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Chapter 8: Full Circles

The sky above Henrick’s head was grey and bursting with rain as he left Heathrow’s busy car park. The traffic was heavy and now Henrick wished he had come much earlier. But with the holidays meant that catching flights were near on impossibility even in his position. Days had been lost trying to get her and now he was stuck in the damned traffic. He knew he had left it too late, and been lapse. Wrongly believing that he was not needed and his heritage would be safe, he misjudged the power of the Church and their ability to get whatever they wanted. He'd been too arrogant to think that all that was done would be safely hidden. Twenty-five years and more had been spent waiting for the right moment and though this was not it, circumstances had forced him out of the woodwork to try and salvage what he could.

Punching in the address into his Sat Nav while he waited in traffic, he hoped his new toy would give him the route that would get him out of this deadlock, but it appeared not. He hated new technology. He was much more comfy with a dusty old map that he could read, but his Brothers insisted he worked with the times and had succumbed.

Deciding to screw modern technology, he negotiated the hire car through the lines of traffic and amid the horn blowing and curses turned back on himself. He knew his way and as many before him had done he took an unconventional route. Soon he was weaving fairly freely through the streets and he allowed himself the smallest sigh, but only a small one.

He had so many fingers in various different pies that he needed to prepare which facade would be used with whom and when. Since childhood he had been trained for this and already he was scared that he was losing. He remembered asking his father what the worst case scenario would be if the enemy got what they wanted and his answer was sharp and precise.

‘Save the blood and let the other die.’

It was all about salvage, but his father had laughed and hugged him, telling him that never have they ever failed in their service and he was sure that Henrick would do him proud. Now he just hoped he would. Being the eldest son meant that it was down to him to lead. He was the Head, the Master, but they were all servants to one who did not know it yet and that made his job so much harder.

In days of old, master and servant would have been known to each other; however, modern times meant that this was no longer an option. The new generation had to be hidden in order to keep them safe, and now Henrick wished it could be different.

Aged now nearly sixty, he was getting far too old for this, but unfortunately the powers that be had decided that he would have no heirs, male or otherwise. So there was no way he could pass on his duty. His life for the past twenty years had been a lonely one filled with grief and pain and if it were not for this he would have taken steel to skin a long time ago. His body ached and was tired, but he was made of studier stuff and knew he could handle himself. All he could hope for was the support from nephews and cousins.

First, he needed to set up a base camp. Somewhere where he could rest his head in the days to come and contact his Brothers if needed. His Brothers were spread around the world, and was not limited to the men in his family, but the women also. Infiltration was the key and each and every one of them was poised in their positions ready and waiting for him to give the order. Protect two or leave one to die.

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