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Chapter 5: I am who I am

Cayne shot up from her bed, while screaming and instinctively clutched her left hand. The skin was a raging red and touching it made her wince in pain. This was the worst it had ever been and the pain lingered as though she’d really had her wrists hit with a hammer. Pulling her legs from the bed, she reached out and grabbed the glass that sat on the bedside only to drop it as a knock at the door startled her.

‘Fuck!’ she hissed as the glass splintered onto the floor.

Negotiating the broken shards, she made her way towards the door and tried to still her heart as she pulled the chain across the door. Opening the door just enough so she could see. Her hear jumped once more as she suddenly slammed it shut again and turned the key in the lock.

‘Miss, please, I don’t want to scare you. It’s just important that I talk to you.’

With her back to the door, she couldn’t control the shaking of her body. How had he found her? He must have followed her from the club. She knew she should have got Jamie to walk her home. She would have even put up with his wandering hands and lewd comments if it meant she was not alone at this moment.

‘I’m on the phone right now to the police,’ she bluffed.

‘Please don’t do that,’ the voice said beyond the door. ‘My name is Father Daniel McNeish. I am here to talk about your mother.’

‘My parents are dead,’ she answered

‘I know they are. Killed by a drunk driver. I am here about your birth mother.’

Cayne’s already beating heart skipped. No one apart from her and her parents knew she was adopted. It was a close family secret and she’d been told it was to remain so.

‘I know that your parents died when you were fifteen and you have been living rough since, until you moved here three years ago. I am here to tell you about a brother that you have. A twin brother.’

The talk of a brother clinched it. Was that the reason she never felt like a complete person? It was a feeling that had plagued her as long as she could remember. A feeling that a major piece was always missing.

Deciding that a priest could do her no harm she relented and opened the door. She found herself surprised she’d not noticed how young he was. In her mind priests were old men with grey hair and obnoxious faces, but there in front of her was man not much older then she with almost black hair and bright blue eyes. The light in the club had not done him any justice, although you had to be intoxicated to think that the light did anyone any favours in there. He seemed unsure of himself and awkward and this, she decided, would give her the upper hand.

‘You have five minutes and then you go,’ she said.

She waited for him to sit and watched as he struggled to pull from his case a pad and paper. She normally would have offered help, but instead she sat and watched. Finally, he gathered himself together for a brief moment before his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

‘I am really sorry, but I don’t have your name,’ he said.

Cayne looked at him flabbergasted. He had obviously had gone through a lot of effort, yet not enough to know her name.

‘Your birth details are a little sketchy,’ he answered, reading her mind.

‘Then how do you know everything else about me?’

‘Because your parents were very clever people. They only allowed the information they wanted people to know about you.’

She frowned at him. It seemed to explain why the documents she held were in the name of Kaye King. Her parents had always told her that Kaye was the name that she came to them with, but hating it had decided to refer to her only as Cayne. Officially Cayne King didn’t exist and that little loophole had helped her out many times.

‘It’s Cayne King.’

The priest’s eyes lifted and it was his turn to look surprised, ‘Cain?’

‘Yes Cayne, why?’ she answered defensively.

‘No reason, it is just an interesting girls name. Do you spell it the same way?’

Cayne spelled it out and waited for it to be written down.

‘So my mother and this brother?’

Cayne listened as the priest told her about some prophecy that was found that told of the coming of the new Christ and the Anti-Christ. He related that it held signs and cryptic symbols that had taken years to decipher and when done, it showed that two children would be born with the fate of the world in their hands. Cayne found herself confused as she failed to see where he was going. She had never known priests show an interest in conspiracies and it was all too far-fetched for her to want to comprehend. Not that she really knew what priests believed. Her time in church was limited. Also he’d not answered her question about her mother so she asked again.

‘Your mother was chosen to be the mother of both.’

Daniel waited as the words penetrated her and was surprised when she burst into laughter. It was the last reaction he expected.

‘Are you saying that I am one of these children?’ she asked

‘I am saying both you and your twin brother are,’ Daniel answered slowly.

He had no idea if being blunt was a good thing. The last thing he wanted was for there to be any confusion. After all, this whole affair was confusing enough as it was without him adding to it.

‘Okay,’ she said finally. ‘Which one am I?’

The question stunned him and it took a moment for him to summon an answer.

‘Honestly, we are not sure.’

‘What the fuck do you mean you’re not sure?’ Cayne asked rising to her feet.

A knot was growing in her stomach and it was causing her to feel slightly sick. Moving around seemed to ease the feeling. Why was she so damned scared?

‘All we know is the first born is the Anti-Christ, but you were both stolen before we could find out.’

Cayne turned towards him. ‘So you have come all this way not only without knowing my name, but you don’t know if I’m some Jesus Christ.’

‘Not Jesus. Just Christ,’ Daniel answered far too quickly and her expression made him wish him wish he’d kept silent.

‘Oh, I am so fucking sorry,’ she snapped.

She got to her feet once more and grabbed a glass and filled it with vodka, but instead of drinking it she just held it as she paced.

‘You did get down that my name is Cayne and not Damien? I just want to make sure. It can be confusing both being boys names,’ she said.

‘I understand your cynicism.’

‘Oh, I doubt that you do.’

‘Cayne, please, why don’t you sit down?’ he said trying to calm the already tense atmosphere. ‘I know it’s a lot to take in,’ he offered also getting to his feet.

‘A lot to take in, you’re fucking kidding right?’

He could hear the hysteria in her voice and realised he was losing her and had no idea how he was going to calm her down.

‘I want you to leave,’ she said suddenly.

‘Cayne, I need you to calm down. There is still much to get through,’ Daniel said.

'No you're done,' she snapped.

'I don't think you realise how important this all is.'

‘Get the fuck out!’ she screamed and grabbing his case she thrust it into his chest.

Then she gathered up the pages that had dropped from his files and piled them on top of the case.

Realising he had lost the battle, he allowed her to push him through the door. Struggling with full arms, he managed to pull out a card and hand it to her.

‘This is my number, at least call me.’

Cayne snatched the card from him and then slammed the door. Collapsing on to the floor, she couldn’t stop her body shaking. She felt sick to the stomach. Her head buzzed with what the priest had just told her. Everything he spoke of sounded like something she would go see at the cinema, yet what unnerved her more was that deep down she wasn’t surprised.

She’d been twelve when the vivid dreams had started. In the middle of the night she would wake up screaming in pain and terror and her parents would try to comfort her; however, whenever she told them her dreams of being another person in another place she would see sadness and fear in their eyes.

Then two years previous she and her boyfriend, Karl, had been out clubbing until the early hours. After hours of frantic lovemaking, she’d woken covered in blood. As she rushed into hospital her first thought was a suffered miscarriage, and with that word Karl disappeared. Once the blood was cleared from her body and no signs or wounds were traced then tests were started. The bleeding was occurring from her wrists, the doctors just did not know why or how. She went to every skin specialist referred, but that also meant that these people wanted to know more about her, and she wasn’t keen on people knowing her business. So she decided to deal with it in her own way. Now she wondered if there was some connection between what the priest told her and her random bleeds.

Daniel looked up at the only lit window and, after seeing her shadow pass, he was satisfied she was not going to run. Only a month earlier he had the same conversation with the other twin Joshua, found living in America. He had been brought up in a home of privilege and wealth and had aspirations of becoming a doctor. The problem was that out of the two of them Joshua would be seen by the Church as the ideal choice to be their saviour. No matter who was born first, but things needed be done correctly. That was where the pressure was. Too much was on Daniel’s shoulders and the last thing needed was Cayne to be too difficult.

The political part of the Church always frustrated Daniel, but his interest in the paranormal always placed him in the centre of cover-ups and deceit. It wasn't ideal for people to place faith in some crying statue or a face in a pastry. He had travelled the world and seen some extraordinary things and been able to prove beyond any doubt that the causes were natural. Even down to possessions. Young children in the grips of the so called devil spouting off some dead language all of which done to gain attention from their village or to even bring people back to Church. But he always found the truth and got down to the real facts and that’s where he where his talent lay. Finding the truth. In this his instructions had been clear. Find the twins and bring them both to Rome and once he did that his job would be done.

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