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Angel Lily Johnson is a badass. But that's not what's special, She is a nerd too. She is moving in with her long distance best friend in California who is living alone atleast according to what she knows. But shhhhh....there is someone special at her best friend's. Looking for romance, humor and adventure? I got you. *Winks*

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Play day

We arrived just on time, the play was about to end. We were least interested in the play. We just wanted our mission to succeed. And it will. Just as the play reached its climax and the crowd silenced in anticipation, I took out a disposable mobile phone and dialed a number. As soon as I pressed the call button, a loud, very loud ringtone went off.

"I'm a Barbie girl,
in the Barbie world
life in plastic, its fantastic

And all the heads snapped in the direction of the source who was none other than our principal who quickly silenced his phone. Even the actors on the stage looked at him funnily for a moment before continuing the play. It took all my self control to not to laugh and I could see that everyone else in the auditorium was trying to do the same. Serves him right.

After the play ended, the anchor went to the podium with a laptop in his hand. "......and now we will know something about the life of our great principal Adam Williams and his struggles" And with that he started the slideshow... and let me tell you once a slideshow has started, it can't be operated manually with the laptop anymore. To stop it in between, it requires the whole system to shut off..... The video started playing. It showed a drunk, very very drunk Adam Williams, stripping and twerking in a bar. He was using some sort of drunk language to flirt with the poster of a stripper in the corner of the bar. The whole hall was filled with laughter while the anchor was desperately trying to control the system.Poor him Some boys In the back were also passing comments like "yep definitely the struggles.....of getting laid" and "he looks like a fucking duck desperate to get laid" And I was enjoying all of this. I could see my besties Shelon and Aaron doing the same.

After a few minutes the teachers finally managed to switch off the video. But the damage was done, the students must have already recorded it. If not, then we are going to post it online anyways. ;)

And for the last part, when the chief guests and our principal were being given juices and snacks, Julia mixed a gastric powder in the glass for Adam Williams. We saw him drink the juice. When he went on the stage to give a speech for the guests, the juice started showing it's true colours. Right on time.

He farted quite loudly which became even louder because of the stage mikes. I could see his face reddening.
This is what embarrassnent feels like motherfucker.

He left the stage followed by series of farts.
wow...this day was eventful. Take that asshole.
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