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Chapter 6: Untitled chapter

She pushed her small frame through the crowds as best as she could.

She was so much smaller than the men, but she was used to having shown her own strength with men.

Trying with every effort she could summon to get to the dry stony hill where everyone seemed to be heading.

The hill that was famed for the death and pain that always occurred there.

The place of the devil.

The wind had begun to build up as they processed and she struggled to keep her thin shawl over her head, not just for comfort, but for protection also.

She could not afford to be recognised, not now.

If anyone got even a hint of who she was then she would pay the price and they wouldn’t care if she was a woman or the condition she was in.

She’d pay just as harshly.

She needed to remain hidden, but she needed to watch.

Needed to see.

For him.

She needed to here.

As she moved, she lost her footing almost stumbling as her sandals slipped on the stones.

She winced at the pain in her ankle, yet the tears in her eyes were for the pain that consumed her heart.

She had been hurt before, even had things thrown at her, but this pain was almost too unbearable.

Above her head the sky looked black and angry.

The crowd around her had now started to jeer and chant, and all she wanted to do was scream and shout above them all.

Screaming at them why?

Why were they doing this?

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