The Boyfriend Games

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15- Backstabbing Bad Boys

Thoughts of the note kept me up for a while, and even with finally falling asleep, I woke up way before my alarm. As much as I wanted to tell myself no, as much I wanted to laugh it off and forget about it, I couldn’t. It was infuriating, to say the least.

So I began wracking my brain. Who would want to threaten me? Who would have the means to threaten me? Who could have taken that picture?

Immediately, I started a mental list and began running people through it. My mom and dad wouldn’t care and obviously wouldn’t use a letter to talk to me. They’d tell me straight up.

Amanda and Hope–it couldn’t be them. I’d made the deal with Amanda, and Hope would listen to whatever Amanda said, they weren’t always the brightest.

I thought of the girls I’d met in The Boyfriend Games. Barbie would be happy to know I’d quit, it’d give her a ‘better chance’ with Giovanni. Quite honestly, I don’t think she’d have the brains to think of something like that. Misty, well, she was also a player in these games. I decided that any girl in the competition would find my departure as a good riddance, and would be glad rather than angry.

So that left the list of guys. Though I had actually kind of enjoyed my time with Graham, Cole, Dexter, Duke and Oscar, I didn’t think they’d try and pull something like this. I mean, they didn’t seem like they were jumping for joy that I was leaving, but I doubt threatening me was on their list of good ideas for a second date. Poor Trevor would probably shake right out of his shoes if he even thought of such an idea. Of the dates I’d had, this left Giovanni. I nearly considered it, but why would he want another date with me? I bailed on him and besides, he had Barbie practically drooling over him.

Just then my alarm clock went off, notifying me it was time to get up. I was dog tired, but I hoisted my bones out of bed with a grunt. As I got ready, it was too much of a chore to move around that my thought process was momentarily put on hold. It was resumed in the car ride on the way to school.

Out of the people that had any interest to do with the Games, it would be the people that I hadn’t gone on a date with that were left. The first that came to mind was Rye. My face heated a few degrees thinking about him. He was too nice, I don’t think he could have it in him to threaten me...unless he’s some kind of crazy psychopath. But I highly, highly doubt that.

Then there were two mystery boys. I thought back to a conversation with Misty and vaguely remember her saying the name Rhett. I didn’t know any Rhett’s, and I would be overly surprised if he knew me, so why would he have any need to threaten me to stay? That made no sense, so I moved on.

One final person, but I couldn’t remember who it was. I feel like I should defiantly remember them, like I had actually met this kid. I thought harder back to the night of the party and then—

Oh, of course! It was him, how could I forget? This is exactly the sort of thing he would do to get back at me too. He thinks he’s so clever, well guess what dip wad, I found you out.

When my phone alerted me of the text, I let out a humorless chuckle.

Thera- Ian

This just confirmed my point even further. He thinks that he can just threaten me into staying, force me into another date with him, and things could be back to the way they were before he... My blood boiled in rage. No, I wasn’t going to be a pawn in his game. I was through with being a pawn at all.

Arriving at school, I made it my mission to find Amanda and put an end to this. But as fate would have it, I find myself in probably the only empty hallway on this campus with the one kid I wanted to avoid.

“Ian,” I said, my voice dripping with malice.

“Thera,” he had a slightly shocked expression on his face. “Look about the date today—”

“No Ian! You did this didn’t ya?” I held up the letter. “You think you’re so funny? You think that you can trick me into staying in this insufferable game just so I can go on another date with you? To prove yourself? Think again! I’m out of here.”

“Thera, wait! I don’t know what you’re talking about! It wasn’t me, I promise.”

I wheeled back around to face him. “What?” I spit out. “You do this, threaten my own safety and then have the audacity to pretend like you don’t know about it?”

“But I don’t know about it!” This made me falter, but only slightly.

“Still throwing around lies to cover up the past?”

“I don’t have any issues with my past.” His voice had gone from defensive mode to offensive. “But maybe you have issues with yours. I’m not the one who left, Thera.”

“Shut up! You cheated on me! I trusted you, and you went out with someone else!”

“Do you really believe that? Did you ever stop to ask me, or think that maybe you were wrong?”

My brain stopped working and my heart lurched. It seemed as if a cloth came over my vision, as memories played. Had I ever stopped to ask him? No. I hadn’t. Once I found out the news I broke up with him and separated myself on every level. No social life. Few friends. No chance of dating again. Yet here I was, and here he was. I had nothing else to say, so my fight or flight kicked in.

“Who are you to come and accuse me?”

“I’m not accusing! I just want you to stop running away, stop spitting venom, and think for a minute. Please.”

I stopped. Everything seemed to shut down for a moment and I felt myself falling. My eyes were closed and I felt arms catch me before impact.

“Are you okay, Thera? Thera, please, say something. At least open your eyes.” I tried to open them, but I was too tired. Too bogged down by what’s happened not only in the past minutes but also further back.

“So it wasn’t you?” I managed to mumble, but with him being so close, Ian heard me.

“No. Neither time. Not yesterday, not way back.”

“What’s happened?” I heard a voice call from behind Ian. After a brief explanation from Ian I heard a small cry.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry Thera, it was me. It was me.”

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