The Boyfriend Games

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26- Meeting the Other Twin

“So tell us, Thera. Any dates over Thanksgiving Break?”

I looked toward the camera Amanda was holding while Hope ‘interviewed’ me. Frowning, I looked directly into Hope’s eyes.

“What’s it to ya?” This reminded me of an episode of Spongbob, but I refused to crack and start laughing.

"Thera,” I heard Amanda scoff. I had actually gotten quite used to hearing the noise. “Just answer the questions so we can move on to Olivia, geez.”

I sighed. “Yep. Two, actually.”

A ridiculous grin came across Hope features as she raise her eyebrows to the camera suggestively. “Oh yeah? With whom?”

“None Of and Your Business.”

“Thera I swear,” Amanda ridiculed. “I mean, really? Necessary?”

Nodding I replied, “Quite. It’s much too fun to see all the frustration I cause.”

“I figured there was something wrong with you,” Hope muttered.

“If you must know,” I gave in, “it was lunch with Cole and dinner with Rye. They were delightful, blah blah blah, I’ll give five bucks to someone every time they call Rye a nickname with the word meadow in it.”

Misty started laughing from beside me. “Meadow? How come?”

“That’s what his name means,” I said in a loud ‘whisper’. “Island meadow. But you didn’t hear that from me.” I gestured to my lips like I zipped them shut dramatically towards the camera. Amanda smiled.

“See? Just be natural,” she told me.

“I am being natural when I ask if this is over and I can leave yet,” I said matter-of-factly. Amanda rolled her eyes, but put the camera down.

“Yeah, I guess. Oh hey, before you leave, you free Thursday? The girls want to go to dinner together,” she informed.

“The girls?” I questioned. She nodded.

“The ones participating in The Boyfriend Games,” Hope filled in. “We’re trying to get all ten to come.”

“I’m sure I can clear time to come.” I brushed imaginary dust off of my shoulder.

“Oh stop acting like you have a life and say yes.” Okay, ouch. That was a burn from Amanda. Yet in a twisted way, I felt proud of her for gaining some guts and not being totally airy.

“Okay yeah sure,” I agreed, hoping I wouldn’t go and completely regret not fighting the issue more.

~Can you meet me north side of building 5? I want to ask you something but it needs to be in person.

•You’re lucky I’m at lunch, Ian. I’m heading there now

“Hey,” he said when I rounded the corner.

“Hola señor. What’s up?” He scratched the back of his neck. That can’t be right. This kid seemed nervous.

“I uh, just wanted to know if you um wanted to go out Friday?”

“Cut the nerves, Ian. Sure,” I told him, not overexcited, per say, but with more enthusiasm than I was used to having. It was odd.

“Really?” It was as if he expected me to say no.

“That’s kind of what ‘sure’ means. Where’re we going?” He smirked and for some reason I gave a mental sigh of relief. His normal attitude is back, I thought.

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out Friday,” he said. I crossed my arms and stared him in the eyes. He groaned. “Fine, we’re going to laser tag.”

A smile lit up my face. “Now we’re talking!” We bid each other farewell and I went to swap out binders like I usually do.

“There she is,” I heard a frightened whisper. I’ve heard that voice before, I thought.

“Why don’t you walk up and introduce me?” This was a new voice however. I was at my locker nearing the end of lunch time on Tuesday, and I could swear the voices were talking about me. I mean, it’s not like anyone else was in the hallways. Finishing up, I zipped my bag shut and turned around.

Two blonde girls were staring at me from a ways off. “Take a picture it’ll last longer,” I grumbled at them. “And learn how to whisper better.” I was moving to brush past them when my eyes went wide. One of the girls was standing slightly behind the other, and I had recently met her (yesterday to be exact). “Christie?”

The noise she made sounded like a squeak. “Hi?”

“That sounds like a question when you do that. Woman up, sister.” The unfamiliar one stepped forward with her hand out in offering. “Thera, I’m assuming?”

I raised my eyebrow, unimpressed. I’m not shaking a stranger’s hand. She’s gonna have to do some introducing before I let her touch me. What if she flipped me over her back onto the ground like a ninja? I’d never see if coming. Though I guess even if I knew her name she could do it, but Thera, focus! “And you are?”

“Andi, the twin to this chick.” She nodded her head towards Christie. Oh, I guess that makes sense. I shook her hand.

“So you’re stuck in these Games too? I feel bad for ya,” I told her with a sad shake of my head. She just started laughing.

“Stuck? You make it seem like a plan for bad prisoners.”

“Are there any good prisoners?” I challenged with a minor tilt of my head.

Andi pointed a finger at me briefly when replying, “Good point. But really, what’s up your butt about The Boyfriend Games?”

I frowned. I guess I was the only one with sense who actually didn’t like the path my life had gone down recently. Really, the whole idea and ordeal took up rather a lot of time. Sure, I still did my minimal amount of homework and all, but most of my coherent thoughts revolved around one central thing: The Games. It was almost too much. It was becoming a continual thing to remind myself that there wasn’t any going back and that I just needed to press on until Christmas Break, then I’d be home free for good.

“I don’t really like guys,” I said nonchalantly.

“So, you’re into girls?”

I choked on my saliva. “Andi!” Christie said while slapping her arm. “You can’t just ask someone that.”

"So not what I meant when I said that. I’m straight, just not into the whole idea of wanting to be in a relationship.” Andi just laughed at me.

“You’re kind of in the wrong thing then. Try sports, perhaps. Track doesn’t involve working with other people that much. Maybe start there?”

“Wow. You’re hilarious. Why didn’t you tell me she was so hilarious Christie?” Said girl just shrugged nervously to my rhetorical questioning. “Ah, no matter. Well I must be going, shame.”

I wasn’t quite sure why, but something about her bothered me.

“See you Thursday?” She called out down the hallway. I sent a thumbs up toward the twins and only when out of earshot did I grumble, “Sadly, yeah.”

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