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Unofficial Duo

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Two opposing detectives (a deadbeat alcoholic and a Christian war-veteran) are teamed up and committed to solving a mysterious serial-murder-case.

Humor / Mystery
Liam Barath-Lane
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“Now”, a voice (that obviously being of the cameraman) said after one deep breath, “tell me your name.”

The person shown (being filmed, most specifically) was none other than a young woman (presumably, in her mid-twenties) sitting down, legs crossed, on a big brown crouch; she appeared to be a tanned woman with long brunette hair and is wearing a long-sleeved red dress. “My name is Kaitlyn Nixon …” she said with a visible grin.

“Are you, by any chance, related to … President Nixon?”

The young woman rolled her eyes as she immediately scoffed, “Very funny.”

But oddly enough, the cameraman wanted a legitimate answer from her. “Are you or aren’t you?

She then sighed, “No, I’m not.”

The cameraman then asked the following, “What do you do for a living?”

She immediately hesitated, “That’s … a good question.”

The cameraman then made the presumption, “Are you a waitress?”

Once again, the young woman hesitated, “I was about a year ago, but ...”

“But what?”

She then immediately shrugged. “I got laid off.”

The cameraman then added, “Did you enjoy it?”

“What?” she asked, with a look of blatant confusion.

“You’re job as a waitress, did you enjoy it?”

Once again, the young woman shrugged, “It was fine for the time being.”

“So that being said, what do you do currently?”

Once yet again, the young woman hesitated, “Let’s just say I work from home now.”


She then shrugged with a mild scoff, “Shouldn’t it be obvious by now?”

After one brief moment of silence, the cameraman then responded, “Yes, I see now.”

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