Devil on Sea

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A Prize Already Won, Lost

Epilogue i
A Prize Already Won, Lost

Lucifer gave possession back to Sid for the cleaning up of the two bodies just created, only Sid was in too much shock to move, much to Lucifer’s annoyance. Lucifer ended up having to take back control and throw Alan and Mary’s limp bodies into the dock himself, although he was grateful to glimpse the bewildered and horrified expression locked on Alan’s dead face one last time. No-one disturbed him as he cleaned up and Lucifer stood staring into the murky water as the two bodies slowly sank into the depths of the frothy water below. He held the golden compass for a moment or two, unsure whether to throw it away or keep it. Then a devilish thought occurred to him and he slipped it into Sid’s pocket, unnoticed by the still stunned Sid. Lucifer set about getting Sid home and keeping the bargain made.

A promise is a promise after all. When he arrived at Preston train station he bought a lottery ticket from a news-stand before waiting for a train south to arrive, all the while trying to coax Sid back into taking control. Lucifer boarded the train south with Sid still unresponsive and re-living the murder of Alan and Mary in his mind.

By the time they reached Brighton it was dark and Lucifer didn’t want another night spent on Earth,

Not when both Alan and Mary await my pleasure down in Hell. Consulting Sid’s memory he set off walking towards Jenny’s house and when he arrived he was glad to see the lights were still on, so he knocked. Jenny answered at the second set of furious knocking, peering through a chain locked door before giving a gasp, slamming the door shut, and opening it fully.

‘Sid? Do you know what time it is?’ Jenny asked, suddenly making a fuss about her appearance.

‘Have you eaten?’ Lucifer asked. Sid finally began to stir at the sight of Jenny, visions of Alan and Mary’s final moments beginning to fade into the background.

‘Erm, actually, no. I was about…” Lucifer took her hand and smiled,

‘Then how about we eat out? I’ve got something I’d like to ask you.’ Jenny at first protested, if feebly, before eventually caving. Making sure she locked up behind herself she let Lucifer, whom she believed to be Sid, lead her by the hand. They walked silently, still hand in hand, to a local Indian restaurant that Sid had wanted to take Jenny to on numerous occasions. He had even tried asking her once after work, before tripping over his own tongue and asking if she would like to beat off an Indian, instead. Jenny took this as an insult and they didn’t speak for a week, by which time the shame had built up in Sid enough for him to go over and apologise profusely, claiming it was an in poor taste joke.

They arrived at the restaurant and were ushered to a booth. A waiter came and with Sid still not in control Lucifer ordered for him; vindaloo with extra chillies.

Just to give you a taste of what’s to come. Lucifer thought mockingly, in the hope of coaxing Sid into action. Sid still didn’t respond, although Lucifer could feel him stirring restlessly at the back of his own mind.

‘You know there’s talk at work you’re going to get fired. You’ve not turned in for days now and, well, I was worried about you.’ Jenny briefly touched one of Sid’s hands with concern before blushing and pulling away. Lucifer leaned forward and stroked the side of her face, smiling sweetly. Sid saw an image of Jenny without a throat and with a bewildered look on her face flash across Lucifer’s mind.

No, I won’t let you! Sid thought as fear tore through the last vestiges of shock and Lucifer let him take over. Sid cupped the side of Jenny’s face before he kissed her. Much to his joy and amazement she kissed back.

You mean she’s always liked me? He thought in shock to his dark passenger. You’re not fucking with me again are you?

I’m not fucking with you any more Sid, our deal is done. And that’s right, chump. Jenny always had a crush on you, you just needed to man up about it. Still, thanks for the ride and I’ll see you both in Hell. And with that Sid felt Lucifer’s presence leave him. He felt like a heavy weight had been lifted and he beamed triumphantly, causing Jenny to blush. They kissed again, still doing so as the waiter brought them their appetisers.

What began from that moment was two months of the happiest time of Sid’s life. Jenny and he moved in together, in a mansion bought with the lottery winnings from a ticket Sid found in his coat pocket, and both packed in their jobs at the used car lot. Sid also asked Jenny to marry him a month into their blossoming relationship. They were visiting her parent’s in Blackburn at the time, a little too close to Preston for Sid’s liking, when the idea to propose struck him. Making excuses he vanished for a day, trawling round all the jewellers in Blackburn before finally finding the right ring; a slender band of gold upon which sat a ruby. A ruby the jeweller described as "Satan’s heart". The following day, as Jenny took him around her hometown, he proposed outside of the school where she claimed she’d had the happiest time of her life. A school that had since been demolished and replaced by a municipal dump but it’s the thought that counts. Jenny said yes instantly before falling into Sid’s arms. He wasn’t sure if it was from sheer exhilaration or from the fumes but he was delighted she’d agreed to be his; even if he’d already agreed a contract with the devil where this was bound to happen.

Within a week of the proposal they were married. Sid was shocked at the speed of their relationship but he wasn’t complaining. They eloped to Vegas to combine their wedding and honeymoon and it was everything Sid could have dreamed of. The wedding was exactly how Sid had imagined it, in that Jenny was there. He didn’t quite remember ever have imagined the wedding to be conducted by a fat Elvis impersonator but when she said “I do” all such thoughts vanished. Then began a honeymoon he would never forget. If they weren’t in the bedroom, Sid getting to know Jenny’s body and trying his best not to freak out upon discovering the scar on her shoulder blade, they were in the casino gambling away their fortune. Whilst his luck was rotten Jenny’s was unstoppable, until the casino asked them both to leave when Jenny hit the jackpot on the fourth million dollar bandit.

Upon returning to England the honeymoon ended in all senses of the phrase. The police were waiting at the airport and they took Sid straight into custody, charging him with the murder of three people. His finger prints were all over the bodies of a car recovery worker, an escaped mental patient, and her previously thought deceased husband. Not only that but during a search of his home a compass was found, which contained the blood from the deceased husband as well as his finger prints. Sid was royally screwed. He was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment, despite his lawyer trying the insanity plea when Sid confessed “the devil made me do it” during one of their meetings. Jenny filed for divorce the next day but eventually retracted when her solicitor pointed out that she’d be better off, financially, if they stayed wed. They stayed wed until the day Sid died in prison, forty years later; broken-hearted, alone, and unable to sit down comfortably anymore.

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