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Chapter 6

Sky's P.O.V

Ok, I'm gonna do this one by one.

Jeremy Davidson. I've got him once already so I'll save that for last.

Hugh Lewis. He's the most vulnerable one so I have a great prank for him.

Hudson Walker. Well, Mr Broody, I have a great prank for you but I'm sure that it's pretty extreme to start with.

Finn Gibson. Hmm... Now that I think of it, he's the perfect one to start with.

What should I do? Number one or number two? Nah, I'll save number 2 for Jeremy. Here I go with number one.


And there we go. I just have to wait and let karma fuck him up...


"Ohhhh! Urgh!!!" Finn shouted as he came downstairs with a mouthful of toothpaste. Or in his case, mayonnaise.

Everyone looked at him and burst into laughter. Of course, except for Hudson. What does is take to make his smile a bit?

"Oh, karma is a bitch, isn't it?" I taunted and he narrowed his eyes at me. "Come on, cut me some slack. You guys dyed my hair hot pink. You're lucky I didn't do something extreme. But," I started with a smirk. "Would you like a can of tuna and bread to go with that?"

This just made everyone laugh harder.

"Fuck you, Skylar! I will get you back you will regret everything yo have said and done!" Finn grunted and stormed back upstairs to clean up.

"Well, that went well," I snorted.

"Be afraid of him, Sky," Hudson warned.

"I'm not afraid of an 18-year-old guy," I rolled by eyes.

"Oh, let me rephrase that, be very afraid of him, Sky," he said before getting up and leaving.

Why the fuck is he like this? Why the fuck do I like that he's like this? Why the fuck do I feel like it's fun to be cryptic with him?

I guess my brain is totally fucked up.


I walked into class and it was chemistry. I took my usual spot next to Hudson to see him reading a book called The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck. That is so... accurate of him.

"Hey," I said and took out my books.

"Why do you have to sit next to me?" he asked, not even bothering to look at me.

"Why do you have to not smile or laugh all the time?" I shot back with a smirk.

"Because I don't want to. Besides, give me one good reason why I should right now," he rolled his eyes.

"Because I'm sitting next to you," I smirked.

"And I'm supposed to be impressed?" he asked with no emotions whatsoever.

"Of course you are," I exclaimed.

"I'm really not," he smirked and went back to reading. I scoffed. Asshole!

I opened my pencil case to find 13 pence in there. This is the fifth time this happened today.

"What the fuck?" I muttered.

Apparently, Hudson noticed this and smirked at me.

"Looks like you need this more than I do," he said as he pushed the book he was reading towards me.

"Typical move," I muttered.

"Shut up, you can't predict what I'll do," he rolled his eyes but I just rolled my eyes back at him because (yep, you guessed it) I didn't have a sassy comeback.


I was drinking a cup of coffee and was about to finish it then suddenly, at the bottom of the cup, I saw something shiny. Awww, not again! I carefully drank only the coffee and then (with a spoon) I picked out the penny.

This whole day, I've been finding pence everywhere. And when I say 'everywhere', I mean EVERYWHERE! In my jacket, my pencil case, in my fucking cereal, in my bed, under my toast (which I have now idea whatsoever on how the fuck they managed to do), in my blazer pockets, in every one of my shoes, everywhere I'm gonna sit, in my fucking books, hell, now even in my coffee.

So far, I found £9.57. That's 957 pence, which is definitely a lot of coins and because of this, my whole day has been messed up. The whole day, I felt like I wanted to find more, and like I wanted to count all of them. So, I did. Luckily, I didn't have dance club today so my slight OCD didn't kill me.

I put all of the coins in a clear plastic sack and carried it downstairs.

I dropped the sack on the coffee table (which thankfully wasn't glass) with a thud.

Now, all eyes were on my face, which had a huge smile (as part of my plan), and the sack of coins.

"Um, explain, please," Serene said.

"One of these 4 got the idea of putting pence everywhere that I go and in or on every single object I have," I exclaimed and they all laughed, except for Hudson, who I think knew my plan (again), but I just smiled.

"And why exactly are you smiling?" Hugh asked suspiciously.

"There are three reasons," I started. "One, I think this is extremely hilarious. You managed to mess with my whole day and used my OCD against me."

"Thank you," Hugh said proudly.

"Two, I'm £9 and 57 pence more richer," I exclaimed. "Plus, you guys owe me 43 pence because that would make exactly £10 pounds."

"Nope," Hugh replied again.

"Ok. Three, the fact that you've answered every single one of my questions, shows me that you came up with this idea, which made it an easier way to figure out who's idea it was. Long story short, you're next Hugh." With that, I left the room and went upstairs to come up with a devious plan to make them suffer. Urgh, I need to make Mr Broody laugh for once!!! It's my life goal now...

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