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Just for Me

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This is a stand-alone story ... NOT related to any other stories in my collection. Names of cities/towns are made up. Names of businesses are fictional. Jennifer Brown operates an online auction business for antiques, collectibles, and old books. She lives in the moderately busy city of Craftman, New York. Running this business brings her a substantial income and it doesn't hurt that she happens to love all things old and vintage. Randall Gregg just moved his tattoo shop into bustling Craftman, It is a nice change from the overcrowded cities He needed the break from the chaos so he could refocus his attention back to his love of making people feel pretty through body art.

Humor / Romance
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Thank you for taking the time to read this stand-alone story.
You will see names and locations mentioned in this story, and they are fictional. I try to research locations/business names/names of people that are supposed to be famous in the story. ect...so I can make sure that I'm actually using fictional materials.

As I mentioned, this is fiction. Please don't get negative if you see something that may not line up perfectly with reality.
There may be grammatical errors and punctuation errors - I'm human so go easy on me.

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From Felon to Family

Just for Me

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