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Chapter 13: Sow to Reap

The panic was like nothing felt before. Henrick had no idea that his enemies were so on the ball. His first instinct was that they knew. It was too much of a coincidence for it to be an accident, but his family had been so careful. How in hell had the girl been found and more to the point why on earth had the Church sent Daniel McNeish? He was the most inexperienced and yet Matthew Trebey had given him the responsibility. That old fool was an idiot. A stupid idiot, but not the sort of idiot Henrick needed him to be.

Henrick had expected Michael Roach to have been given the privilege. His plan relied on it. He had researched the man from his teens until now. Michael was a man who questioned and Henrick liked a man that questioned, it made him pliable. Michael was someone who could be moulded and he hoped to have turned him into ally. Turn him into another Brother that could be infiltrated.

One thing was for sure Daniel had to separate from his prize, which meant he had to go in plan B, salvage. Unless? They may be time to save himself. He had to try and live up to his late father’s expectations. He hated what salvage meant. Usually meant for saving, but in this case his decision would affect every person on this planet. If only he could work out a way to make the pieces come together without anyone suspecting. He’d also gone into back up mode. What could he do as only a man to save everyone if it was down to salvage. He’d consulted every person in the know he could find. Those people that could see beyond what normal individuals could, but none could give him the answer. Surely, there was another way. Surely they would be given a second chance. Maybe, it would take some work, but they would be forgiven. They had to be forgiven.

Sitting down on the floor, he peeled back the cardboard off the foil and allowed the steam to escape before he stabbed the Chicken Chow Mien. He wasn’t hungry, but he needed to eat. He did not particularly like take away food, but he could not afford to be picky and his landlady was hardly the home cooking type. He had eaten her breakfast and that was enough.

God! How he wished he was at home. Henrick’s home had been in the family for over a century after his family had moved to Germany from New Zealand. Though he was German born, his family had so many nationalities running through their veins it was impossible for him to decipher where they all came from. At the moment, however, he lived in a large house on the outskirts of Hamburg, where he was surrounded by forests. Closing his eyes, he could almost smell the pines and the fresh earth as well as hear the different animals rummaging through the forest floor. Henrick loved the country so much more than the city. The sounds of sirens and the people frustrated him.

His mind went to Ben. He could not remember him looking so old and withered and it was disturbing. Ben had been a tall proud man of twenty-eight when they first met, with the sort of charming face that made women wonder why he had chosen the priesthood. Henrick remembered standing in a tent in the middle of the desert trying to convince this cocksure young man that what he had found said exactly what Henrick wanted it to say. Using the guise of translator he tried to make sure the words changed into something new. Even then Henrick knew Ben was not stupid. He had a talent for languages also and the only choice he had was to befriend him and tell him the truth. Little did Henrick know that that by bringing Ben into his fold was going to cause him so much more problems.

It pained him to admit that he wished he'd made a different choice. Not been so keen to bring Ben from the darkness and into the truth. He was sure Ben had those regrets also. The pain felt was much greater for his friend. Ben had been right. He'd lost so much and was about to lose even more.

Now as old men, he loved him with all his heart and was family. It pained him to see his friend struggle with his secret demons, but they had all known what they were getting themselves in to at the start and now it was time to reap what they had sown.

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