10 Minute Play: In A Bowl

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Everyone knows that beta fish should not be put in the same bowl together, right? Well... what about a whole family of beta fish? No, no... I don't think that's enough, I think I'll throw a goldfish into the mix. Now please, sit back and enjoy the chaos that ensues. :) This is a 10 minute play script that I wrote and directed for a school project! Please tell me what you think of it! (It's supposed to be stupid humor btw)

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Character Descriptions

ROSMERTA: Light Blue, Grey. A sweet, blunt old lady with a western accent. Still kind of lives in the past, and is always talking about her deceased husband.

RUFUS: Blue, Red. Really stupid and clueless about the reality of things around him. Genuinely nice but not the brightest crayon in the box. Talkative and quirky.

BUBBLES: Green. Twin brother to NIBBLES. Very stupid, follows the examples of everyone around him.

NIBBLES: Dark Green. Twin brother to BUBBLES. Pretty stupid, but slightly more independent than BUBBLES. He is kind, and a self- appointed therapist.

JEFFERY: Gold fish. Shy, but also very defensive of himself. Easily shaken, and can lose his temper easily.

PENNY: Red. A complete jerk to everyone but her brother. Quick to anger and always in a bad mood. Very violent in nature. Very negative about everything, but she loves her brother Rufus.

BOY: 5 years old. Wears shorts, a sideways hat, and sneakers.

GIRL: 11 years old. Wears jeans, a short sleeve shirt, and only wearing socks.

CAT: Wears all black, with white gloves and white socks. Any cat accessories such as a tail or cat-ear headband are also advised.

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