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The Reynolds -- Crystal and Ethan's Kids

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Random Chapter 2

Hi Lovely Readers...

Before you start this chapter, please read this NOTE :)

As you all know that I started this book about a year ago, and I said that I'd update this soon, but couldn't do that because of some unforeseeable circumstances.

I don't know how I'm going to continue this book because I could not develop a plan for this. I tried it for months.

All I have is the random thoughts popping up in brain every now and then. so i have decide that rather than writing an ORGANISED book, I will write just random scenes. and once this story progress, I'll figure something out.

SO.... You will find updates which will make no sense because in one chapter Archer could be 10 year old and in next chapter he may be a toddler.... hope you all got the idea what I'm trying to say.

and i will also try to update 2 to 3 times a week.

your feedback will help :)

Love you all...


“You shark!”

“You little gold fish!”

“You… you…” Violet tried to come up with a name while Archer looked at her expectantly with a wide smile on his face.

“You, what? Don’t you study?” he teased his five year old sister.

“You… you… You grizzly bear.” It was Violet’s turn to smile satisfactorily.

Archer growled to scare her but he wasn’t successful.

“Mind telling me why two of my kids are calling each other names?” Ethan asked me as he hugged me from behind.

“I have no idea how their homework has escalated to this level.”

“Uh huh.” He placed a soft kiss on my neck.

Archer and Violet had a unique equation. They both adored each other, but often times they loved to but heads. It was just their way to entertain themselves.

“Dad! Violet called me grizzly bear. Ground her for a year.”

Ethan sighed and kissed my head. “I’d better find out what they have done now.”

As Ethan approached Archer and Violet, I checked upon our two other kids. Aurora was sound asleep while Cathen played with his toys.

I was fixing lunch for the kids. Ethan grabbed Violet in his arms and she giggled playfully while Archer threw himself at his dad.

“Mama, this is for you,” a sweet little voice pulled my attention. Cathen had walked up to me and extended one of his dinosaurs for me to take. He often did that. He would always share his toys with me. Ethan often joked that he was mama’s boys. And I was a proud mama.

I bent to his level. “Aww! Thank you baby. I love this.” I took the toy from him, and his bright smile melted my heart. Ethan and I loved our kids. They were our sunshine. Although they drove us crazy most days. But they made our life perfect.

“Vuv you, mama,” Cathen cooed in his sweet adorable voice.

Now his attention was on his siblings. He observed the way Ethan held Violet and Archer. With a mischievous smile, he stomped in their direction and threw himself at Ethan. Ethan caught him easily.

They played with their Dada. All this while Aurora slept. She was not bothered by this noise. She barely cried. She was the clam baby of the family. Motherhood with her was so different. It almost seemed we hadn’t had a child. With her I rarely had sleepless nights. She only had bad sleeping cycle when she was sick. She was an angel.

I set the table while Ethan looked after the kids. It was team effort. Well… on weekends mostly.

“Come on kiddos! Lunch is ready,” I called them.

“Yay!” Cathen jumped enthusiastically. Archer and Violet groaned. They didn’t like the vegetables. They always asked for chocolates, ice cream, soda for their meals.

Parenting is tough.

I sighed. I knew what was coming. Arched ran towards me, batted his eyes at me. Those adorable curly lashes could melt anyone’s heart. He pouted. “Momma, could you please gave me chocolate? This food is not as yummy as chocolate.”

Who could say no to this? So innocent.

“No.” Well guess I could say ‘no’. Internally I was wounded because I said no to my kid. His demand was innocent. Archer pouted while contorting his facial expressions. He was trying to guilt trip me.

Ethan shook his head as he smirked. He put Cathen in his high chair securely. Then he lifted Aurora out of her crib.

She stretched in his arms. Ethan whispered sweet nothings in her ear while rocking her gently. She loved waking up like this.

“Archer, sit down baby. It’s lunch time. And this food is healthy.”

“Mama.” He spoke slowly. Just one word, powerful enough to shoot arrows at my heart.

Violet sat down without any fuss. But she had her gaze upon us. Waiting for the outcome of Archer’s pleading, then she would also plead to have chocolate.

Ethan stood behind me. He kissed my head. “Don’t give in. He’s playing you,” he whispered.

“I know.” I sighed. “But…”

“Crystal. You’ve got to make your heart hard enough.”

“It’s already rock solid.” I wanted to whine like a child and then stomp my feet in annoyance. But I held myself. I didn’t want my kids to think that their ‘momma’ had gone insane.

“Archer, give your mommy a little space to breathe.” Ethan said in his stern-dad tone. Then he bent down to whisper something in his ear which sounded pretty much like ‘we will eat chocolate in the evening.’ The star-struck smiles on Archer and Violet’s faces were proof enough that he had said that.

Great! Just so great! Now who needs to harden their hearts! Note the sarcasm in my thoughts.

Ethan, you’re so dead! I’m going to smother you in your sleep. I glared at my husband.

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