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Chapter 30: Heaven's Avenger

Trebey smiled as he felt the power running through his veins. There was something about having a god kneeling at his feet begging for its life that was exhilarating. The butt of the gun felt good in his hands, as did seeing the barrel touching the pale moist flesh of her skin.

The shirt she wore was still unbuttoned enough that he could make out a firm breast heaving rapidly with every frightened breath she took. If this was what it felt like to have a god on its knees what would it be like to be inside one? It was not like he was breaking his celibacy. She was a god after all.

It had been so long since he last had a woman and this one on her knees looked almost edible. She would taste so sweet, he was sure and surely any power she had would rub on onto him. God! He could imagine it now. His mind was made up. Daniel was not going to be the only to one to taste divine flesh, he wanted a piece of that pie also. Oh! And to see Daniel’s face when he'd find out that she had been shared would be worth it and hopefully break the little jerk once and for all.

Trebey started to lower the gun with his intention in mind and then he noticed the sobs had stopped and looking up were eyes as black as night. He shivered involuntary. If it was at all possible the room had turned even colder. The hair on his neck bristled and his skin began to crawl. Something was happening and it was something big and not good. His finger was still poised on the trigger, yet, now, it felt weak and useless as it felt heavy in his hands.

The door banging open startled him and watched in shock and surprise as Michael, Joshua and Joshua’s friend Kris fell down the stairs into the room. Kris composed himself and pulling his gun from his jacket pocket he aimed Trebey’s way. But Trebey recovered himself and held his own gun at Cayne’s head. There was a rising panic inside Michael’s stomach. He couldn't afford for Trebey to lose control.

‘Matthew, please I beg you,’ Joshua cried. ‘You have made a mistake, Cayne is not Satan.’

‘I know exactly who she is boy,’ Trebey spat. ‘You and I were going to rule this godforsaken world together, just as the bible intended. Joshua, all we have to do is finish this and we can still have it all. No one will ever know.’

‘But they will,’ Michael said, not believing Trebey did not know that. ‘Do you not realise Matthew that you are messing with the natural order of things.’

‘You’re lying in order to save your whore,’ he answered.

Kris moved slowly around so he had much clearer aim of Trebey without hitting anyone else.

‘No, he's not,’ Kris put in. ‘The baby she carries must be born so the next god can be born. So, put the gun down and we will work something out.’

‘There is nothing to work out,’ Trebey screamed. ‘The evil bitch dies.’

‘Matthew, Matthew, Matthew,’ another male voice sounded in the room. ‘The one that carries a disciple's name.’

Everyone in the room stopped and looked around them. The air almost crackled with electricity and they saw that Cayne had now risen from her knees. Michael had seen this all before, but what surprised him this time was that there was no sign of any bleedings anywhere on her body. As always there was the smell, but the flowers were much stronger now with hardly any scent of blood. He was also sure that he could hear her voice underneath the male one. She was still in there fighting and maintaining some control, and he felt proud. The others, he could see, were scared and Kris, who had been trained in this knowledge looked a little shaken.

‘Do you really think that by killing me now you will succeed in your quest for power,’ Cayne chided. ‘After all the church you serve is on the brink of collapse and all because you are all so far up your arses.’

‘Stop your lies,’ Trebey shouted.

He struggled to grab his crucifix from around his neck, but in doing so dropped the gun onto the floor. He bent to retrieve it, but Michael was quicker and picked it up, throwing through the open doorway. Trebey looked at Michael and then at Cayne, unsure who to deal with first. Making a snap decision, he held the cross in front of him like a shield between himself and Cayne.

‘Why would I lie?’ Cayne asked, seemingly unfazed by Trebey’s weapon pointed at her.

‘Because you are Satan. The lord of all lies,’ Trebey stammered.

A small smile lit up Cayne’s face. ‘But Matthew, only a short time ago you told me I was a god and if I remember rightly you wanted to fuck me because of that fact.’

Trebey’s face reddened and his legs gave way beneath him. Whatever it was had read his mind and he felt sick. He was losing control and there was no way to retrieve it.

‘You were going to rape her?’ Michael said with disgust.

Trebey had now stared to shake and hug his body and Kris stepped forward to lead him out.

‘Leave him,’ Cayne commanded.

Kris resumed his position, but now his gun was lowered now Trebey was unarmed. Michael felt nervous at seeing the once tall proud Trebey on his knees.

‘I just wanted to feel what real power was like?’ Trebey sobbed. ‘Is that so bad. I dedicated my life to you, don’t I deserve something?’

‘You dedicated your life to yourself,’ Cayne answered. ‘The church, the power, it has all been built on nothing, but lies, blood and betrayal.’

Her true voice was starting to come through with a slight twang of the other voice. So, Michael tried to calm everyone down.

‘We are all guilty of that,’ Michael said, surprising himself at his compassion for the man on his knees. ‘But we are not all the same. There are some who are just faithful. Are we doomed to the same fate because of interpretation?’

Cayne turned towards him and the softness he knew had returned to her face. He wanted to go to her, but something told him not to go near.

‘Michael, my champion, my soldier, you have always been at my side, in many guises I must admit.’

‘Archangel Michael you mean?’ Michael dared to ask, though his was unsure he wanted her to answer.

‘Once, but in your recent more incarnation you were wronged in so many ways.’

‘I don’t understand?’ Michael asked.

‘You and Mary were the only two who knew who I truly was. You understood, you remembered. I gave you the gift of freedom. I asked you to free me. Free me from my shell and you did and in doing so allowed Mary to live out her destiny too.’

Michael felt the air stick in his throat and his chest tighten.

‘I am part of the three,’ he whispered.

When he had got involved he had never expected that he was part of this god’s life cycle. He was just some backstreet bad-boy turned priest. Nothing special, yet here in this cold and dirty tomb he was finding out how he fitted with Daniel and Cayne.

‘Judas!’ Kris said suddenly as realisation dawned on his face.

‘Judas!’ Trebey spat, his crying now stopped. ‘That explains a lot, Michael.’

Cayne turned her attention back to Trebey who flinched under her glare.

‘You are in no position to mock. If there were a devil, you would be it. Judas was a man of great loyalty and understanding. He and Mary were to bring my message to the world, giving people peace and enlightenment no matter who they were. But, no, you allowed a drunken insecure man, who took my words, twisted them and built his own church. It was an empire that damned my friend and turned my love into a whore. So, Matthew, you have no right to speak his name.’

Michael opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped as Cayne suddenly grabbed her throat, gasping for air. She started to claw at her upper body as though something was trying break its way out. It was like watching two people fighting for the same space. Joshua who had been silent the whole time now sprang into action.

‘What is happening? Is she dying?’

Joshua made towards Cayne, but Michael stopped him. ‘Leave her. This is a battle she needs to fight alone.’

Seeing that the attention had shifted from him to Cayne, Matthew slowly shifted his weight so he was nearer to where Kris stood. Taking a chance, he lunged at him and snatched the gun from his grasp. Michael and Kris, both in a panic struggled with him to regain control as Trebey twisted and turned like a little snake.

Joshua watched the struggle and nervously pushed himself into the wall. In one corner, three men fought and in the other, his sister struggled with an unknown force. How had he come to this? Only a month ago he was dreaming of being a doctor and possibly getting engaged to his high school sweetheart, yet now, he found himself dragged helplessly into a war he knew so little about.

Closing his eyes, he went back to the first time his parents had told him how special he was. How he was born to save them all and make the world a better place. That night his dreams had been filled with a girl that shared his eyes. She had open arms that embraced him, but there was always sadness as the outstretched arms were always covered in blood. Then he had been taken to Rome and Trebey had told him what was expected of him and he had been eager to start doing what he was destined to be. Kris, however, had finally revealed the truth and from there everything he knew had slowly become unravelled. He had no idea who he was anymore or what his purpose was, but despite that the connection felt with his sister in such a short time, he knew that she and he would be bound time for a lifetime. Whatever it was he needed to do, it would be for her and it felt right.

The sound of a shot broke his thoughts followed by another. He saw with horror as Michael and Kris dropped Trebey onto the floor. Their faces filled with shock as well. Michael turned his head towards the door and there in the doorway Henrick was leant against the wall, a smoking gun dropping from his weak fingers.

‘Uncle,’ Kris cried going to his side.

Michael noted the dried bloodstain on his shirt and then it occurred to him two shots had been fired, and in what seemed like slow motion, he turned back towards where Trebey now laid dead and there was Cayne, with a blood stain emerging on the shirt.

Joshua was already pushing towards her, dropping to his knees at her side. As he too went towards her, Michael’s first thought was how peaceful she looked, almost serene. Then shaking himself into action he shouted to Kris to call an ambulance, but it seemed Kris was already ahead of him and had run out in order to get a signal on his phone.

‘I have failed her,’ Henrick sobbed as he lowered himself on to the floor. ‘She saved my life and now I have let her die.’

‘There’s a pulse,’ Joshua said. ‘Pass me that blanket, I need to put pressure on the wound.’

Michael grabbed it and ripped it in two before handing it over to Joshua.

‘Can we move her?’

‘Not really, but considering where we are. We may have to take the risk,’ Joshua answered.

Michael nodded. He had given Daniel his word and was not about to break it for anything. He picked Cayne’s slight body as carefully as he could and took her out of the darkness in back into the light.

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