Comic Clash: Ruin

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After The Elemental Orb Unleashes A Mysterious Foe Named Ruin, Comic Clash Is Left Putting There Mission To Bring Back Their Friend On Hold, As They Are To Withstand Ruin From The Complete Annihilation Of Earth. As Enemies, Old Pals, Friends Of Old, Join Up To Save Their Beloved Home, It’ll Take More Than Just Pure Firepower To Put Ruin Down For Good. NOTE: THIS STORY IS JUST FOR FUN. ALL THEMES, ABILITIES, AND/OR STORYLINES SUCH AS SAIYAN, STANDS, AND JUSTUS, ARE USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS.

Humor / Action
Age Rating:

Prologue: Awakening

More than centuries ago, it is said an Extraordinary Orb containing powers like ever before was formed in the midst of war. This Orb was thought to bring forth peace between Nations, An Orb so powerful it can destroy worlds if possible. It was then when a Sinister being by the name of “Ruin”, Wanted nothing but to bring forth destruction upon those known as the “Elemental Tribes”, And have Earth become nothing but an empty piece of stone. That was then when two Brave Warriors with all their might, fought off this devilish being and Imprisoned him for good.

That Was Until Recently...

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