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Chapter 5

Sky's P.O.V

It's 5:45 am and you know what that means, PRANK TIME!!! Apparently, Maya chickened out of the plan at the last minute and Lacey was already out the first time I told her my plan. This is like one of the most easiest pranks I've ever done but I just have to be extra careful since I have nobody else for help.

But I have absolutely nothing to worry about because I have done this tons of times. Mom and Hayley used to love every single one of my pranks, but Dad on the other hand, oh, he was such a fun-police. But I can tell that he deeply cared about everyone he loves.

Hayley was always like my mentor in life. She took me to my first party, always did my hair for some reason and she even defended me from my bullies. Well, there was only one bully but Hayley was always there for me. We used to make brownies and bake anything and everything together. I loved her. She's the best sister anyone can ever possibly have.

Mom and Dad, they were awesome. Mom used to lecture me about silly things and at that time, I thought it was very annoying yet, I secretly liked how she was with me. Dad on the other hand, was always about telling me to be out there in the world and interact with people. He knew that my people-skills sucked and made me talk to every adult and every child when we go anywhere. I know that might sound lame and very annoying to you but believe me, it was hella annoying and I experienced it. But he was just looking out for me and I understand it now.

I loved them. I loved Hayley, Mom and Dad a lot. I just miss them so damn much. I wish I could go back in time and change the past. Change something to prevent them from dying.

Ok, I need to get my shit under control. Deep breathes.

I slowly opened the door to Jeremy's room and tiptoed my way in. Good, he's sleeping like a baby.

I carefully walked towards his bed to see that he was topless. He looked pretty good, too bad he's gonna hate me since he's my first victim here.

I opened the black marker in my hand and carefully drew a moustache on his face. Let's make this a lot more fun. A beard, Harry Potter glasses, a lightning bolt mark (from Harry Potter) and "I'm the worst prankster ever!" on his cheek. Plus, I wrote a lot more shit on his cheeks.

I pulled back and looked at the masterpiece right in front of me. I knew this was gonna be good...


"WHO THE FUCK DID THIS?" a voice boomed as we were all eating breakfast. Jeremy was late for breakfast since (I think) he was gawking at how anyone managed to do this.

My head snapped to where the voice came from, which was behind me, and immediately I started to laugh my ass off.

Soon, everyone was in a chorus of laughter as Jeremy was getting more and more pissed off by the minute but Hudson... I saw his lips twitch a little but then they went back to the straight line as soon as he caught me looking. I felt my cheeks redden and a smirk appeared on his lips. Busted!

Why can't he just laugh and smile like a normal human being? Why does he have to be so much like a robot? Why is it that I feel like he is hiding something? Why is he hiding something? What has he even got to hide?

"The person who did this would be in a lot less trouble if they own up in the next 10 seconds," Jeremy warned in a low tone. This is the most fun part. "10. 9. 8. 7. 6..." Still no answer. "4. 3. 2. And, 1."

I waited for a few seconds while Jeremy was eyeing everyone and then put my hand up.

"YOU? YOU DID THIS?" he shouted.

"Guilty," I smirked. "You went after one of my friends so, as any normal person would do, I went after giving you a taste of your own medicine."

"What are you doing?" Maya hissed. "He's going to kill you!"

"Nah, don't worry, getting in trouble is the fun part," I winked.

"I WILL GET YOU BACK. Mark my words," Jeremy said in a very low tone but I refused to back down. This is way too much fun.

"What are you gonna do, Harry Potter? Put a spell on me to get revenge?" I teased and he narrowed his eyes at me. "Or would you put a spell on yourself so that you can be at least a good prankster? Because, um, it says on your face that your the worst prankster ever." Now, everyone was laughing their asses off. Again.


"And then I will get you back for whatever you will do to me," I shrugged and this seemed to make him even more angrier.

He shot me an angry glare and them stormed off upstairs to his room.

I turned around and continued to eat my breakfast while the rest of them were looking at me with huge smiles on their faces but Hudson still just had that stupid smirk on his face.

"What?" I asked suspiciously.

"You are badass," Veronica said and I smirked.

"I know," I shrugged.

"You better be careful," Finn (I think) warned.

"I know," I sighed this time. I know too much...


"WHAT THE FUCK???" I shouted to myself as I looked in the mirror. It's been a week since I pranked Jeremy and I've been watching out for myself the whole week but never in my life have I ever thought that he would do something so extreme to me.

That fucking asshole!

I stormed downstairs to see that everyone was up.

"JEREMY JOHN DAVIDSON!" I shouted. "You are so dead!"

All eyes were on me in an instant and they burst into laughter. But, surprise, surprise, Hudson still just smirked.

"Your hair," Veronica gasped out between laughs. He fucking dyed my hair hot pink. I mean, the classic neon green would've been much better but now my hair looks like candy floss and I'd be lucky if some stupid kid doesn't try to take a bite out of it. I tried to get it off as much as I can but to my luck, it was still pink.

"Jeez, and I thought we were friends," I said sarcastically. She has every right to laugh. I mean, it would be technically lying if I said that I didn't laugh the first time I saw this.

"Sorry, it's just too funny," she said as she continued to chuckle.

"You, Jeremy Davidson, are in a whole lot of trouble," I grunted.

"Don't I know it?" he smirked.

"And if you're gonna go after anyone, go after all 4 of us. Who do you think helped and find your least favourite colour?" Hudson smirked at me. That asshole!

"Oh, really?" I scoffed.

"Really," Finn and Hugh replied at the same time.

"Too scared to fight your own battles?" I smirked as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Nope. I just have more people to support me," Jeremy shrugged.

"Ok," I said calmly. "But remember this, you just declared war with the Prank Queen of California. And I will prank each. And. Every. One. Of. You."

With that, I spun on my heels, trying to hide the smile on my face that was there for some fucked up reason but I stormed back to my room. I will get them back and when I do that, they will be completely destroyed. Plus, I'm not gonna stop until I see a smile on Hudson Walker's face...

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