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Chapter 19: Trebey

Matthew Trebey stood in the empty hotel room trying to make sense of the strewn files that lay on the bed. It seemed that Daniel had not written anything for days about the girl and that worried him. The state of the room was unlike the Daniel he knew. That Daniel would have cleared up around himself. Organised his files into some sensible order and been precise, but this chaos was unsettling. He had waited patiently for some word from Daniel, but when he heard nothing, panic filled him. Questions were being asked and had no answers to give. His reputation and job depended on Daniel’s findings and was not prepared to sit back and let the young imbecile ruin his career. So in order to save himself, he gathered his peers into one room and told them that Daniel had found out that the girl was killed just before arrival. A lifestyle of drugs and drink had consumed the poor girl's life and the reason for Daniel’s delay was that he was making sure nothing regarding her adoption was left to lead back to the Church.

When Daniel had brought Joshua to him, excitement filled him. He had been so lucky that only a few knew of the twins’ existence and been included. His career was dedicated over the past twenty years into making sure he kissed enough arse and massaged the right egos to get where he was today.

Joshua turned out to be his type of person, trusting and naive and with the right sort of encouragement, Trebey knew he would soon be eating out of his hand. It was just the damn girl and no contact from Daniel was not making his life any easier. Taking the plane to London to find out what the delay was and dealing with the girl himself was the only option. She needed to be dead. Whether she was killed in Rome or not, he no longer cared, he just wanted her gone.

Now inside the room, he could not make head or tail of what Daniel had written. There were random notes on her religious views and whom she lived with, but that was all. Nothing that suggested that she was of any importance. Not yet anyway. He picked up the well-handled photograph and sighed. She was indeed a very pretty girl, and there were certainly resemblances to Joshua, but again, nothing special. He took it to an ashtray and set it alight. He watched for a moment the card curl as it melted taking with it the image of the one person who could decide his fate if he did not get it right. He gathered the papers up and placed them inside his case. He had an address of a club and a cafe to start with and that was all he needed right now. His phone vibrating in his coat pocket caused him to curse and he pulled it out

‘Yes,’ he snapped

‘I have seen the girl and she is definitely the one,’ the voice said.

Trebey smiled. ‘Does she know who you are?’

‘She has no idea.’

‘What about who she is?’ Trebey asked.

‘Michael Roach has spoken to her and she trusts him.’

The smile left Trebey’s lips at the mention of Michael’s name. He had sworn Daniel to secrecy and it seemed had broken his bond and confided in the one person who could not be controlled.

‘When did he get involved?’

‘Do not ask me. All I know is that he has the girl’s trust and the priest you sent she loathes.’

‘Is there anyone else involved dare I ask?’ Trebey snapped.

‘Not that I am aware of.’

He chokingly cut off the phone and lowered himself onto the bed. This was all he needed. Michael knew too many people and one of them was an old priest by the name of Ben Shaw and that was a major problem. That old fool knew far too much and had been a major thorn in his side since this whole débâcle had begun. He could screw everything that Trebey hoped to achieve and could not let that happen. The phone vibrated once more and startled him. He quickly glanced at the display and he took a deep breath to calm down.

‘Cardinal Trebey.’

‘Cardinal, it’s Daniel.’

Trebey breathed a silent prayer. Let this be good news.

‘Daniel, where have you been? I was worried not hearing anything from you in days.’

‘I beg your forgiveness.’

The shaking in Daniel’s voice unnerved him and fought to control his own and for a brief moment he wondered if Daniel had already done the deed for him, but then Daniel would never have the balls to do something like that. That was the main reason for Trebey choosing him. He was a weak many who was an insatiable people pleaser.

‘Did you find the girl?’ he dared to ask.

‘I found her. But things have become far more complicated and I am in way over my head. I need your guidance.’

‘I understand and that is why I am here in London,’ Trebey said, trying to keep his voice sympathetic ‘Can you bring the girl to me and we will both get her to Rome where she can be helped by the experts.’

There was a pause from Daniel on the other end and Trebey could feel him holding his breath. There was something about Daniel’s voice that concerned him, making him wonder what really had been going on. Then came the question that he had not expected Daniel to ask. What would happen to her once she was in Rome? Daniel had been chosen because of his blind faith and now he was asking questions. Michael Roach had a lot to answer for.

‘You know what will happen, Daniel. We discussed this before you arrived here. She and Joshua will be cared for until the time is right for the world to be presented with them.’

He eagerly waited for a response and finally Daniel spoke.

‘There is a small a chapel called The Magdalene, meet me there. I will have the girl and there you can tell her that she is safe.’

‘That I will do, and I am sure she will be eager to meet her new found brother as Joshua is to meet her.’

He smiled as the phone disconnected and took the opportunity to sigh deeply in relief. By tomorrow night the girl would be in his hands and hopefully buried six feet under. Perhaps, in the future, his own work in this would be recognised and he may well be put forward as pope. But first there was a fly in his ointment and that needed to be dealt with. He could not risk anything going wrong. Not when he was so close. Michael was an intelligent man and had great influence over Daniel, but Ben’s knowledge was a more dangerous weapon. Maybe, he decided, it was time for visit to his once friend and catch up on old times.

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