The Boyfriend Games

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34- The Reveal

We got the text Tuesday morning. Graham was getting to go home today! It was requested that not everyone go to congratulate him, it might too crowded and he would just be getting home. It was understandable that he wanted time to readjust to his own quarters, especially with their family still grieving their other loss. However, I wasn’t compliant like the others. With the cover of delivering things from everyone, I went around to all of our people asking if they wanted anything to get sent to him. Some made cards, others gave me money and told me to pick up a balloon or something on my way. After running a few of the errands, I followed the directions to his house.

Ding dong!

Semi-surprising, it’s Maple that answers. She blushed when she saw that it was me. “Oh, hey, I was just updating Graham on his animals since he can’t go out there and seeing if I needed to keep feeding them until he was completely healed or—” I held up a hand to silence her.

“Whoa, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. I think it’s great that you’ve been here for Graham. Anyway, I brought some stuff that contestants wanted him to have and I wanted to say hi myself.”

“Oh, okay. Well, do you need help bringing the things in?” I looked back to my car to see all of the balloons stuck in the back.

“Yeah, that’d be nice.” It’s harder than it looks to take the floating objects out of a car, they kept trying to fly away. (One did, but shhh. Don’t tell.) Once all of the strings were in one hand, I passed them off to Maple. After grabbing all of the cards and miscellaneous things from the passenger seat, I proceeded after Maple into the house. Graham was laying on a bed in what I can only assume to be his bedroom.

“Well look who showed up,” he intoned when he saw me.

“Delivery,” I said gently. “I just wanted to make sure you were getting settled nicely.”

He nodded with a smile. “Oh yes ma’am. I’m just glad to be back in my own home.”

“I can understand that.” I set the things in my hands down on the nightstand next to him when he told me to. I didn’t stay much longer until I left for home myself, with a promise to see him soon.

It was now Wednesday. The day of the great reveal. I didn’t know how to feel. Well for starters, I was really hoping that all of my guesses for pairings came true. It was never really up to me, they had to write down and decide for themselves. I tore the paper with couples out of my journal, folded it up and slipped it into my pocket. It was agreed upon that we would meet after school at Graham’s house; that way, the people that didn’t have the same lunch period could all make it. Graham would even get to be there in person. He still wasn’t allowed to go to school until the following Monday, but that wouldn’t stop us from all going to him for this final step in The Boyfriend Games. It would finally be over.

The school day could not have dragged out any longer. My third period teacher Mr. Keller seemed to have it out for me today. He kept calling on me as soon as I zoned out. I mean, we were all fried from the mid-terms we’re having to take in some of the classes.

I hitched a ride from Amanda and Hope, and soon all 20 contestants along with the duo were all situated around Graham’s living room. “Well,” Hope started in a sad tone, “this is pretty much it. Aside from the final party this Sunday, this is the last of The Boyfriend Games. Let’s all stay in touch over Christmas Break and forever, yeah?” The two girls made us all cram over, which left a lot of us standing.

“We’re all going to start on one side of the room, and when you and your new boyfriend or girlfriend gets called, you’ll step out together and move over to the other side. In order to make it fair, we’re telling in alphabetical order by the girl’s names.” It seemed simple enough, but everyone was a wound tight bundle of nerves at the moment.

“Let’s start this then,” Amanda took over, pulling out a paper. She looked at Hope, took a deep breath then turned back to the rest of us, her mega-watt smile reinstalled. “Andi and Duke.” Duke had an open mouth, but looked pleasantly surprised. Andi’s hand went to her mouth. They both stood up from where they were sitting and held hands as they walked to the other side of the room. All of the couples followed the hand holding lead after that.

“Barbie and Giovanni.” That one didn’t surprise anyone, but I still made another mental check.

“Christie and Trevor.” Three for three. I’m on fire with this whole thing! I guess it helped that I really just tried to play for their stronger characteristics, and a lot had things in common. Tentatively reached his hand out and Christie threaded her fingers through his.

“Cora and Cole.” Yes! I had been right about that one! I knew I should have just gone with instincts. From inside his jacket, Cole pulled out a rose and handed it to Cora who giggled when receiving it.

“Destiny and Dexter.” Destiny squealed. I suppose it could have been expected; when she liked things, or people, she always becomes much more vocal in her ways. It should have been known that she would be the one to bounce in excitement.

“Maple and Graham.” Graham, who wasn’t supposed to stand for long periods of time, was sitting below Maple and pulled her down to kiss her on the cheek. She blushed and hugged him around the neck, stealing his hat to put on her own head.

“Misty and Rhett.” Misty let out a cheerful yes and she and Rhett moved across the room. Her smile was so wide that it probably would hurt to stay like that for long. But there she was still, happy as could be.

“Olivia and Oscar.” She jumped up and he caught her, her legs wrapping around him. It was so sweet! The trust and care that they have is sure to last for a long time. Then I realized, it was down to two more couples. Rayna, Rye, Ian and me. Really, it could go either way. Rayna or I would work well with both Rye and Ian. However, two of us were more...‘bad’ than the other.

“Rayna and Ian.” It was hard for me to think that quickly when my heart was beating as fast as it was, but that meant that—

“And last but not least, Thera and Rye.” My heart stopped, knees weak and I fell. Someone caught me and I looked up, lips slightly parted.

“I guess it was a good match,” I breathed. Rye smiled.

“I’ll always be there to catch you, as long as I can help it.”

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