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Chapter 26: I Will Not be Tested

Cayne was led into a candle lit room. In the centre sat a heavy wooden desk with two chairs at either side. The desk was littered with books and papers, but to her dismay there was no telephone. In a corner stood a stained mahogany bureau, on top of which was a mock crystal jug and matching glasses.

The glass reflected the candle light around, casting light around an otherwise drab and dusty room. Henrick pushed her into one of the chairs and stood himself in the darkest corner of the room. Luke shrugged off his coat and Cayne could see that his body was squeezed into a tweed jacket and off-white shirt. He sat down opposite and pulled out a tape recorder and pen and paper. Cayne clutched the blanket that was around her shoulders and wrapped it tighter to her body.

‘I must tell that it’s a pleasure to meet you Cayne. My name is Luke and I’m a professor at York University. I met your brother while I was studying in Rome. You know there’s not much difference between you both considering you aren’t identical.’

Cayne tried to catch Henrick’s eye, but the dark corner he stood in hid his face. There was nothing she could do. She just had to humour the grotesque man.

‘There’s great presence about you, but I suppose the darkness that sits within you is the cause of that. Although I do admire your sacrifice,’ Luke continued.

‘I’m going to be murdered. Where’s the sacrifice in that?’ she snapped, keeping her eyes on his.

‘No-one is going to murder you, Cayne. Not while there is still reason in you. We will ask you to take your own life and your act will save millions,’ Luke answered.

Luke continued to set up the tape recorder, before pressing record and folding his arms over his perturbing large chest.

'I have a question,' Cayne said. 'If Joshua is the Christ who am I? Am I Satan, Lucifer or just a bog standard demon?'

A chuckle from the corner made Luke's body stiffen.

'Does it matter? Evil is evil,' he countered.

'Of course it matters. My brother could be the new god. I kinda want a piece of that pie. If I'm going down than I want to know I'm someone mighty important down there.'

Luke didn't answer and Cayne smirked.

'You don't know who I'm supposed to be,' she mocked.

'It doesn't matter because I already know enough.'

‘And what do you think you know about me and my brother?’ Cayne asked.

‘I know that Joshua is our Saviour and you are his enemy,’ Luke answered.

‘On what evidence? Trebey can’t be trusted. He’s obviously a man who is out for whatever he can get.’

Luke caught her eye and smiled thinly at her, clearly amused by her attempts at reasoning with him.

‘I don’t need proof. I have faith.’

‘Are you a Catholic?’ Cayne asked.

‘Anglican,’ Luke answered.

Cayne started to smile. ‘And pray tell what’s the difference.’

‘I know what you’re trying to do. Like I said, I don’t need proof.’

Slowly, Cayne felt something stir inside her and instead of feeling fear she sat back in the chair and waited. She was ready to challenge this pitiful waste of space. She just wondered if he was going to be ready for her.

‘Yet, it seems proof enough for you, a supposed academic, to accept that I am evil just because I’m missing a penis.’

A movement and a stifled cough came from the corner where Henrick stood. The candles had burned down quickly and she wished she could see his face. It was strange how she found comfort with him being near and he had obviously found her comments amusing. Maybe there was hope.

Luke also looked his way, before turning back. The smile returning, Luke got to his feet and went to where the glass jug full of water sat. She watched uneasily as he picked up the jug and placed it between them. She looked at him questionably. Then, suddenly darkness blinded her for a moment and in the back of her mind she could hear Michael telling to keep control. Luke’s smirk came back into focus, but the room still span.

‘The reason you are here with me is that I have spent my life studying the book of Revelation and you will help me achieve my dream. I will have the evidence to say the Satan really exists.’

‘So what’s with the water?’ Cayne asked.

‘I want you turn it into wine.’

Cayne started to laugh, but it caused her head to hurt and she rubbed it.

‘I can’t do that.’

‘Of course you can. It’s a party trick for someone like you. Jesus did and if you are indeed the messiah then you can do this for me.’

‘That doesn’t prove anything. Fucking David Blaine can even do that trick.’ Cayne laughed.

Why could she feel something moving inside her? Just fight it, she told herself, remain in control. Luke’s face reddened as he slammed the desk with his fist causing both her and Henrick to flinch.

‘I said turn it to wine,’ he said through gritted teeth.

Henrick had now stepped forward into the light and his face looked etched with concern. Cayne slowly rose from her seat and she leaned forward on the desk.

‘It is not my time.’

Everyone including Cayne paled in surprise. Had she really just spoken with a man’s voice? She was in full control of her body and mind. Beads of sweat had started to build on Luke’s face and he too had leaned on the desk so that their noses were now touching. His breath stank of coffee mixed with whiskey. The air in the room was filling with tension as it crackled with static energy. It was almost like two warriors preparing to fight each other to death. With one hand, Luke pushed the jug toward her.

‘Turn it into wine,’ he snarled.

Cayne took the jug as she straightened and Luke followed suit as he looked triumphant.

‘I will not be tested!’

Glass shattered on the wall behind Luke, narrowly missing his head. His pale face looked towards where the water was now running down the wall, before looking back at her in a mixture of fury and fear. He struck her hard on her face.

‘You will be tested, you evil bitch,’ he screamed.

‘Come on Luke,’ Cayne mocked. ‘You could have just said please. Or is that only a word you save for your mother.’

Luke’s face paled and Cayne had no idea what was happening or what was spilling from her mouth, but it was causing him to shake furiously.

‘What did you say?’ he hissed.

‘Please mummy, don’t lock me in the cupboard again. I won’t touch myself. I promise.’

‘Stop it now!’ Luke started to shout, but Cayne couldn’t.

Henrick had moved further into the shadows his body tight with tension. Fear was bouncing off the walls.

‘I didn’t mean to spy on those girls, mummy. I didn’t mean to let her touch me. You are the only one I will love mummy. All girls are evil.’

‘You are the devil and I’ll prove it to the world and they will destroy you,’ he screamed.

The madness in his eyes caused something cold to hit her stomach as she felt herself return. Then a glint of silver caught the light as she saw the small sharp knife that was in his hand. She took a step back as her body tensed ready to defend herself. This was it. This was going to be how she died. Then before she could even register what was happen he strolled to where Henrick stood and plunged it deep into his chest.

‘You crazy mother fucker!’ she cried.

Luke threw the blood-stained knife onto the floor and pushed Henrick to the floor. She could see that Henrick was just as shocked as she. Why hadn’t a man like that had not been on his guard?

‘It’s up to you, Cayne. If you won’t do a simple trick then try this one. Leave him to die or save him. Who’s calling for their mummy now, bitch?’

Luke grabbed his coat and left her alone in the room. Hearing the key turn in the door she ran to Henrick’s side. Blood was now seeping through the shirt that he wore as she opened his coat. Grabbing the blanket, she had used for warmth she ripped it and tried to use it as a pressure pad on the wound. Henrick’s face had turned almost grey and seemed to be slipping in and out consciousness, while his breathing came fast and desperate.

‘Don’t bother,’ he rasped.

‘I can’t let you die,’ she said.

The makeshift pad was already saturated as the blood continued to pour. She had no idea what to do. All she knew was that she was determined not to have someone else die at her feet. If Michael was right and she was the Messiah then she should be able to do this. Taking a deep breath, she ripped open his shirt and removed the padding. She had no idea why, but she rubbed her hands together. Maybe she had seen it somewhere. Then slowly, so not to cause him any more pain she placed her hands on the fleshy wound.

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine the wound closing underneath her fingers, but she found that she couldn’t concentrate. She was cold and exhausted and feared for her own life. Mentally, she told herself to get it together and tried again. Beneath her fingers, she felt Henrick’s body stiffen and then relax as his body gave in.

‘No! No!’ she cried ‘Why can’t I fucking do this?’ she sobbed as she fell onto Henrick’s lifeless chest.

Tears spilled from Cayne’s now blood-stained face onto Henrick’s wound as she lay there sobbing, while trying to keep the warmth from leaving the body. If it went cold it would mean he was truly dead. She had no idea why she felt so affected by his loss of life. It had been he that had taken her and brought her to be killed, and yet in his eyes, she had seen something different than what had been in Trebey’s and even Luke’s. He cared. He had the look of someone who cared. Now he was gone she would never know why.

The sound of the door opening coupled with the smell of fresh cigarettes told her that she had failed. Luke had returned and she had not been able to prove herself. A pair of arms lifted her to her feet, while she muttered that she could not do it.

‘Then, maybe you will believe who you truly are,’ he answered.

Luke led her from the room and they walked by candlelight down a narrow corridor. Out of the comfort of the room Cayne realised she had left the blanket as the cold began to bite at her bare skin.

Luke opened an old wooden door and held his candle up so she could just say a staircase that descended into darkness. Turning quickly, Cayne made a run for it, but Luke was quicker and surprisingly stronger than he looked. He took her by the waist and dragged her kicking and screaming into the depths of the basement. Then, with shock, she saw in the flickering candlelight she was in no basement. This was a catacomb. Luke let her fall onto the floor and threw down a spare candle and a few matches, which scattered onto the damp floor. Her skin prickled with fear as he closed the door behind him and she was plunged into darkness.

‘It will soon be over,’ she heard Luke shout through the door.

He was right it soon would be. All she had to do was make it through the night and then see what the morning would bring.

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