The Boyfriend Games

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7- Date Number One

The time had come for my date with Cole. It wasn’t as repulsive of an idea as I had originally thought. In fact, I was almost looking forward to what surprise he might have in store for our date. The doorbell rang and I made my way to the front of the house—fast enough to get there before my parents, but not so fast it seems I was waiting eagerly just by the door.

My eyebrows shot up when Cole was revealed standing there. “You clean up nice!” I blurted before I could stop myself. Luckily, Cole just smiled.

“I must say the same likewise. Here, have some more flowers.” He handed me more roses and quickly counting I found there were eleven. “Keeping it an even dozen,” he explained. I excused myself to go put the flowers in my room. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to carry them, it’s just they’ll stay alive longer the sooner they get into water.

Cole was standing just inside the door when I returned and held his hand out when he saw me. “Ready for your first date under the guidelines?”

“As I’ll ever be,” I told him and placed my hand in his own. He dragged me out to his car laughing the whole way.

“I’m actually excited about this,” Cole said as he was driving down the road. “You’re a tough cookie to figure something good out for, I hope you’ll like this.”

“What exactly is ‘this’?” I ask, hoping to get some information out of him. He just smirked and flicked his eyes quickly to look at me before returning them to the road.

“Can’t tell yet,” Cole said, “and besides, we’re almost there.” I gave a reluctant sigh, though we both knew it wasn’t a real one. I turned to watch out the window as we got increasingly closer to the city until buildings started to pass by. Past the jewelry store we went, then the Middle School and flower shop. Let’s not forget the ever present Walmart that had a full parking lot. We finally came to a stop on the outskirts of the other side of town next to a little building I had never been in before, surprisingly.

Cole and I both got out of the car and made our way to the front of the little building. The closer we got, the louder the music from inside became. Cole opened the door for me and I began smiling internally as the wall of sound and smells of food hit me full force. The music sounded like my taste, and anything related to food was my taste. This was really starting out great.

“Welcome to The Place,” Cole said as he led me farther into the restaurant by a hand on the small of my back.

“What place?” I questioned.

“No, that’s the actual name of it. The Place.”

“Oh I get it, like ‘Who’s on first’?” This was a classic comedy skit that I happened to love.

“I don’t know, who?” Cole asked. I started to laugh until I realized he was serious.

“Oh, no. The actual name of the guy is Who... it’s a comedy skit... Abbott and Costello?” It didn’t seem like he was understanding. “Never mind.”

He shook his head as if to clear it. “Any who, here have a seat,” he said and pulled out a chair for me. Our little table was positioned near a stage farther in the back. “I figure I could take you to this café for some coffee and live music.”

“But I don’t like coffee,” I told him. This had been in his questioning earlier today, he should know this.

“On the contrary, you said you love peach and had never tried peach coffee. This little joint sells the best peach coffee you’ll ever have.” Oo, peach coffee? I suppose I could give it a try.

“I guess we’ll have to put that to the test, won’t we?” I questioned with a smile.

“You should do that more often at school,” Cole suddenly said.

“Do what?” I was confused as to what he was referring to. He smiled but shifted his gaze down to the table.

“Smile. It’s beautiful, but I’ve rarely seen it around campus from what I remember.” I was silent. I didn’t know what to say after that. What exactly could I say? But thankfully Cole spoke again before I had to. “Now let’s get us some peach coffee before the live music starts, I think the next band is coming on right now.”

The next morning’s waking up was much more successful than yesterday’s, and involved neither me falling off the bed nor me injuring my nose. The text of pairings that Amanda and Hope send came through while I was eating breakfast. I scrolled down the list to my name; luckily the girls names were first and alphabetized. It made it a lot easier for me to search through.

Thera- Giovanni

Hmm... I don’t recall ever meeting a Giovanni, though (if this is the same guy) I have heard many things about him. In some unfortunate cases, I have overheard talk of a little too much about this guy. He’s supposed to a total charmer. Your classic ‘everybody loves him even though they don’t know why’ kind of guy. I snorted and rolled my eyes at this claim. These were exactly the kinds of guys that I avoided like the plague.

And yet, being in a leftover good mood from the previous night, I was almost willing myself to let all of these bad aspects go. Yesterday wasn’t exactly terrible, and I suppose it could have gone much, much worse than trying a new peach flavored drink and listening to great music with Cole.

I thought about trying to be less hard on the people I would inevitably end up having to spend an afternoon with. It was only lasting a week, right? I could attempt to be slightly less pessimistic than I normally am for seven days. Maybe.

Too bad that this mindset wouldn’t last once I met the jerk.

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