The Boyfriend Games

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6- Meet Your First Date

The party lasted another hour after the big announcement, but I left before the end. Amanda announced she would send a group text with everyone’s first dates come morning time, and that sending every pairing for everyday all at once was not a smart nor easy idea.

I said my goodbyes to Amanda and Hope, saying I needed to head home. Taking one last look around the room, I wondered who would be my first ‘suitor’ and who I would have to deal with on a date tomorrow.

The insistent noise of my phone buzzing woke me up the next morning. It took me a while to fully wake up, so when I reached for my phone I couldn’t fully grab it and ended up slipping it off the nightstand to fling across the room. Great job, Thera, I congratulated myself. I took the time to literally roll out of bed and onto my bedroom floor before grouping around searching for my lost device.

Finding it I pulled it closer to my face and hit the home button—another mistake. My brightness was too high and in the dark room it blinded me causing me to shriek and drop my phone again. This time, however, it fell right on my face.

"Oh my gosh,” I breathed out sitting up and rubbing my abused nose. Whatever it was buzzing for had better be pretty freaking important. I picked up my phone and hit the home button again. The screen lit up, though I was prepared this time, and I turned the brightness way down.

I scoffed as I ran through a stream of texts, all from a group message that I wasn’t really looking forward to. I found the list of pairings for today’s dates and searched until I found my name.


My eyebrows scrunched in confusion. Who was this Cole that I was going on a date with today? I had never met a Cole, and since I didn’t socialize at the party, had definitely not met this Cole.

Something else to look forward to. A new person. Lets just hope he’s not a complete jerk or over the top nice. It may be odd to say, but both are equally annoying.

After arriving at school I was surprised to see someone standing at my locker directly in my way. Then I saw the single red rose in the guy’s hand. No, he was waiting for me.

“And who might you be?” I asked, though I had a pretty good notion that this was the Cole I was paired with today.

“Vincent,” he replied. I froze in shock as I tried to process the complete name switch that had undergone processing in my head. I was caught surprisingly off guard.

“What?” The question flew out of my mouth, partly flabbergasted, partly rude. The boy laughed.

“I’m just kidding, the name’s Cole. I wanted to see your reaction. The flower is for you, by the way.” He handed me the flower and I took it, still staring at him oddly. He smiled again with a little chuckle and I suddenly saw how his eyes were unique–one blue, one brown. “Now you won’t forget me, huh?”

I ignored his question too entranced in his eyes. “Your eyes... they’re two different colors?” What I had intended to be a statement came out more as a question.

“Indeed they are, Thera,” Cole said to me moving backwards. It took me a second to realize he did that so I could get into my locker. I stepped up and traded out all of the binders and books from locker to backpack.

“So what do you have planned to wow me today?” I asked with a smile. We were now walking away from my locker towards the commons area and I had taken the velvety scarlet rose in my hand. I had to admit, he had a great start.

“Hmm...” Cole fake pondered. “I guess that’s for me to know, and you to find out soon.”

“Is that your way of creating mystery, or saying you don’t actually know yourself?”

“You ruin the fun!” He fake pouted. “I really don’t know what places you like to go, so I’m going to need your number and I will ask you random questions throughout the day. Sound like deal?”

“It does,” I agreed and smiled. “Though it sounds like you just want my number. Typical guy, always grasping for them digits.”

Cole laughed. “Well watch me grasp away, I need ’em for real.” I gave in and he added his contact information to my phone before sending himself a text. We parted ways at the sound of the bell and he promised I would not forget about him for a second today. I groaned, figuring it wasn’t gonna be a good thing.

Reaching my first period I pulled my phone back out. I was curious as to what he sent to himself. Reading the message and his name, a odd sound flew from my mouth. I didn’t know if I should laugh, or be angry.

Main Bae Cole
Can’t wait for our date Coley-poo xx

Truly, it was kind of funny, but that fact that he called himself ‘main bae’ and ‘Coley-poo’ and made it look like I said such nonsense, made me slightly angry. My phone buzzed as a message came in.

~Eager much? Though I must say I’m looking forward too, Thera baby x

I instantly replied to him.

•I am not your baby, but I must commend the nickname you gave yourself. You really are a little poo, aren’t you?

I laughed at his reply.

~Ouch, words cut deep. I know you’re just covering up the real feelings you have for me ;-) It’s okay, I know I’m irresistible

•In your dreams, Cole.

~Yes, yes you are


~In the name of love? Called it! You do love me!


~But I can’t stop.... Loving youuuuuu

•Don’t you have a teacher you need to turn your attention to?

I hate to admit it, but I was smiling and continued to do so until I got a weird look from someone. At that I just stared hard at them until they retreated their eyes back to where they should be, away from me. Cole continued to text me through the day, as promised, and kept asking question after question. It was hard to believe he could absorb all of this information about me and somehow make it into a date plan by the end of the day. He’s pleasant enough to be around, I don’t think it will matter where we go tonight. I think I’ll like just about anywhere, seeing as I’m forced to play along here.

It was with Cole in mind that I started rethinking this whole process of dating I was forced into. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t turn out so horrid after all.

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