries and cream, I'm a little lad who likes berries and cream."


I groaned internally and followed his gaze to see what could possibly be more interesting than mwah.

Finn was talking to some guy... really, really close.

Now I looked back at Hugh. To say that he was pissed would be an understatement.



"Fuck, Sky, don't say my middle name, it's embarrassing!!!"

"Fine. But the priest will have to at you and Finn's wedding."

"What the fuck are you on about?" His cheeks slightly tinted red.

"You're blushing, Hugh. Might wanna control that while you're trying to convince someone that you don't like a certain someone."

"I don't-"

"Unless you don't actually like Finn but the guy he was talking to..."

"Fine, I like Finn."


"I'm right, as usual."


I rolled my eyes as I asked, "Have you made a move?"

"No," he snorted.

"Why not?"

"Oh, I don't know! Maybe it's the fact that I'll majorly mess up EVERYTHING. Including our friendship that we've had for like 6 years now! Or maybe it's the fact that I'm too stupid to not stutter and be confident in front of him for like 5 seconds! Or the fact that I can't just bring up how I was in love with him for the past 5 years!"


"Wait, what?"

"You just admitted that you're in love with him!"

"Bloody hell."

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell him or anything..."

"Good cause-"


"Urgh, shut up, will you?"

"Like, I know that the moody one always ends up with the weird one."

"I'm not weird. I'm hot."

"Sorry, I meant the weird one who has the biggest ego. That's how it always happens in Wattpad." No it isn't.

"Whatever. Just don't say anything. OK?"


"Promise not to act weird?"

"I guess."

"Not to drop any weird hints?"


"Not to ship us either?"

"OK, OK, now you're boring me. So, I'm gonna go somewhere else, and you're gonna try and shoot your shot."

"No I'm not."

"Fair enough. But, word of advice, Finn is smoking hot and you are fucking stupid not to give it a try. So, bye."

I took my drink and walked away.


I spent some time dancing but then got bored and decided to watch TikTok's in a corner.

How does he keep his hair so perfect?

I went to Hudson's TikTok and started watching his videos.

Huh. His thirst traps are actually hot.

Other than that, he makes videos with Jeremy and sometimes Hugh and Finn.

"Caught a stalker in action!"

"Nathan?" I glanced to me side to meet his gaze.

"The one and only."

"How are you everywhere?" I chuckled and was filled with the warmth of his embrace.

"Don't tell anyone, but, I'm actually a vampire who everyone tells the main character to stay away from, but never tells her why. Plus, I climb though her window at the middle of the night and watches her sleep like the fucking creep I am because she's just not like other girls."

We shared a quick laugh before he said, "Besides, who's the guy you're looking at anyway?"

"Um, none of your business."

"Seriously, Sky. How do you know him? Is he just one of the people that you causally stalk of do you know him personally?"

"I live with him, dude. What's wrong?"

"Either nothing or everything."

"What the fuck do you mean by that?"

"Just don't get close to him."

"But you just said that's what they always say in the vampire books. The whole entire school tells the girl MC to stay away from him (including the love interest himself) but they never tell her why. Which is why it leads to her being a blood-sacrifice or turning into a vampire herself."

"Trust me, Sky, this is a lot more serious than vampires."

"Then fucking tell me."

"Do you remember the business that I was here for?"

Oh, shit.

Please don't say what I think you're saying.


"Well, it was with him."

I never thought one small, simple sentence like that could make me feel like my heart was being crushed.

"So... the Italian you-know-what leader is him?"

"Well, future leader."

"You know what, I need a drink. In fact, I need a whole bottle. Don't bother following me."

Once again, I ended up at the bar, this time, a lot less happier.

I know this is supposed to shock me and stuff, but I have no idea why the fuck I'm upset for.

The more Hudson knows.

"Can I just get a bottle of liquor?"

"Rough night?" the bartender chuckled.

"Something like that." He handed me a bottle and went to serve other people.

Alcohol takes away my problems temporarily but something about this particularly is unsettling.

"You OK?" Hudson asked as he sat down next to me.


"Oh, I'm perfectly fine. I just learned some outrageous truth today."

"Do I wanna know what it is?" he chuckled.

He seems so chilled out for someone who murders people in cold-blood.

Then with one sentence, all the blood on his face quickly drained away.

"Let's just say that Nathan Moon is my best friend."

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