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The Reynolds -- Crystal and Ethan's Kids

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Crystal and Ethan's kids and what happens in their life.

Humor / Romance
Eilish Rose
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Random Chapter 1



"So..." I say, clapping my hands to gain my siblings' attention. Violet has her hands on her hips, glaring at me. Cathen, ignores me as he is busy watching the video he has shot of the ducks in the ponds. Little Aurora just rolls her eyes at me before continuing reading the book in her hand. Last but not the least, the miracle baby of the family, Celestina has her undivided attention on me, holding onto every word coming out of my mouth.

Yeah! Mom and dad produced another human. I was fourteen when Celestina was born, and now she is three and a half. She is quite an anomaly in the family. We all love her unconditionally.

"As you all know, mom and dad are on their first date in two months, and they have appointed me as your babysitter for the evening. I want you all to behave while I'm in charge. You know the drill, right?" I speak with utmost authority in my voice.

Honestly, I have no desire to babysit, but I am kinda cornered. My dad is really manipulative and over the years his manipulation skills have gone better. He uses blackmail to keep us on track, and I just sigh in helplessness every time he brings it up.

Oh! It is not that he is evil but he can be really mean sometimes. I'll tell you later about what he blackmails his sons with because right now my siblings have something on their minds.

"You expect us to behave, and we will...," Violet says with a mischievous glint in her eyes, and I kinda have a feeling what is on her mind.

"For that, you have to agree on something," Cathen says.

"This is not a reality show where you are creating suspense before announcing the result," I say through gritted teeth.

"We will be good kids under your watch if you babysit us in your room." Cathen smirks at me.

I knew it! They're testing my patience. It's been three years since I got my separate bedroom and they all have an eye on my personal space because is bigger than theirs. Cathen still shares his room with Aurora and Celestina while Violet now has gotten her separate room, but hers is all girly — all pastels and cute little decorations of fairy figurines.

"My room is off-limits. Why you are so obsessed with my room?" I glare at him.

"Because I'm thirteen and still share my room with these weird girls, and you've gotten bigger room which I will take over one day. I need to plan what I want in that room, and you don't let us in."

"First of all, I will never let you have my room. So keep dreaming. And second, I don't let any one of you in — except Celestina— because you all create a mess which I have to clean afterward."

"Why are you being so unreasonable? It's your room and who else will clean it other than you?" Aurora says with a goofy smile on her face.

"I agree," Cathen shouts and he receives a glare from me. All the while little Celestina is just sat in her place quietly. And this is unusual of her. She loves to talk, and once she starts, she doesn't stop. Like I said, she is an anomaly.

"Fine. You all can stay in my room, but..." I trail off to create suspense.

"Oh! Please, tell us already," Violet and Cathen say in unison.

"You will sit on the rug only and don't touch anything in my room."

"Fine," they groan.

"Chalee...," Celestina speaks for the first time and she looks with hopeful eyes in my direction. She has been calling me 'Chalee' ever since she started talking. She could never pronounce Archer or Archie; therefore' Chalee. And I love it when she calls me this, but I flip if anyone calls me by this name. I have a reputation to hold, after all.

"Yes, pumpkin?"

"You have food in your room?" she asks in her baby voice.

"Of course, pumpkin. I know how much you love the food." I Carry her in my arms and the rest of the herd follows me.

As soon as I opened the room, the three hooligans dash into the room as if they are high on something, all running in different directions.



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