The Boyfriend Games

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8- The Confrontation

“Hey you know that thing where people stop talking?” I asked and paused only a beat before continuing. “Yeah, you should really try that.” Then I turned and walked away from Gio, escaping the nightmare that is my second required date.

The whole time I’ve been with him he hasn’t stopped talking and it’s all about himself. How great he is, what a fantastic athlete he is and a bunch of other crap I don’t really care about. I dreaded when I would see him again and it came all to soon.

“So where do you want to go for our date?” Gio asked me. I nearly fell over in shock that he asked my opinion instead of going with his own.

“Hm... how about the movies?” I suggested. Giovanni smiled and I wanted to slap him.

“Oh I see,” he started stepping closer. “It’ll be darker, more romantic. People couldn’t possibly see what we were doing.”

I shoved him away with a disgusted look. “No, it’s so I don’t have to look at your face or pay attention to you and get the date done as fast as I can.”

I reluctantly went on the date with him to the movies and he repeatedly tried to pull moves on me. As if I hadn’t been clear enough with my actions of rejection. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and got up to leave before the movie was over, claiming I was going to the bathroom.

I didn’t turn back and headed straight home.

A hand slamming against the locker beside mine the following morning probably would have startled me, had it not been tiny, wimpy and barely loud enough for me to hear. I turned my head to see an obnoxiously skinny girl with blonde hair and an irate expression her face.

“Who do you think you are?” She snapped at me.

“I think that question should be directed back to you,” I said, my distaste for this girl already growing.

“You don’t know my name?” She seemed completely appalled, as if I dared to not know of someone as ‘high and mighty’ and she. I snorted.

“That’s kind of what I just said.”

She gasped. “My name is Barbie, the Barbie.” Barbie? I rolled my eyes. How fitting.

“So, Barbie, what is it you want exactly?” I didn’t actually care, but the quicker she told me, the quicker she would leave my presence.

“I want you to stay away from what’s mine!” I stopped, looked out into the hallway, back to my locker and turned back to her annoying giant eyes.

“This is my locker, so if you’re talking about something else you’re gonna have to be more specific.” This time she rolled her eyes. I ought to smack that look off of her face.

“I want you to stay away from Giovanni, he’s mine but all the female participants think they have a chance with him. Actually I don’t just want you to, I’m threatening you. The outcome won’t be good for you if you continue to have any feelings for him.” By the end of her little speech, I was cracking up laughing. She had narrowed her eyes, trying to look scary, but failed miserably.

“Oh that is comedy!” I said. She didn’t seem to see the humor in any of it.

“I’m serious!” she screeched. I just laughed even more.

“I can’t believe you got the notion that A, I would be scared by tiny little doll you, and B, that I even liked that jerk Gio anyways. C, oh no, I won’t even give you a C. You probably get enough of those from your teachers already.”

Her mouth fell open. “I’ll have you know that my grades are like, phenomenal!”

“Oo, phenomenal, spell it.” I could feel my eyes twinkle with mischief. I couldn’t help myself. She was practically begging for it when she decided to intrude on my personal space and claim that I have the hots for that idiotic, narcissistic Giovanni that was absolute torture to deal with for one day. She could have him, and besides I highly doubt any other sane girl would want him.

“Um, f-”

“Incorrect,” I cut her off.

“Well, p-h-i-”

I made a buzzer sound. “Wrong you are, madam.”

“Who cares if I can’t spell a stupid word, anyways!” Barbie fumed.

“Hmm... apparently not you. Better luck next time!” I said with phony cheer before I turned and walked away, not even caring to look back. She really annoys me, and I not so sure I’ll continue to try and ignore her if I stay any longer.

“Don’t walk away from me!” She yelled down the hall. As if I would really listen to her.

“Oops, it looks like I already did,” I said as I waved and walked around the corner. Good. With any luck I’d never have to see her fake-ness ever again. I went in search of my date for the day. It wasn’t that I looked forward to it, I just wanted to say hi. The text this morning had brought an unemotional:

Thera- Graham

On the bright side, I already knew him. I knew he (unless he magically changed personalities) would not be like the arrogant Gio that I couldn’t stand. So that was a bit of a lift up to my downcast spirits. Five more dates, including Graham, and I was home free. I wouldn’t have to participate in these stupid dates anymore.

But so much can happen in five days.

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