Roommates who Dream

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This is a collaboration between three friends who live in different places around the world. Until one day, they get together and move to the Big Apple and rent a sky rise studio in Manhattan. Snoots is a go getter and makes friends fast. Michelle is a quiet girl who sits back and watches the drama. James is an author who writes about his wet dreams. Its more like three's company with a little odd couples. Warning, graphic language may be used. Sexual references will be used. Note, no one was hurt in the making of this book, even the a-list celebrities who agreed were not harmed. Reader discretion, you may laugh till you cry.🔞

Humor / Erotica
J. A. White
5.0 1 review
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Chapter 1

This is a comedy of all the conversations that Michelle, SNOoTs and James have had about dreaming. So what would happen if your fantasy, favorite actor/actress or just a crush would come to visit you in a dream? Sometimes your dreams turn into a fantasies'.

Lets read and find out. Shall we?

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