The Boyfriend Games

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11- A Date With Destiny...'s Brother

Sleeping in on Saturdays was a favorite luxury of mine, although today my ringtone woke me up earlier than I would have liked.

“What do you want?” I grumbled, not even knowing who was on the other end of the phone.

“Um, is this Thera?” An unfamiliar masculine voice asked.

“Who’s asking?” I wasn’t going to confirm until I knew who these deep tones belonged to.

The next line he said went unheard by me except for ‘date’ and the name ‘Destiny’. You can’t blame someone who’s not a morning person for being sleepy in the morning.

“I have a date with Destiny?” Groggy me asked and then laughed. “Hah, like the fate of my life has led up to this one moment and now it is time.” The last three words came out in my faking it deep voice, and I was having fun talking like a lunatic.

“Thera?” A voice asked from nowhere.

“Whoa, destiny, is that you?”

“Did you not hear what I said earlier?” The voice sounded slightly flustered, yet also somewhat amused.

“Nope. Please repeat at the sound of the tone. BEEP!”

“My name is Duke, we have a date today. Oh, you may know my sister, Destiny.” The man who called himself Duke said.

With a brain still moving slowly I was confused. “Wait, we what?”

A chuckle came through the line. “Have you not checked your texts yet? Today the list says that we have to go on a date. I was calling to see where you would like to go.”

Then it clicked. Right, The Boyfriend Games that Amanda made me participate in. Today was Saturday, a day off, yet not a day off from these stupid games. Easy, Thera, I consulted myself. And that’s what this deep-voiced guy was calling about.

“Right. Well, I don’t really have a clue, do you have any ideas?”

“What are some of your hobbies? Maybe we could base it on that.”

“Whoa, there mister. This only the first date, and you’re already asking so many questions. Don’t you think we’re moving too fast?” We both ended up laughing.

“Well,” he said a suggested after a few ideas were bounced around, “how about putt-putt golf? I know a fun place that isn’t too far away.”

“Sounds good, Sergeant. Did you need my address or am I meeting you there?” At last, a semi-rational side of my brain was moving again.

Duke let out a nervousness laugh. “Uh, I actually got it from Amanda already. I like to be prepared in games.”

“I see...” I would have been alarmed, but a recurring theme was that I was too tired to care at the moment. “Well okay, what time should I expect you good sir?”

“Maybe 1:30ish? Does that sound alright?”

I let out a yawn. “Oopsies. That wasn’t for you. But yeah, that sounds fine. See ya then Duke.”

“Bye, Thera.” And that was that. When I finally moseyed my way downstairs for food, mom asked who I was going out with today.

“I have a date with Destiny...” I paused before brother to hold up one finger, then put it back down. “...’s brother. His name is Duke.”

“Oh, is he that soccer player?” Dad asked as he walked in the room.

“Dad, you know me. I don’t do ‘sports’. How would I know?”

He held his hands in mock surrender. “Don’t tie me up and fry me, it was just an innocent question.”

“Fiiine,” I dragged out. “Well, this conversation has been exhausting. I’m going to take a nap.”

As I was running back up the stairs I could hear my mom’s confused, “Didn’t she just wake up?”

Ding dong!

“Oo I’ll get it!” No! That’s mom’s voice!

“No mom I’ll—”

“Gooood afternoon, young sir,” mom could be heard saying. I groaned and made my way downstairs.

“Oh, is that the soccer player?” I could hear dad call from a different room. I needed to hurry to avoid another disaster like the one last time.

“Hey Duke, how are you, I’m doing fine, oh would ya look look at the time, we’re gonna be late. Bye mom! Bye dad!” I rattled off things in a desperate attempt to not get caught up in either of my parent’s shenanigans.

“Now wait just a darned minute missy, you have to at least introduce me to this nice looking fellow.” I held in a sigh. Not gonna make it easy, huh?

Duke gave a sheepish smile and stuck out his hand. “Hi Mrs. Telufa, it’s nice to meet you ma’am.”

“Oh,” my mom cooed. “Look at your manners! Please, call me Ellen.” She then proceeded to pull him into a hug. A hug! I felt the awkward in the room, and felt bad for this poor man. He didn’t know what he was getting into when he said he’d pick me up today.

“Alright mom, time to let go. Mom. Mom! I’m going to get dad!” Just then she let go. Duke’s cheeks were tinted red and I knew we needed to scram. “Bye dad!” I called loudly. “Bye mom. I love you, even though you’re a weirdo.”

I shoved Duke out the door and shut it behind us, heaving a sigh. “Well that was different,” he commented.

“You don’t have to be so kind, I so sorry she did that.”

“She was talking to me ya know, not just standing like a pervert. She said, and I quote, “You seem like a very nice gentleman and that’s great, however if you hurt my daughter I’ll make you wish you never picked her up here and met me. I’ll be nice if you’re nice, but mama bear has claws, dear.” It was the perfect contradiction, she seems like a great mom.”

He ended up laughing and so I joined in with him. “You should hear some of the stories,” I joked. Boy, were their some weird ones.

“Well, you’ve got me for the rest of the day, and I’m all ears. I’m good with whatever you want to talk about.”

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