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Chapter 28: The False Messiah

Daniel awoke with an aching heart and sobbing. It was as like his insides were breaking and he couldn’t do a thing to stop it. He finally understood the dreams and their significance. They told him the part he had to play and his own sacrifice that needed to be paid. It had all been about Cayne and it never entered his head that he too would lose. But he would. He would lose his one true love. He could hear the others snoring and turning over, tried to close his eyes once more, but he knew sleep wouldn't come again this night. Suddenly, there was a banging on the door and all three sat up in bed and looked at the door worriedly.

‘Are we expecting anyone?’ Michael asked

Daniel shook his head. There was another bang and this time it was more urgent, followed by a hushed whisper that they did not recognise.

‘Father Daniel, please you must let me in.’

Daniel got up from the bed and went to the closed door.

‘Who are you? And how did you find us?’

‘You may not remember me, but your father does. Ben, it’s Kristopher. I have Joshua.’

Daniel looked back at Ben.

‘Kristopher is Henrick’s nephew,’ Ben answered.

Slowly, Daniel opened the door and sure enough Joshua stood in the hallway and with him Joshua’s best friend whom Daniel knew as Kris. He stood aside and allowed them into the room and the first thing Kris did was hug Ben.

A cough in the corner made them all to turn in surprise. It felt so long since Daniel had last seen Joshua, but it seemed in a couple weeks he now saw him a different light. The boy he had met had been suited and smart in his appearance and manner. Now, the boy that stood before him was almost like an empty shell. He could now see the similarities between both Joshua and Cayne. They shared the same darkness in their eyes, and he was positive that that he had also lost weight. Could it be that he had suffered just like Cayne. But it was the way he stood awkwardly in the room that reminded him of what it was he was losing and he managed to choke back a sob.

‘It’s nice to see you again, Father,’ Joshua said, extending a hand to Daniel.

‘It’s just Daniel, now,’ he mumbled, not taking the hand.

Joshua frowned and lowered his hand awkwardly. Michael sensing the tension took it and shook it warmly.

‘It’s nice to meet you Joshua. My name is Michael.’

‘Why are you here and why have you brought Joshua?’ Daniel asked Kris bluntly.

‘I received a phone call from Henrick. Cayne is in York and he told me to get Joshua and fly to England,’ Kris answered.

‘How did you know where to find us?’ Ben asked

‘Why York?’ Michael asked.

‘I knew you would be trying to get to Rome so I rang the nearest hotels and here you were. As for York, Henrick seems to think it means Trebey will be under the radar. Cayne is being held in the city cemetery,’ Kris answered.

From very first time he met Kris, Daniel had not liked him. He could never put his finger on what it was, but even now, knowing who he truly he was, he still did not like him.

‘Why bring Joshua here? He is what the Church want. He doesn’t belong here.’

‘I am here,’ Joshua interrupted, ‘because Kris has told me everything and I want to be here to save my sister.’

Daniel turned to face him, anger written on his face. ‘Do you really?’ Then he turned to Kris. ‘How did you manage to get the next messiah here?’

‘We have our ways, Daniel,’ Kris snapped. ‘You must know by now our brotherhood is everywhere.’

Sensing the tension, Michael stepped between them. Kris continued to tell them about how he had moved as a child next door to Joshua and they had become close friends. He told them that it had been drilled into him for as long as he could remember that he must do his duty and his duty was to keep Joshua close. However, he had decided to break his silence and told Joshua everything, because the bond he had built with Joshua was much stronger than he had ever expected.

‘And all this sat well with you?’ Daniel snapped.

‘Yes, sir, it made a lot of sense,’ Joshua answered.

‘So, tell me. How did it feel to find out that after years of being told you were special, you are nothing more than the sidekick?’

‘Daniel!’ Michael warned.

Joshua stepped forward. ‘I don’t think I understand.’.

His face was creased with worry and it was obvious that Daniel had been once been a friend. Now Joshua did not understand the hostility. Michael felt for him and wanted so much to tell Daniel to back off, but knew it would cause another argument.

‘What I am saying, Joshua, is how did it feel to find out that you are no longer a god?’ Daniel almost sneered.

This time Michael had heard enough and told Daniel so, but Daniel was not finished and he continued.

‘No, I want to know. Joshua has grown believing himself to be someone of immense power, only to find out that he is just like you and me. I want to know if he is truly willing to let that sort of power go.’

Joshua faced him and for the first time Daniel flinched as he saw the same anger flash through his eyes, just as they had done when he had first met Cayne. There was no denying his presence was as strong as hers and it was hard for Daniel not to back down and lower himself.

‘You are quite right. I could let her die and remain the false Messiah, but from what I understand it would not be long before the world will find out. So, to answer your question, Daniel, yes I am willing to step down. But I have a question for you. From what I understand Cayne could be pregnant and so you have done your job. Are you prepared to lose her to a world she is born to save?’

Daniel bit hard on the inside of his cheek as both he and Joshua eyed each other evenly, the tension reaching breaking point. He did not want to admit that Joshua had hit a nerve. He had just done his job. He had continued the bloodline, now he was just as useless.

‘I have managed to get us air tickets to fly us to Leeds/Bradford. We fly in a couple of hours. We should be in York by the morning,’ Kris said finally.

From his hotel room, Trebey looked out onto the city walls, which looked almost menacing in the fog and dull street lights. Late night stragglers stumbled and fell, screaming with laughter as they passed, making him shake his head in disgust. The whole lot of them deserved to rot as far as he was concerned.

Tomorrow, though, there was going to be a new hope. He would single-handedly rid the world of its evil source and then maybe, just maybe he would become a future pope, the pope that killed Satan. Pope, he liked the sound of that as it rolled off his tongue. It was no secret that the current pope’s health was in decline and of course with Joshua at his side he would be a firm favourite. Why, he would be what Peter was to Jesus. The perfect power couple. A pairing of pure power and greatness. The phone ringing suddenly awoke him from his daydream.

‘Yes!’ he snapped.

‘Sorry to disturb you sir, but there is a professor Luke. He says it is urgent,’ the man from desk said.

‘Send him up!’ he said before slamming the phone down.

He wondered what it was he was playing at. The man was a true liability, however the man had true connections within the city and it had been he that had been able to close off the cemetery for a day. Luke did not do anything unless he was gaining something and unfortunately Trebey owed Luke. The door flew open and in ran Luke, red faced and breathless.

‘I’m sorry, he breathed heavily.

Trebey handed him a glass of water, which Luke took and gulped down causing water to drip down his chin.

‘What are you doing here?’ Trebey asked.

‘The German,’ Luke finally managed to gasp.

‘What about him?’

‘He’s gone.’


‘You misunderstand me. I asked Cayne to test her powers as the Messiah.’

Matthew raised his eyebrows in surprise. ‘You did what? Why would you do that?’

‘She insisted that she was the Christ and I wanted proof. I asked her to turn a jug of water into wine.’

Matthew began to grin as his shaking insides began to still. Luke had made him nervous.

‘Is that all? Luke, Paul Daniels could even do that.’

Luke frowned. ‘That’s more or less what she said. But then her voice changed to a male one. She taunted me and madness took over, like I was possessed. I stabbed the German and demanded her to heal him.’

The nerves returned. ‘And did she?’ Trebey asked nervously.

‘He was dead when I locked her up, but when I went to move the body he was gone.’

Trebey tried to still his pounding heart. His mouth was dry and he licked his lips nervously.

‘Maybe you did not kill him.’

Luke shook his head furiously. ‘I checked. He was dead. What if she did heal him? What if she...?’

‘Are you saying, professor, that I would make such a mistake. It is not unknown for the devil to give life in order to lull us into false sense of security. This is a test and by the looks of things you failed.’

Luke looked at him flabbergasted, his small mouth moved wordlessly as he tried to think of a counter attack.

‘Well,’ Matthew snapped. ‘He won’t have got far if he is injured. Go and finish the job.’

Luke nodded and hurried from the room. Trebey stood motionless for a moment trying to get his thoughts together. Surely her powers had not matured that quickly. If she had indeed brought Henrick back to life then now he had another loose end to tie up. Henrick would now know that he wanted him dead and would want revenge. Trebey knew enough to know that Henrick was not a man to be messed with. As for the girl, there was even less time if she indeed was finding her inner power. He would have to rethink his plans.

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