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13- Date Six...Somewhere?

Thera- Trevor

I sighed. Another day, another date. I was tired of meeting all of these new people. But I had to suck it up. Today, tomorrow, and I was done. I could resume my normal life of avoiding people.

The only issue with getting today’s date over with was, I had had no contact from the elusive Trevor. Not throughout first period Psychology, and nothing during second period English. I was sitting in Mr. Keller’s class, and still had no idea who this guy was or what he looked like. All of the previous guys had either texted me or found me in the hallways by now. I was almost worried until I remembered—I wasn’t supposed to care.

Walking through the hallways after the bell I saw Duke and gave a small wave when he smiled my way. I also saw Giovanni walking my way, but I quickly covered my face with my hair and turned my head the opposite direction. That kid brought a lot of rage and I did not want to feign kindness to him. Not that ever would, so I just knew to steer clear of him.

“Hey,” someone said as they bumped shoulders with me. I turned and saw Misty with a bright grin.

“What’s got you all happy?” I held back an eye roll when she sighed dreamily.

“These dates. I’ve just been having such a great time! Haven’t you? Who’s been your favorite? Personally, I thought Rhett’s was the best date. Eik! This is so fun!”

Wowzers, I thought to myself. Someone either had too much caffeine this morning, or is totally boy crazy! Misty and I had already reached the classroom and she was still going on and on. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take!

“Hey, looks like class is about to start,” I interrupted. I had no clue of whether or not the last bell had rung—she was talking too loud—but I would take my chances if it got all the hormones out of the air.

“Oh okay,” she said. Fortunately for me (kind of), Ms. Dimmer walked to the front of the room and began talking, yet another lesson on the Civil War, so we were pulled into the lesson.

“So,” Amanda dragged out, overexcited as usual. “Who’s your date today?”

I shrugged. “Some kid named Trevor, but he hasn’t showed.” A sudden thought just popped into my head. “Hey, does that mean I get a free day? ’Cause it would be today awesome if I could just go home and not deal with any of this.”

Amanda sighed loudly and turned to Hope. “Trevor’s about to be another no-show today. What are we supposed to do with this guy?”

“Give him time, Amanda. You know he’s really shy, I’m sure he’ll turn up before the end of the school day. As far as we’ve heard, he always does.”

“Okay. Well, you heard her, Thera. Just keep an eye out for that little rascal.”

It wasn’t until the very end of the day that I finally heard from him. Well, barely heard, that is. I was changing out binders between my book bag and locker, about to leave school, when I heard a barely audible, “Uh...excuse me?”

I stopped and looked behind me into the hallway. No one was there. I shook my head and went to put the last binder in my locker when I heard something again.

“Um...Thera?” I looked around again and when I went to shut my locker jumped and nearly screamed.

“Oh my. Hi. Who are you?” A boy was standing there, holding a small green textbook to his chest like a shield. His head was faced downwards, but he peeked up at my face.

“My name’s Trevor. We uh...we have to...umm...”

“Go on a date today?” I finished. He nodded. “Where would you like to go?”

I didn’t know why, but I felt I needed to be extra nice to Trevor. I had a feeling not many people were. This poor guy just had a case of being overly shy. I knew what it was like to not enjoy an evening, so I figured I would try and make it easier on him.

“Wh-wherever you want t-to go,” he said.

“You got a car to take home?”

“N-n-no,” he said frowning. “I’m s-sorry.”

“Oh please,” I said with a laugh. “You have nothing to be sorry over. I just wanted to make sure we could ride together. Let’s go, I drove to school today.”

As we walked out to the student parking, my mind went to work, seeking for anything we could do as a date. For some reason I wanted to cater to his shy nature, and find a place without too many people. Heck, I’ll even enjoy the no people part.

“Aha!” I cried aloud as an idea popped into my head. Trevor looked at me like I was crazy but blushed when I looked over to catch him. “It’s not ideal, but I’ve got an idea. Are you okay with the outdoors?”

Half an hour later, after getting some not-so-fast fast food via McDonald’s drive-thru, we had made it to a small local park. The picnic table set up, (I figured) would be a great place to have a solitary date without being too awkward of an attempt at intimacy. This would do nicely.

“So Trevor, do you like music?” I had accidentally caught him mid-bite, so he simply nodded his head. He seemed very enthusiastic about it. “What kind?”

“Oh, every kind I guess! Well, I’m except jazz, I...uh really can’t stand jazz.”

“Do you want to put some one so it’s not so quiet?”

“S-sure,” he said and pulled out his phone. I smiled at his song choice and made sure he replayed it on the car ride to his house (which I gave after lots and lots of stuttering protest).

Bohemian Rhapsody was definitely a good way to make new friends.

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