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Chapter 41

Sky’s P.O.V

After that, I hurriedly got up and started to walk away from him, with the bottle of liquor of course.

Suddenly, a hand on my wrist stopped me from going any further.

“You can’t just run away from me after dropping a bomb like that.”

“Oh, yes I can. I can always do that when you’ve been pretending to be someone you’re not.” The venom and wrath in my voice was crystal clear, making him visibly flinch.

“So, you know everything?”

“Yes. I know everything.”

“Funny. You seem pretty chill about it.” Trust me, I’m not.

“What else should I do? Cry about it? Cause this just shows all the more things we have in common.”


“You know what, I don’t have the time of energy to waste on this subject. Let’s just call it a truce and keep it as our little secret. Deal?”

“Deal... I guess.”

“Great. Bye.”


“Is that a whole bottle? Sky, are you turning into an alcoholic?”

“Lacey, I’m fine. I’m just bored.”

“So you didn’t meet them yet?”

“Meet who exactly?”

“I really don’t know what they’re called but we just call them the Horny people.”

I snorted. “The Horny people?”


“Technically, aren’t we all?”

“Gross. But they’re just... on the extreme level.”

“Why are you telling me this? Lacey Johnson, are you saying that my sex drive is too high?”

She groaned. “Just go to the basement. They play games.”

“What kind?”

“The crazy kind, where you would probably end up in bed with someone.”

“Are you saying that I don’t get guys?”

“I didn’t- I mean- I-”

“I’m joking. So, I think I’m gonna check these Horny people out. You coming?”

“NO thank you. I’ve got... other things to do.”

“Things or people?”

“Are you calling me a hoe?”

“I didn’t call you anything. I just asked a simple question. By the way, you are very bad at redirecting a question.”

“It’s a person.”

“Great. Guy, girl or other?”

“A guy.”


“Sky-doesn’t-need-to-know. Now bye.”

Perfect. I’m chasing away everyone.


The way to the basement was dark and creepy but when I finally reached downstairs, it looked.... fun? I don’t exactly know how to describe it but it surely promised trouble.

There were a group of people (a dozen or so) in a circle, with some things in the middle.

The things were what promised trouble.

There were handcuffs, lace underwear (women’s and I hope it’s clean), a bra, shots and a can of whipped cream.

“Are you going to play or stare at it all day?” a voice whispered softly in my ear. It almost felt like a part of my imagination until I sensed the warmth behind me.

“Are you?” I chuckled.

I need to at least try to keep him by me. There’s no use in chasing everyone away.

“Only if you do.”

“Come on then.”

We both found a place (next to each other) in the circle and sat down.

It was a game of truth or dare and to say that it was extreme, would be the biggest understatement of the century.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” the girl said.

“I dare you to take a shot for every piece of clothing you want to keep on.”

She took two before stripping down so that she was in her underwear and bra.

Hottie alert.

They spun the bottle again and a lot of other people picked truth and dare, which, trust me, was a lot of trouble.

Unfortunately for me, the bottle landed on me.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Yes, I’m drunk. And a little stupid too.

“I dare you to go around guessing everyone’s kinks.”

That’s easy. I’m an expert.

I started from my right and went around the circle.

“Um, objectification?”

She nodded.

“Definitely not a foot fetish. Masochism?”


A few moments later

“Role play?”


“Foot fetish?”



“Try again.”

“Uh, pregnancy?”

“Yes.” Wait, seriously?

This is what they meant by saying that these people are FILTHY.

Finally, it was Hudson’s turn.

“Breath play.”

He nodded but I knew for a fact that there were a LOT more. Don’t ask me how though.

“Nice job-”

“Wait, there’s a lot more,” I interrupted the guy who spun the bottle for me.

“Go ahead.”

I looked at Hudson again.


He nodded with a smirk playing on his lips.

“Impact play?”




“And praising?”


“AND edging?”


Anyone would be lucky to get with him.


The rest of our friends have already gone home when Hudson and I went to the bus stop.

“When’s the bus coming?” I asked, wrapping the cloak around me tighter.

“It says on the display that it’ll be here in 10 minutes but, oh, it’s here.”

We got on the bus, scanned the ticket and sat at the top.

There were like 2 other people right at the front, so, we naturally went to the back row.

I sat next to the window and Hudson sat next to me.

"Did you know that the first public bus was invented in 1662 by Blaise Pascal? And some buses are pretty. But some buses are disgusting."

"You're drunk, Sky," he chuckled.

"Seriously, this bus is pretty. And you're pretty too. But I'm prettier."

"Yes, you are."


Hudson opened the door and walked me in with one of his arms wrapped around my shoulder to keep my from loosing my balance.

The sight in front of us was... messy.

Hugh was lying on the couch, a bottle of liquor in his hand while he occasionally mumbles some gibberish.

Lacey and Serene were scrolling through their phones.

Finn was sitting opposite to Hugh, looking all smiley and stuff.

Aw, he's in love.

"I want a milkshake."

"Sky, if you drink a milkshake now, you'll throw up."

"I don't care!" I rolled my eyes.

"What if you ruin the pretty dress."

"I do like the pretty dress. It's very pretty."

"So, why don't we get you to bed and you sleep?"

"With the pretty dress?"

"You could, but the pretty dress would be ruined."

"I want it to be always pretty."

"Then let's get you to bed."


I sat on the edge of the bed, playing with the pretty rose patterns.

It's very pretty. Not pretty like my dress though.

I LOVE this dress.

Finally, Hudson came back from the closet, holding a pair of my pyjamas.

"No," I shook my head.

"What do you mean no?" he raised an eyebrow. He's cute.

"I don't wanna change the pretty dress."

"But I thought we got over this. Sky, the pretty dress will be ruined if you sleep in it."

"But I wanna keep something pretty with me when I sleep."

"You are pretty."

I gasped. "I can keep myself! You're a genius, Mr Broody!"

"Now, would the princess be kind enough to change?"

With a nod, I grabbed the clothes from his hand and started stripping down my dress. Quickly, he turned around.

"Did you just blush, Mr Broody?" I giggled.

"What? No! I did not."

"I saw it!" I put the t-shirt over my head.

"You didn't see anything." I pulled up the shorts over my thighs.

"Yes I did! OK, I'm done changing. Can we please watch a movie?"

"OK, but let me change first."

I nodded and sat down on the bed while Hudson went to his room to change.

What movie should I pick?

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