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Chapter 4: Prelude

She watched the dark clouds glide gracefully across the already stormy sky.

It was hard to believe that only moments ago the sun had been unmerciful with its heat.

Thunder rumbled in the distance quietening the crowd that had been screaming and shouting.

The soldiers laughed and mocked as they held her body down.

Beneath her, the soft dry grass tickled her sensitive body in contrast to the hard wood that irritated her skin.

She closed her eyes and thought of the others.

Had they got away?

Were they all alright?

There were no answers.

There was only some comfort that they all had strength.

Strength she had instilled in each and every one of them.

With the comfort there was some fear.

Fear that she was doing the right thing.

Had she made the right choices?

The thunder rumbled closer and it seemed to answer all her questions.

Her head had started to sting as sweat poured into the cuts on her forehead.

She felt hands grab hers and she held her breath.

There was no point fighting them.

Then, suddenly, a pain like no other shot up her arm.

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